How The New Orange Coast College Recycling Center Helps The Community

The new Orange Coast College Recycling Center recently opened, offering more parking as well as new recycling options. With these changes, the new recycling center has had about 400 people coming to it to recycle things as opposed to the old center which had about 250 to 300 people visit it each day. Students at Orange Coast College as well as other people in the community can drop off their items to be recycled.

The new recycling center took a decade of planning and donations in order to get built. Altogether it cost $7 million in donations to be built. The money was raised from students at Orange Coast College as well as Measure M. It also received $500,000 from a donation by CR&R. One of the amenities at the center that employees appreciate is that it now includes a shower. This enables students to take a shower before going back to one of their classes when their shift is over.

People that drop off their items to be recycled can earn money from doing so. A smaller can, for example, is worth 5 cents while one that is larger than 24 ounces is worth 10 cents. One area resident said that he usually gets between $20 and $40 for the items that he drops off.

Orange Coast College is a community college with almost 25,000 students. It is located in Costa Mesa, California, within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean. It opened its doors in 1947 and offers associate degrees in both art and science. They also offer certificate programs. The classes they offer do transfer to other colleges and universities. Its mission is to provide students with an affordable education. They educate professionals as well as those in the trades such as carpentry, plumbers, and electricians.

Due to its proximity to the ocean, Orange Coast College is well known for its watersports. They have a rowing team that has won a number of national awards. They have produced rowers who have gone on to compete on the teams of four-year universities as well as some who have competed in the Olympics.

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Orange Coast College Changes the Lives of College Students

Education plays a significant role in the 21st-century for parents and children. However, after completing high school education, both parties are usually overwhelmed wondering what to do next. The young adults do not know what to expect with their college life. That is why finding a good college should be at the top of their priorities. A good example of such is the Orange Coast College. It is a public community college and has seen myriads of students graduate to other bodies of higher education such as the University of California since its establishment in 1947. Learn more:


Orange Coast College enrolls approximately 25000 students per semester and lies on a 164-acre piece of land. The institution, which is in Costa Mesa offers more than 100 career and academic programs and has high-class facilities. The facilities incorporate technology to give the best education to learners. Students at Orange Coast College have an opportunity to give their studies a break by engaging in co-curricular activities. There are plenty of sports and clubs for both men and women such as baseball, basketball golf, soccer, swimming, and even cheer leading for females. Therefore, students have an opportunity to explore and discover their talents. Orange Coast College is known for producing all-rounded graduates. The college has produced well-known people all over the world such as Francisco Rivera who is a renowned football player, Ross Johnson a politician, and William Katt, an actor among others.


The college recently attracted hoards of flower enthusiasts after hosting the Corpse flower bloom. The rare plant, which takes about a decade before it blooms has been in the facility since 2006 and weighed over 30 pounds. The flower smells like a dead thing, explaining why it was given the name Corpse flower. It takes around one to three days before blooming. Even with the smell, it offers quite a breathtaking scenario as it blooms. That explains why many people attended the event. Learn more: