Reiventing the gluteal implant; Dr.Mark Mofid

Over the last couple of years, plastics surgery has received a significant number of negative reviews. Cases of patients opting out the procedure have increased. The situation has been a concern for plastic surgeons like Mark Mofid. Mofid is a certified plastic surgeon in the US. He has been practicing plastic surgery for a decade now. He took plastic surgery studies at both Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University. He has spent a lot of resources in a research initiatives to improve plastic surgery procedures to achieve patient safety and comfort. Overtime Mofid has learned to prioritize his patients over any other factor. It has earned him a positive image among across the US. Mark Mofid handles every patient’s cases uniquely. Safety of his patient is a concern before making any treatment decisions.

Mark Mofid has been working to understand the various body systems and muscle in a mission to develop better gluteal implant. His efforts have been an advancement on the traditional gluteal augmentation. The new gluteal implant is now being used across the world. Traditional implants incompatible with the various body system and muscle and they ended up sagging in most patients. It made patients regret undergoing the procedure and also instill fear among other prospective patients for the process.

Mark Mofid with his new invention the industry is much safer than ever before. He strongly feels there is no need to worry about the procedures. The new implant has improved ratios, low profile, distinct intramuscular positioning. However, he feels the need for researchers to keep pressing for further advancement that would guarantee the patients safety and comfort. He has been continuously working with Dr. Gonzalez, and he is confident that this has given him an opportunity to understand the field much better.

In his interview with medical spa MD, Mark Mofid he holds that experience is overblown. It’s imperative that everyone should have equal employment opportunity. However, employers should always run a history investigation before hiring. Additionally, excellent work for his patients has been his marketing tool.