The Most Beautiful Churches In Minnesota among them the Mighty Fortress Church

Minnesota is a region blessed with endowed and beautiful churches that capture the eyes of many people globally. Excellent architecture and a rich history are important factors that not only make the churches attractive but also unique. Some of the most beautiful churches to look out for in Minnesota include:

Cathedral of Saint Paul

The church’s establishment was in1900s, and the church positions itself on top of Summit Hill. Being the third largest church in the US, the church contains French modeling exuding classical themes and French Renaissance. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

Sacred Heart Church

The church, whose location is in Freeport, has a stunning interior that is rich concerning designing and ornate. The interior designs of the church are breath-taking.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Located in New Ulm, the architecture of the building is the baroque style that contains a clock tower at the apex of the structure. It is a renowned historical place, due to the fantastic paintings of the 12 apostles.


St Thomas More Catholic Church

The church is situated in St. Paul and is one of the historical buildings. The architecture is classic Romanesque revival which arched windows, heavy doors and contains limestone bricks.

The Might Fortress Church

The mighty fortress church is also one of the most beautiful churches located in Minnesota.

What is unique?

The church scenery provides an environment that is vital to the deepening ones long lasting relationship with God. Also, the surrounding enhances deepening of knowledge in God.

What is the atmosphere like there?

The general atmosphere enables and encourages all types of believers to come as they are as it is open, accommodative, and value every single believer.

About Bishop Thomas Williams

The leader of the church is the respected senior pastor Bishop Thomas Williams who has served the Lord for the past thirty years in different ministries. Apart from ministering, the pastor has also attained several academic degrees in various educational institutions. He is the founder and the present president of Mighty Fortress International Ministries that prides itselfon finding wisdom and knowledge from God. The church has an active support group with outreach ministries whose basis are on Christian principles. View the interactive map at

How Bob Reina Went From Being A Cop To Selling Online Video Products

As the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has found great success coming up with a new way for businesses to market their products and services to consumers. The flagship product his company offers is Video Email where companies can send an email to customers that plays a video within it. A video is the most attractive way to market things to consumers as it is the most captivating way to get a consumers attention.

Bob Reina started out his professional career as a police officer. He wanted to come up with a way to make more money and have a more satisfying career. He began to look for opportunities in the direct selling industry where he could open a successful company. He became a top producer for a number of companies in this industry such as Alliance USA and Travel Reaction. Unfortunately, he couldn’t come up with one of these positions that would work over the long haul. This included his company Cash Card Worldwide and serving on the advisory board of other companies.

It was in 2004 that the idea of Video Email first germinated. Bob Reina wanted to email a 10-second long email to some friends of his. His provider, America Online, said that this wasn’t something that could be done. He thought otherwise and after contacting another friend who was in IT together they came up with what would in 2007 be Talk Fusion’s first product.

One of the things about the direct selling industry that Bob Reina never liked was that it takes awhile at these types of companies to get your compensation. To address this he created the industry’s first Instant Pay Plan. Under this plan the people who he pays commissions to for selling Talk Fusion products receive their pay immediately.

Over the years Bob Reina has given back in a number of ways. His favorite issues are related to animals. He was responsible for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida getting a new dog in its K-9 unit. He also donates quite a bit to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Learn more: