Sapphire Rings: The Regal Beauty

Elegance with grace, the sapphire has long been recognized as a gem of passion. Dubbed “the September beauty”, the sapphire is a symbol of royalty, related to kings and queens around the world for centuries. Princess Kate Middleton, most famously, bares a priceless blue sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds then set in 18 karat gold. This unique ring was bequeathed to Princess Kate by her now husband, Prince William, an inherited heirloom from his late mother Princess Diana.

With the return of the late Princess Di’s regal style, the sapphire’s popularity is born anew in the eyes of the soon to be engaged, as they must have this natural stone that stands for true love. September’s gorgeous birthstone, the sapphire, has been said to represent the purity of the soul. That is why this stone is so hypnotizing to those who see it in it’s natural, raw beauty.

Royal blue, like Princess Kate’s gorgeous ring, is not the only natural color of this gem. The sapphire comes in black, pink, blue, green, violet, orange, yellow. While this gem is best recognized for having luxurious beauty, many believe these timeless gems contain spiritual properties. Creative souls such as writers, musicians, artists tend to be hypnotized by the orange sapphire. These citrus gems are believed to hold special properties to help one’s creativity flow freely. The pink sapphire is about love plus being open to passion as well as romance. Those who overcome major obstacles in their lives with wisdom as well as pureness of inner strength, find themselves attracted to the white sapphire.

Such desirable gems are the sapphires, fake or lab grown options are now available to those who have Princess Kate’s taste, only on a budget. Problematically, they lose that special flare. The difference between natural sapphires from synthetic is that natural gems grow from the earth without man’s intervention, while synthetic is a man-made reproduction grown in a lab. There are also glass pieces made to look like real sapphires. Those who believe these gems have spiritual properties believe only in natural gems, grown from the earth, infused with nature. Where can you find quality, natural gems without royal price tags?

The Natural Sapphire Company has been offering the finest of natural sapphires in all colors, for nearly 80 years. This long standing company’s sapphires are natural as well as untreated. Why is this important? Competitors who treat their gems will try to enhance the look of a gem by heating it, adding glass to fill cracks plus altering the stone’s color with coloring agents. The Natural Sapphire Company allows the natural beauty of the sapphire to speak for itself. The options are endless when it comes to what the Natural Sapphire Company offers in their finest sapphire engagement rings, earrings, bracelets and other fine jewelry pieces.

The regal beauty of the sapphire is timeless. Memorize the princess in your life with a natural sapphire, born in the earth then gifted with love.

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