A Different Type of Dental Company

It is truly heart-warming to know that not all businesses are out there to make money or operate to simply claim they are a nonprofit company, but they end up making some type of profit, small or little, whether it is by becoming famous and making a name for their company or plain out making a profit. Finally, there actually is a actual running, successful business out there. There is a company out there, that I recently learned about, the company is called MB2 Dental.

MB2 Dental is a business that operates in many different locations in the country of the United States of America and services are offered throughout the world. MB2 has contributed to helping the people of America and all over the world in so many different ways. They have helped in healthcare, dental care, providing services and also resources for many people who have experienced hardships due to natural disasters and or simply hardships due to the location and lifestyle.

It is truly amazing and heart warming to have a successful business assist in helping the people willfully without any need of profit. They had doctors from all over the country come together to work together in helping to provide as much services as they could to those who have never even seen a doctor before in their life. They have managed to make miracles happen for people and even save lives by the work they have done for the people. Throughout the world, there are people with families who starve everyday, or who suffer from illness because they cannot afford to see a doctor or dentist. There are people who die everyday in the world because poverty is so high, and there is nothing that they can do to help the situation. The places in the world that experience these hardships need help from people who can provide the help. Many companies are in the position to help, but they do not help, not because they cannot afford it, but because helping the people are not on the priority list. With MB2 Dental, they have always made the people their priority. I will always and forever be grateful to companies life MB2 Dental and the hard work they do for the people.

Visit their website: http://mb2dental.com/hurricaneharvey/

MB2 Dental: Advancing the Dental Field through Group Practice

MB2 Dental solutions is a Dental Support Organization based in Texas. The company partners with practice owners and affiliate dentists from all over the world. MB2 Dental avails incredible services through their affiliate offices hence ensuring that they are able to provide quality patient care. They have a well-trained team of practitioners who are committed to the clinical practices and exceptional medical services.

MB2 Dental was founded on a major principle that enables the doctors working together to help each become more accomplished in their line of profession. The company maintains an autonomous and progressive perspective regarding dental management and practice generation. These and among many other principles has enabled them to meet the needs of many patients as well as dentists.

For job seekers, MB2 Dental provides a valuable opportunity to grow in career and become more productive. They have a firm belief that every clinician ought to have a similar vision with that of the owner and their general practice. They believe in not just a job but excellence in making the services exceptional. At MB2 Dental, most of the affiliate dentists who are now affiliate practice owners began their career as associates in the company. The company provides one with a chance to work together with peers who bear same beliefs and offer support. The company has doctors who are always willing to mentor and coach anyone ready to grow in line with dental work. MB2 Dental reflects an autonomy that is beyond dental practice. It incorporates the use of technology in the office, provision of services, and implementation of services among others. Every practice is unique and represents every person in the organization.

For dentists, the company provides equity value since there is no limitation to ownership value. MB2 Dental has a reputable work record in making valuations available to every single practitioner. The company offers support to every kind of doctor. This ranges from those owning practices to those looking forward to the expansion, as well as any other at any stage of their career. The amazing point is that the dentists selflessly invest in each other to empower every person both professionally and financially. They have a cool environment with dentists who are passionate about helping others. This enables them to maximize their skills, knowledge, and experience in furtherance of the profession. At MB2 Dental, everyone is rated according to the value of the services provided through leadership, mentorship, and investing in fellow dentists. The company is a true definition of successful group practice.

Fun and Perfect Patient Care– All You Need For A Great Practice

Dr. Chris Villanueva, actively practicing Dentist and founder of MB2 Dental, an innovative management network that allows dentists to be dentists- while support staff ensure that the patient receives the best care and service possible. MB2 Dental has expanded to over 80 affiliated dental office around the southern U.S. and Alaska, with over 1000 employees since 2007. Dr. Chris Villanueva had a vision of tailored support systems that were intuitive and focused on patient care. He described MB2 as a fusion of worlds in a recent interview with Ideamensch, of joining an established practice where high-end technology and high traffic and starting a private practice where there is autonomy and ownership. They developed the software the practice uses from the ground up- and all the bumps in the road and frustration getting it off the ground has led to a set of intuitive reporting tools that assist in patient care and administration tasks. MB2’s team uses this data to assist practitioners with challenges they may face- to truly fulfill their needs and help them maintain autonomy in their practice, and Dr. Chris Villanueva’s lacrosse camp.

Dr. Villanueva has experience as a dental associate at a large practice, his own practice, and now MB2 dental. Taking his personal experience and trusted team, they developed the systems and protocols used by MB2 to cater to the practitioner, and by extension, the patients. After the initial growing pains and bumps in the road, his team has developed a system that not only makes reporting patient information easy, but reduces mistakes and allows practitioners to focus on what they’re trained to do: dentistry. An inside joke with his team, they’ve named the system “JARVIS”, akin to “Jarvis” from the Iron Man Franchise. In his recent interview, if given the chance to start MB2 again, the only thing he would change is preparing to scale up and expand earlier. There are always growing pains when expanding, but Dr. Villanueva believes sticking with your core values will allow you to overcome any obstacle- whether it be patient care, expanding, or any number of issues. MB2 Dental’s culture is very new-aged and friendly, with a variety of blog posts featured on their site such as MB2’s Hurricane Relief Efforts and a feature on Lindsey Bunch, Ironman championship participant and MB2’s Director of Operations. In the recent interview mentioned above, Dr. Villanueva’s best recent purchase was on custom nerf guns to keep around the office- more evidence of the laid-back culture behind a great network of dentistry.

More Visit: http://mb2dental.com/staff-member/dr-chris-steven-villanueva/

Dentistry Professionals at MB2 Dental Invite You to Improve Your Smile Today

Many people today are driven by an their appearance and desire to look their best at all times. Like never before, more people are opting to see a dentist professional to improve or maintain their smile. You only get one smile and you have to do your part throughout your lifetime to ensure your are maintaining a smile which gives you confidence and carries you a throughout adulthood. A MB2 Dental professional has the knowledge and expertise to help you with your smile from a child to an adult. In fact, they encourage adults to work on their child’s smile at a young age with pediatric dentistry.

Protecting your smile early on gives you the benefit of being able to communicate effectively, have confidence while you’re interacting with the public, or when you’re trying to pursue which depends solely on how you look. Thousands of people are going to the dentist for routine care and others are getting treatment to correct dental issues they’ve had since a child. Build your new look with an award winning smile you can count on to help you stand out in your group pictures or selfies.

MB2 Dental Services

– teeth whitening

– traditional braces

– jaw realignment

– oral cancer screenings

– Invisalign

– friendly professionals

– spa dental

– alternative sedation

– straightening/crowded/space teeth

– emergency services

– and much more…

They don’t believe a patient should never have to suffer with a less than perfect smile because of an inability to pay. They offer their customers several payment plan options, but moat insurance plans are accepted. Get the dental repair you need and pay for your treatment over time. They also accept children’s insurance and your child can also get their smile perfected for adulthood.

Furthermore, the specialist at MB2 Dental recommend early treatment for your child to protect your smile. It can cost more to correct detail issues you’ve had as a child because later on they could cause uncomfortable treatment or cost a fortune to correct. They can help maintain your smile as early as pediatric dental. Are you looking for a primary dental professional? You can speak to one of their friendly trained dental professionals and take a tour of their spa dental. MB2 Dental is committed to keeping your smile sparkling and bright to carry you a lifetime. You’re invitrd to beautify your smile with a superior MB2 dental professional today.