Put on Your Red Shows and Take a David Bowie tour of Manhattan

Are you still mourning the passing of David Bowie? Do you want to walk in his red shoes? The best place to do that would be to walk the streets of New York City as this city became one of his greatest loves.

If you want to walk the David Bowie walk, you will have to start early as he did enjoy walking the streets of Manhattan very early in the morning. He believed that early in the morning, the city changed its shape and became more and more fleshed out as more and more people started to hit the streets. He felt a transfer that was almost magical from the buildings to the humans.

After scouring the streets that Bowie may have have walked in Manhattan, your next stop should be Washington Square Park. Bowie thought that this park was the emotional center of New York. When you get to this park, you should walk around the park and then sit down to do people-watching. Bowie loved to do some people-watching. You could see cit workers sitting on the benches, old men playing chess, mothers trying to calm their babies and other things that people do as you observe them from bench.

After sitting down, you should go to one of the places that Bowie frequented: Caffe Reggio. This cafe has been serving lattes for about a hundred years. Bowie may have sat down and read a book as a Queen Nefertiti bust would loom over him. His New York City home was not very far from this establishment.

Your next stop would his old home at 285 Lafayette Street. It is in the lower part of Manhattan in the Nolita neighborhood. You will find that his street is always full of traffic and you will crane your neck to see his former home as he lived on the top of this apartment building.

The next stop on this David Bowie tour would be to go to Olive’s takeout shop. If you are hungry, you can eat like Bowie by having the grilled chicken with watercress and a chocolate chip cookie. You can, of course, can eat whatever you want, but if you want to feel like Bowie, you should eat like he did.

The final stop on this tour would be to ride the New York City subway system. Bowie was a frequent rider of this old system and would usually ride with a newspaper in a foreign language to confuse his fellow riders about his true identity.

David Bowie was a unique voice that was unexpectedly silenced when he died in 2016. You can get a sense of what it may have been like to be Bowie by following in his footsteps in the city of New York.