Cynthia Nixon Is Running As The Governor Of New York And Challenging Andrew Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon the award winning actress has just announced she plans to run for the Governor of New York. She is best known for her part on Sex and the City and is running as a Democrat. He opponent is Governor Andrew Cuomo. The primary election will be held in September. Cynthia Nixon has been involved with politics although she is new to campaigning. She wants the government to focus on healthcare and repairing the broken subway. She stated the people are tired of politician more concerned with power and headlines than the people.

Cynthia Nixon made an announcement for two minutes. She spoke of her advocacy for public education and of the New York City public schools attended by her children. She additionally talked about the deteriorating subway system in the city. Her press release was a direct attack on the Governor. She said Andrew Cuomo’s time in office has consisted of corruption indictments, making no attempt to repair the subway and support backroom deals leading to the Republicans controlling the Senate in the state. For additional details please visit

Cynthia Nixon became involved in politics in New York City in 2014. She has been critical regarding the work Andrew Cuomo has done as the Governor. She does not believe his best policies come close to providing what is required by the state. She says his policies only concern people making $75,000 to $125,000 per year. She wants the number of charter schools privately run in New York City to increase by at least half. She cited Andrew Cuomo as a proponent of tax credits imposed on private schools. She referred to this as a backdoor voucher system and said this may be expected from Betsy Devos but was a surprise coming from Andrew Cuomo.

Cynthia Nixon intends to dethrone the governor. She spoke of one of Andrew Cuomo’s top aides, Joseph Percoco. She reminded the public he was found guilty regarding his participation in a corruption scandal. He allegedly accepted bribes totaling $300,000 from the state business done by executives. The latest poll released by the Siena College shows Andrew Cuomo currently has 66 percent of the Democratic votes. It remains unclear if Cynthia Nixon will become a credible threat to the governorship of Andrew Cuomo.

Cynthia Nixon to Run for New York Governor

Before you start to think that this might be Cynthia Nixon’s latest TV show or mini-series, it’s not. On March 19th, Nixon announced that she was going to run for the seat of governor in New York. In her statement, she brought to the attention of her prospective audience that she lived in New York all of her life and that it is her home. That she came from humble beginnings with her mother in a single bedroom apartment. Her passion for the state and for the political system as a whole was further evidenced by her declarations for the changes that needed to be met.

Some of the political issues she seems to be building her platform on concern the health care system, mass incarceration, as well as the New York City subway system which she considers broken. Considering herself a progressive activist, Cynthia Nixon is running her campaign based on donations given to her by the people. She is reportedly not accepting donations from corporations or special interest groups. Her intentions for her campaign are to be funded by the people instead of these special groups so that they know that she’s earnest about representing their voices.

As you might imagine, this has garnered up quite a bit of debate among the general public. Many who are wary of yet another celebrity holding a political office without prior education for the role. They believe that she should start in a smaller role such as city council to develop experience, and then try her hand at running for governor. Others are noting that her campaign ad depicts the current water-cleaning crisis occurring in Newburgh, New York, believing that her progressive aims may ensure that such shady business doesn’t occur again.

Naturally, there are those who are taking the opportunity to yank her chain a little bit. References to her character as Miranda on the HBO hit show Sex and the City are rampant, especially on Twitter. Whether Nixon can shake the general public from seeing her as her characters will be crucial to earn enough votes for the governor’s seat. With many already weary and wary over celebrities in places of power, she may have a steep hill to climb to secure the office.

Cynthia Nixon Actively Considering Run Against Andrew Cuomo

Actress Cynthia Nixon, famous for her role as Miranda Hobbes during the six year run of the HBO hit series “Sex and the City”, is reportedly seriously considering a Democratic primary campaign against Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. Nixon, 51, has been conferring with Rebecca Katz and Bill Hyers, Democratic political operatives who work in Mayor de Blasio’s administration. Nixon’s wife, Christine Marinoni, also works with the mayor.

Nixon’s publicist, Rebecca Capellan, neither confirmed nor denied the reports in a statement, instead promising that Nixon will not only continue to explore the possibility of a run, but will also make an announcement when a decision is reached. Nixon herself has been publicly coy about her political ambitions, telling reporters in January that she is “maybe” poised for a campaign against Cuomo.

Nixon is a longtime activist and famous for her views on public education issues. “I think there are a lot of people who would like me to run, I think, for a variety of reasons,” Nixon said on NBC’s Today in August. “But I think the number one is education.”

Nixon’s present stance is a far cry from what it was in 2014, when the progressive Working Families Party was actively considering nominating her as a candidate for governor. At the time, Nixon was adamant in her disinterest, and the Working Families Party would go on to endorse Gov. Cuomo in his reelection bid at the appeal of Mayor de Blasio. Today, it seems all too possible, if not probable, that Nixon would run with the Working Families Party’s active endorsement.

Gov. Cuomo has, for his own part, not shied away from primary challenges, telling reporters, “It’s a democracy. Let whoever runs run.”

On whether Nixon engaging in talks with de Blasio operatives poised an issue, Cuomo laughed off the assertion, instead insisting that, “In this business, you can’t let these things bother you, otherwise you won’t last long.”

Nixon is only one of a number of persons actively considering or already in the midst of a Democratic primary run for New York Governor. Former Syracuse mayor Stephanie Miner is reportedly contemplating a run against Cuomo, while former state senator Terry Gipson has already announced his candidacy.