How Lime Crime Has Expanded Around The World

Lime Crime has made a name for itself thanks to Doe Deere’s excellent marketing skills and creativity, but its expansion has certainly proven challenging. In order to ship to the many overseas markets, Doe Deere had to find ways to both please the stringent requirements while staying true to the ideals that made Lime Crime the company we see today. She managed to not only do both but to also make a name for herself as one of the most prominent vegan cosmetic brands in the world. Regardless of where you are you have probably heard of her and her makeup line.

LimeCrime has been able to enter the highly coveted Chinese market by partnering with Revolve. This make up producer understand the problems often seen in China and helped them find a solution. Counterfeiting and issues involving regulations are often found when people try to market their products in China. Revolve knows how to handle this better than anybody else around and gave Deere the assistance she needed in order to make a way into this highly desired market. She has managed to craft an entirely new niche in a saturated market by herself and continues to thrive.

Doe Deere isn’t somebody to back down from a challenge and she understood this when she decided she was going to enter the cosmetics market. Her business has succeeded when many others would simply have fallen. Now, we can enjoy her products even beyond America thanks to her quick thinking and wit. She has adapted her marketing and approach to match the occasion with a specific style geared towards China and its specific ways. People are always looking for the next big thing in cosmetics. When Deere decided she was going to create this brand, she went all out in her approach. This brand is serving as an example of how to build a successful cosmetics line and how to continue it down the road. People like what she’s done and what she offers. It’s no surprise the business continues to expand well beyond its origins as a small line of lipstick.