Lime Crime’s Nostalgic Throw Back

Lime Crime, a cruelty-free makeup company, is making another splash on the makeup scene. The platform that they’ve presented, that is a cruelty-free, vegan makeup company, may come as a needed respite for millenials and others who are searching for some type of guilt-free products in a chaotic 21st century world of consumer globalization and global warming where more and more conscientious folks are worried about deplorable labor conditions, carbon footprints, and animal testing.

The company offers different types of products such as: eyeshadow, highlighter, hair color, nails, makeup brushes and more. Now the company is introducing a piece of nostalgia to their unique branding. The company has created makeup cases that pay homage to the tiny doll and accessories toy fad that emerged in the 1990s known as Polly Pocket and their pocket-sized cases. Some might regard this throwback as something kitsch, but others might argue that they are developing a clever niche by appealing to the sentiments and nostalgia of older generations. Each pastel case includes five different shades of makeup.

They have introduced three different colors for the cases, listed as follows: Sunny Pink Lemonade Palette, Hot Pink Sugar Plum Palette and Blue Bubblegum Palette. Each makeup palette may be purchased for $34. All three may be purchased for $90. The company shared photos of Pollypockets on their Instagram account before releasing the new products. The product provides not only nostalgic pining, but also practicality, that is, of course, because these clever and cute cases fit right in your pocket.

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