Fashion Pioneer: The Work of Doe Deere

Fashion is many things. Fashion is often just something people choose to wear each day. But people have also realized that fashion can be an amazing way to express themselves and allow them to demonstrate their unique take on the world to others. Those who choose to use fashion in this way often find that it is helpful to look to others who know a great deal about fashion to help them make important choices about what to wear each day and what may work in any particular given day or any specific situation they have in mind at the time.

In a recent article for Bustle Magazine fashion expert Doe Deere talks about the kind of rules that have governed fashion for many years and how such rules can be broken well. Many people adhere to rules such as not wearing socks with open toes shoes or sticking to occasion specific dressing. They may decide to wear casual clothing for driving to the grocery store and then choose to save a specific outfit such as a lovely dress to wear only for a party. They may also decide that it is impossible to pair socks with a pair of dressy shoes.

Deere tells us we can break such rules and still look really good. As she reminds us, fashion is about many things. One of the most important of all such things is a sense of true confidence. Those who are confident in picking out fashion for themselves are those who be able to find fashion that is truly ideal for their needs.

Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a site devoted to providing high quality cosmetics that are ideal for the needs of any woman. Her cosmetics are based on the use of whimsical shades that are not often seen on other sites. The pictures posted on the site show her customers the best way to use such colors to their advantage. Many people have purchased items from her site that allow them to be able to let out their own inner sense of overall style and fashion awareness while still looking really good at the same time.

Her work continues to be all about personal style and the amazing use of glorious color. She wants us all to know fashion rules and to be able to break them with great confidence and happiness. She also wants us to use our own sense of what works for us rather than a rule that has been handed down from a previous generation and may be quite archaic and not even applicable to the needs of today’s fashionista. It is this devotion to the world of fashion and the ideal of pushing it forward that has made her very popular.