We Trust Beneful’s Nutritious Dog Foods

Premium Dog Food Is Incredible
We never tried premium dog food until recently because we thought that the food that our dog was eating did not matter. However, now that our dog is older, we are seeing that we were very wrong. I do not know what we were thinking because we care so much about our own diets and what we eat. I feel bad, but at least we caught it before it had serious effects on our dog. Our dog started acting funny, and we brought her to the vet to find out that we needed to feed her a better dog food. We did our own research before deciding what dog food to feed to her.

We found an article on the Daily Herald’s website that gives a great perspective of what kinds of dog foods we should trust. The premium dog food companies put more effort into making high quality products that you can trust to provide your dog with a healthy balance of wholesome ingredients that will keep your dog satisfied and healthy. They put more effort into the manufacturing process, and the premium companies actually spend more money on their ingredients. They are willing to pay to use high quality ingredients in their recipes.

The Premium Company That We Trust To Make Our Dog’s Food Is Beneful

Beneful uses high quality ingredients in their recipes, which is much better than what the cheaper brands use. Beneful actually puts real meats in their recipes. They use real vegetables, and they list their ingredients right on the package in plain English for pet owners to read. It is comforting to see that our dog food has high quality ingredients that we can trust. Beneful is available online on Amazon.

Our dog seems to have more energy ever since we switched her to Beneful Dry Dog Food Original (https://www.beneful.com/products/dry-dog-food/). They make this dry food with real chicken in it, and it smells great, which is unusual for dry dog foods. Beneful.com also makes this food with real beef or real salmon. Here is the article that the Daily Herald published. Here is the link (https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood) to the Beneful Youtube Channel.

Dog Owners Demand High Quality Food

Everyone on Facebook  is trying to eat a healthier diet these days, including the dog. Dog owners, who spend billions of dollars per year on dog food, are jumping on the healthy bandwagon for their pooches. Natural, organic and preservative free dog foods are filling up shopping carts and hopefully, giving people more quality time with their beloved pets. Pet food companies are responding to the demand. Many companies are adding whole grains, antioxidants, organic meats and fresh vegetables to dog food. Millions of dollars in veterinary research on dog nutrition are spent to keep up to date with the latest findings. Purina Store Beneful is one of those companies. Their employees are so proud of the quality of the product that they not only endorse its use, but also regularly use the product for their own dogs’ consumption. Purina utilizes high quality meats and natural whole grains as well as fruits, vegetables and fish to ensure a full spectrum of nutrition. Instead of simply adding supplements, Purina’s research team obtains the finest quality poultry, lamb and beef as a base for their dog food. This provides high quality protein for energy, strength and to maintain strong muscles. Vegetables like carrots and fruits like blueberries provide vitamins and antioxidants for keen sight and eye health well into a dog’s later years. Whole grains are added for energy, cell growth and to aid digestion. Purina Beneful comes in moist and dry formulas suitable for dogs of all ages. Its dry kibble, which is available in several sizes, has a puppy blend for growth and a skin and coat formula enriched with omega fatty acids. There is also a healthy weight variety for overweight dogs and a healthy radiance formula for overall health and well being for all dogs, especially aging dogs. Beneful’s moist dog foods have quality ingredients you can see with tantalizing items such as beef stew, roasted chicken and turkey and vegetable stew. Pet owners like the idea of feeding real good food to their pets and will pay extra to get it.