Betsy DeVos The Reformer

Betsy DeVos is known for her philanthropic nature as well as her political acumen. Her political interests date back to when she was a student in Michigan University. She says that she was often disturbed by the things, which were not going well on campus and she would respond by vying for political posts to fix the things. When elected, the students in the school attested to the fact that she always delivered on her promise. Asked why they often voted her in, the former classmates stated that Elizabeth Prince always delivered her promises and made the campus a better place. They also said that she was very charismatic, so it was always easy to elect her to an office each time she asked for a position. Although Betsy now has a husband, children, and grandchildren, she still shows the same interest in politics where she has held numerous political positions in her lifetime. Betsy was elected the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party four times and her tenure saw many changes and developments come to pass. She has also headed many political boards in the nation. However, Betsy DeVos interests have now changed to education related reforms due to the gaps she finds in the education system.

Betsy and Dick DeVos are philanthropists, who give towards many courses. They are criticized for political giving but their charitable donations outweigh the political giving by a high degree. In their philanthropy, Betsy and Dick DeVos mainly dedicate their money to education related courses. Their giving in education accounts for more than third of all their philanthropy. In an interview, Betsy stated that they discovered that the old American Education System does not meet the educational needs of the kids. Instead, it makes the kids from the wrong zip codes fail to achieve the American dream. Betsy and Dick DeVos Foundation makes generous donations to the kids in Charter And Vouchers schools, whose parents cannot afford the fees to put them through the schools. The couple does this with the intention of reducing the dropout rates among the children and giving them a brighter future.

Betsy DeVos told her interviewers that she and her husband began giving towards the course when their kids were young and still in school. The couple attended a meeting at Potters House School and realized that most parents were struggling to pay their kids fees but they opted for the Charter And Voucher Schools because of the safer environments. The parents also said that the system was more promising to their kids than the old public education system. The students in the new system have a variety of programs to choose from, and this makes them more productive. Betsy said that more parents have realized the difference between the two systems and transferred their kids to the new type of schools. Betsy posits that she hopes the public school system will change and offer similar programs.

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Filling the Spiritual Void through Kabbalistic Teachings

It reaches a time when there is something missing in your life. You work hard and do everything you can to make life a little better. Some people will go off, go on wild vacations or try anything that will settle the strange emptiness they feel inside. The problem is that we are fed with blogs and books on how we can get everything we want in life and lead happy and wealthy lives. The truth is we concentrate on getting what we want that we forget about other people around the world.

Well, the Kabbalah Centre provides a solution to filling that void. The centre believes that if you live by providing a service to other people, you will have a very fulfilling life. And there lies the key to getting rid of the empty feeling. The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that teaches its students courses on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings. The organization’s sole objective it to provide people with the wisdom and tools that can assist improve lives and remove chaos from the universe. The center has multi-ethnic, international staff to offer training and guidance to its student community around the world.

The Kabbalah Centre has a volunteer program which is the foundation on which The Kabbalah Centre is built. The initiative offers a safe and structured system for students to get fulfillment by sharing and giving to others. Members of the Kabbalah Centre volunteer to teach new students, clean beaches, visit the sick and feed the homeless. They organize various activities, distribute Zohars and assist each other in making the centre’s international events run smoothly.

Founded in 1922, the Kabbalah Centre teaches Kabbalah as a general wisdom similar to that of the Bible or religion. The faith can be studied by anyone despite their faith or path as a supplement to religion. The centre provides a course of learning that explains the origin of creation and the soul’s journey. The company has grown to have more than 50 brick and mortar offices across the world and comprehensive online presence. The organization teaches students the main kabbalistic principles through teaching courses, books, classes, online lectures and audio products.

Class Dojo Is Second to None

Most parents have heard of a website called Class Dojo. If you haven’t, it might be because the school your child attends is one of the few schools that chooses not to use it yet. You see, there is only one out of every three schools in the United States that is not currently using the system. When you consider what the site is all about, it is easy to understand why it is so popular. It is all about creating a positive environment within the classroom that can be shared by parents, teachers and students alike. It is designed to allow teachers to find extra resources and communicate what the children are learning inside their classroom, allowing parents better access to the entire experience. It also provides a sense of community for everyone involved because everyone has the ability to communicate back and forth with each other.

Without a doubt, Class Dojo is changing the way that everything works in the classroom because it empowers everyone involved to get together and work harder in order to achieve the goals that exist for each child as opposed to allowing the entire system to be fragmented as it has been in the past. In addition, there are so many things that can be done with this site that the possibilities are virtually endless.

For example, teachers can send both videos and photos of classroom activities to parents. They also have the capability to send these and other messages to a single individual or to every parent of every child in that classroom simultaneously. Everyone on the site is able to create announcements that are sent directly to a particular individual or that everyone can read with the single push of a button. The site also allows for the use of instant messages and provides additional teacher resources that are available for use, completely free of charge.

It is easy to see why 15 million students are currently using the system. As previously mentioned, teachers never have to pay for using the site and it gives parents unabated access to everything that happens in the classroom. It truly links teachers and children along with their parents, with the end goal being a better education for that particular child. It is also a safe and private site that is secure and it works on any computer, as well as Android and iOS systems. It even works on Kindle Fire. No wonder so many people are using it.


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