Brian Bonar| A Top Business Executive and Entrepreneur

Brian Bonar has proven to be one of the accomplished personalities who has made a name for himself in the corporate world as a finance executive. Currently, he serves both Trucept Incorporated and Dalrada Financial Corporation as the firms’ chairperson of the board and chief executive officer. Maintaining these managerial positions is attributed to his vast experience and expertise in executive roles.

Bonar’s Education Background

In the past, various parties such as the Cambridge Who’s who award’s selection committee has recognized Bonar as a top finance executive. This was due to his exceptional executive skills, academic excellence and professional contributions in the finance sector.

His technical background has proven to be useful in creating a business structure that works both efficiently and effectively. This technical background is mainly associated with his academic history. Bonar studied mechanical engineering at the James Watt Technical College before enrolling at the Stafford University for a masters degree in the same discipline. Currently, he also holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering.

The Work Experience and Accomplishments of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a man with vast executive or managerial experience spanning over three decades. His career began at IBM where he held the procurement managerial position. In this capacity, he was tasked with outsourcing motherboards for various computers. After serving IBM for about 16 years, he moved to QMS as the director of engineering where he led a team of close to a hundred software and hardware developers. Bonar later shifted to Rastek Corporation to serves as its vice president of sales and marketing for printing technology.

Bonar is also recognized for launching the first-ever SCSI-based printer through Bezier Systems, which is a company he founded in 1994. He opted to test the entrepreneurial waters after working as a sales manager for a printer manufacturer, Adaptec.

At Adaptec, Brian Bonar established and maintained strategic partnerships with major Korean and Japanese printer manufacturers. After serving Bezier Systems for one year as its CEO, he moved to serve other companies like Itec Imaging Technologies where he worked as the vice president of sales and marketing. His sales expertise also came in handy after moving to Allegiant Professional Business Services.

His overwhelming level of experience and skill in different roles have proven to be part of his recipe for success as a top executive. He has also displayed investment interest in various fields such as K-12 education projects, education, retail and aviation.

Further, he is the proud owner and founder of the Bellamy’s, which is a successful chain of restaurants. He has displayed a deep commitment to steering Bellamy’s restaurants into more successful heights, for instance by hiring Chef Ponsaty. Ponsaty is a renowned chef known for his top-notch culinary skills and experience.