About Handy’s Rise To Power In The Home Cleaning Industry

If you have a smart phone and are up to date on the powerful features all of our phones possess, then you know that there are specialized services right at your fingertips that were never available in this easy-to-find way. The on demand lifestyle we live now is that of luxury. We can call for a ride with the press of a button, we can get food delivered to our doorsteps without ever talking to someone on the phone about our orders, and we can even order home services with companies like Handy.

Home Services Are Only A Click Away

If you like fast and reliable services (https://www.handy.com/services), then you are going to love Handy. They are here to help with all of our home cleaning, home repairs and other odd jobs around the house. Their platform is similar to Uber and other services. They only use qualified and professional cleaning companies and individuals to fulfill client orders. Handy screens everyone they work with on their platform.

The screening process was an idea that was higly debated among Handy’s founders. One of the founders, Oisin Hanrahan, wanted to implement the idea in early stages of Handy’s development. However, the other founder, Dua, did not think that professional cleaners would go through with the online application process. Dua felt that the human component would be missing, so they decided to test out the idea in Miami and D.C., and it was a success.

This information was first reported in a piece on Inc.com. The article is called “Why Handy Chooses A Painful Path To Profitability”. It is written by Jeff Bercovici, and the full article can be found here. It is an interesting piece for anyone, especially those interested in Handy or how businesses make a buzz in their markets.