Dixie Chicks Singing In New York

The famous country music group, Dixie Chicks, is making a comeback. One of the first stops on their tour is in New York City. They will be playing at Madison Square Garden on June 13. The female group is one that had several hits in the 1990s and early 2000s. Their voices come together in a melody that is beautiful. “Not Ready To Make Nice” and “Cowboy Take Me Away” are only two of the noted songs that made the group famous.

You can hear the passion for singing that the women have. However, after a few years from touring, no one really knows what to expect from the women. They could still have their rich voices, or they could come out with a completely different aspect of how their music is portrayed. The crowd is sure to be large at the event in New York City. They have taken some cues from Beyonce and her music style, so this could play a factor in the shows that Dixie Chicks performs. The group has also done covers of Prince songs. If they stay with their unique country sound, then the group will likely be a success on their comeback. If they start to take the pop route with their music, then there is a possibility that they could see fewer fans as there are many expecting to hear the soulful country sounds on stage.