Imran Haque

Imran Haque is a renowned internal medicine doctor who is based in Asheboro, in northern California where he is found at horizon internal medicine Pllc. With 19 years of experience, Dr. Haque provides an array of numerous services including 360 resurfacing, Venus body contouring, physical exams, laser hair removal, diabetes management, and weight management services to the residents of Asheboro, Ramseur and their surroundings.

He graduated from the most prestigious university in Santo Domingo, Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE), with honors in medicine. He later furthered his studies at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. As a dedicated doctor, he has gained many affiliates hospitals including Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, Firsthealth Montgomery Memorial Hosp, Randolph Hospital, and Southeastern Regional Medical Center besides working closely with resident doctors at the Horizon internal medicine. Since all these hospitals are in California, his services are therefore enjoyed by most people in the state.

As a visionary person, he saw the need to offer unique services in his local area. He, therefore, decided to advance his training in the Internal medicine field which later saw him starting his special hospital. Indeed he has gone beyond the ordinary horizon and is now a renowned and respected internal medicine doctor. As expected, he has received many accolades from patients, something that propels him to work harder and better every day.

Dr. Haque believes that to succeed in anything; you have to make sure that you work diligently, do your research thoroughly and plan your finances well if you are to join the business world. Establishing good relations with other professions is also a vital tool in ensuring that your ideas will become something of substance. A doctor, for example, does not work alone in his hospital, he needs nurses to help him administer drugs to the patients, and he needs accountants to write for his the various complicated cashbook accounts among other coordination.

As a doctor entrepreneur, he has mastered the art of multitasking. This has seen his productivity as an entrepreneur increase tremendously. He shows kindness to everyone he encounters, irrespective of educational background or profession.

Dr. Haque is an entrepreneur and a doctor to reckon. He brings out his failures into an empire by doing what he knows the best: medicine. He is such an honor to many who have come across his services.

Mark McKenna, Doctor and Entrepreneur

Mark McKenna, Doctor and Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna, a native of New Orleans Louisiana, is the founder and the CEO of OVME. He earned his medical degree from Tulane University Medical School and is currently licensed in Medicine and Surgery by both the Florida and Georgia State Board of Examiners. He also holds a masters of Arts degree in Business Administration. He is a advocate for the rights of patients and is committed to serving his community. He began his career by practicing medicine with his father. At this time, he also started a real estate development firm known as McKenna Venture Investments. He managed to acquire an impressive portfolio of companies offering real estate closing, finance, and design-build services.

In 2005, most of his business investments were destroyed when Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city of New Orleans. He admits that he lost 2 million dollars overnight. In the wake of this storm, New Orleans reminded him of a war zone. Mark became very active in rebuilding his home town. For two long years, he focused his efforts in buying flooded properties for next to nothing, constructing low to moderate income houses on these properties and flipping them for a profit.

Mark decided to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007. He started ShapeMed, a aesthetic and wellness based medical practice. In 2014, the company was sold to Life Time Fitness Inc. He was the National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness Inc. He became the CEO/Founder of OVME in 2017.

OVME is a medical aesthetic company that is revolutionizing the elective healthcare industry. His innovative new company, opening early next year, will be a national chain of cosmetic medical offices that function with an app like the one that is used by Uber. This app will allow Botox patients to connect with practitioners who will set appointments for on demand Botox house calls. To know more about him click here.

The Inspiring Career of Imran Haque

Imran Haque is a doctor with a difference. He shares professional medical insights with the residents of Asheboro, Northern Carolina. He is centered at the Horizon Internal medicine, a group that has specialized in offering high-quality medical care to the residents of Ramseur, Asheboro and the surrounding locality. For more than 15 years, Imran Haque has shown his expertise in internal medicine. He has various skills among them performing the physical examination and treating illnesses that require his prowess. When patients are referred to him, he treats them just right.

Imran Haque attended the Universidad Iberoamerica which is commonly known as UNIBE and is located in Santo Domingo. He passed with honors which allowed him to receive his medical degree. He did not rest at this. Imran Haque enrolled in advanced training at the University of Virginia, Internal Medicine. While he was still a student, Dr. Imran Haque always envisioned a world where every patient receives the best medical service. This vision has guided him to date. He ensures that he provides his patients with the right treatment. He performs regular checkups so that he can diagnose the ailment accurately and hence provide the patients with correct treatment.

Many residents of Northern Carolina flock at Horizon Internal Medicine seeking special treatment from Imran Haque. His offices are located in a strategic place and as such patients can easily get their medication. His commitment to giving outstanding results has also led to patients choosing him. He has developed a customized patient care, where he and his patients develop a relationship. If it is your turn to see Dr. Haque he does not hurry you off so that he can treat more patients. He takes his time to hear from you. The success that Dr. Haque has achieved is as a result of collaborating with other doctors.

Neurologist Shiva GopalVasishta, Champion for Multiple Sclerosis

The just-released clinical trial results revealed that high-dose immunosuppressive therapy when followed closely by a transplant of a person blood-forming stem cells could lead to continued remission of multiple sclerosis. The MS is an autoimmune disease, which attacks the nervous system of the immune. Research shows that over a trial period of five years of receiving high-dose immunosuppressive therapy, high dose treatment combined with autologous hematopoietic cell transplant, some patients survived without experiencing brain issues, any progression of disability, or release of MS symptoms. Scientists have also discovered that other MS drugs that are currently being issued have minimal success rates. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease was the primary sponsor of the trial period, and three-year results were published where more extended findings are expected to be released by neurologists as time goes.

Shiva Vasishta is a neurologist in New Jersey who has over forty years of experience in the medical field and is affiliated with the Kennedy University Hospital. Dr. Shiva Vasishta studied in a governmental institution, Nagpur Government Medical College, where he received his medical degree in 1979 and has been in practice since then. He has qualified to be listed among the thirty-four doctors who specialize in Neurology in Kennedy University Hospital.Shiva GopalVasishta is the current Managing Director of Voorhees NJ, and he also specializes in Psychiatry. Having completed his residency at Boston City Hospital and left a legacy, he is now placed at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates and participates in Cherry Hill Campus medical department operations. Dr. Shiva Vasishta is known to accept various insurance plans which include, Aetna Medicare, the Blue Shield. He is a certified neurologist by the Medical Board, and he can practice in the English and French language with ease.Dedication, commitment, and discipline are the core values that guide Shiva Vasishta in his career.


Capitol Anesthesiology Serves Austin, Texas

Capitol Anesthesiology serves many of the hospitals and surgery centers in central Texas. Some of their clients include: Seton Medical Center, Seton Northwest Hospital, Seton Williamson County Hospital, Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, Northwest Surgery Center, Northwest Hills Surgical Hospital, Inspire Surgical Centre and many others. They provide their services in general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, monitored anesthesia care, Pediatric anesthesia, obstetric anesthesia, and cardiovascular anesthesia. They have a full list of their services in their main website.

The physicians of Capitol are involved in several philanthropic ventures in Texas. They provide services for Austin Smiles, which serves as aesthetic reconstruction for mis-fortunate children in Texas and Latin America. They are also involved with the Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach to provide surgical service to children in poverty outside of the United States. They also work with Operation Smile to provide cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries to children in low income countries. You make find a complete list of their charitable activities on their main website.

Capitol Anesthesiology works with the Dell Medical School. They give classes to aspiring nurses, nurse anesthetists, paramedics, medical students, and medical residents that are attending their classes.