Cycling Is Good For The Soul

I know that cycling or “spin” classes have been growing in popularity, but this exercise boutique with its musically themed classes makes me want to migrate to Harlem.


Harlem Cycle came into existence after a meeting happened between Tammeca Rochester, the owner, and Charles Taylor, the lead instructor. Ms. Rochester had a vision of a more community orientated fitness center focusing on the wonderful history of Harlem. Mr. Taylor, who has been teaching fitness classes for over twenty-five years thought the idea was wonderful and the more personal experience he was looking for while teaching.


Opening in April of this year, Harlem Cycle has accomplished their goals thus far. They have reached out to the local community businesses and people and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Many of Harlem Cycle’s patrons commute in for classes which include a theme for each class and a mini history lesson about Harlem. Their Sunday classes, called “Soulful Sunday” feature gospel music and have been very popular.


One of the things I like about this fitness boutique is they do not have set theming to their classes. For example, when Prince passed away, Mr. Taylor offered a cycling class dedicated to Prince, whose music was featured throughout the whole class. Mr. Taylor will choreograph the music to what the current national events were at the time. He really tries to bring a strong sense of community to every class.


This sense of community is what makes Harlem Cycle so popular. The instructors (there are now nine) make sure to know their patrons. Everyone is welcome. And the part I like best is there are no mirrors in the rooms. This is a deliberate choice by the owner and instructors. The whole staff wants the patrons to have a good time, listen and feel the music, and get the most out of their classes without having to track their progress in mirrors.


I love that Harlem Cycle cares about the community. That they keep people connected to the experience through music and conversation. And that people have no number here, just their names and faces that their instructors know. Its that vested interest in people that make businesses successful, not the dollar signs.