Matthew Autterson and A Track Record of His Business Success and Responsibilities

It’s an incontrovertible fact that businesses come and go, and there are only a few winners in the game. The silent evidence of history would tell us that the cemetery of business losers is so vast that it’s hard to imagine putting one’s own complete life savings in the business. Fortunately, Matthew Autterson is one of the few winners that have withstood the challenges and risks of running a business. Let’s learn more about him in the article below.


The Finance Background

What stands out in the career of Mr. Autterson is the fact that he’s already almost immune to the failures of running a business. He graduated from the Michigan State University in Finance. He’s proven to himself first and foremost that the fact that he graduated in Michigan State University is an excellent reason to say that he has the educational foundation to lead a team.

It must also be noted that Mr. Autterson got a University of Denver Graduate Tax Program degree. His leadership skills are impressive enough that he was made part of First Trust Corporation, and when he left the team in 1982, he has proven himself a name that he’s one of the most competent and passionate in the line of business. His skills are so impressive, too, that he was also given a chance to work for Broad Inc., which subsequently had become the renowned SunAmerica, Inc. Click Here to learn more.


The Current Leadership

Right now, we also know of Matthew Autterson as the leading Board Member and CEO of CNS Bioscience, Inc. His new role as the company’s CEO means that he’s the leading innovator, technologist, and leader of the company’s operations. It’s also the main duty of Matthew Autterson to make sure that the operations of Falci Adaptive Biosystems run smoothly.

It also means that he has a responsibility as a business leader in Colorado’s business industry. He also represents a lot of what Colorado’s business industry can offer, and with the powerful and efficient leadership of Matthew Autterson, there will be more growth and new fantastic positive changes in the CNS Bioscience company that he leads.


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The Business Building Successes of the Incredible Medical Professional, Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is an incredible licensed medical professional and surgical doctor who also possesses an incredible entrepreneurship skill as well. Not only has he built his medical career to a great height but managed to build up a real estate development business as well, a business that has led to a yearly worth of $5 million annually. Dr. Mark McKenna is a genius when it comes to building businesses.


After graduating Tulsa University Medical School, Dr. Mark McKenna would join his father’s medical practice in New Orleans. Dr. Mark McKenna’s parents were both entrepreneurs themselves – his dad, ran his own medical practice and his mom, owned a publishing company. He would work for his dad for 5 years, but while in all, the two would start a real estate development firm titled, ‘McKenna Venture Investments’. The business would thrive and would expand to two other companies, ‘Universal Mortgage Lending’ and ‘Uptown Title, Inc. The business would grow to a worth of $5 million a year and employ 50+.


Heart-break would strike in 2005 when most of the real estate business gets destroyed on the account of Hurricane Katrina. As a result, the business would accumulate zero cash-flow. Dr. Mark McKenna and his father would attempt to rebuild the business, it had minor successes, but the business wouldn’t be very lucrative, so it was sold for $700,000.


Dr. Mark McKenna would leave New Orleans and reside in Atlanta, Ga. He wouldn’t let the disaster of New Orleans get the best of his care, so he picked up his spirits and started a new business, ShapeMed. The ShapeMed business would provide Atlanta with weight loss and non-surgical aesthetic solutions that the community would absolutely love. The business would grow to $4 million in revenue a year.


Dr. McKenna would sell the business to Life Time Fitness Inc. and even work for the acquirer as their National Medical Director of Life. A year later, the doctor would start his own Atlanta-based company, UVME.


Since 2016, the UVME business has been in existence, providing innovative aesthetic procedures and products from a team of certified goal-oriented caregiving professionals with a positive spirit towards making people look and feel better. Aesthetic solutions that are offered through UVME are, but not limited to: skin care, vascular lesion removals, lab testing, body sculpting, botox and chemical peels. See Related Link to learn more.


Dr. McKenna has been a great business building genius throughout his career and it is only a matter of time when UVME will be as successful or an even a greater achievement.


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Troy McQuagge Named the Best CEO at USHealth Advisors

Just the other day, Troy McQuagge was named as the chief executive officer of the year by the One Planet Awards. The One Planet Awards is one of the most respected and prestigious honors and awards in the world. Troy McQuagge emerged victorious in the Gold winner category. This is an award that sees thousands of applicants every year. The One Planet Award recognizes professionals and business people for their involvement in changing the field they work in. The one Planet Award does not discriminate on any company. They also don’t look at the size of the company meaning that both small and big companies can nominate their employees. Also, people working in the public and private sector are allowed to submit their nominations. Each year, One Planet Awards encourages start-ups to nominate their employees. Also, non-governmental organizations are encouraged to make nominations. Finally, profit organizations can also apply for the awards. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

Since he joined the USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge made it his main mission to transform USHEALTH Advisors. For starters, this is the distributive agency of the USHEALTH Group, and he focused on rebuilding it after years of underperforming. He recorded significant success, and this led him to be promoted as the president of the USHEALTH Group. In the year 2014, Troy McQuagge was named as the chief executive officer of the US HEALTH Group after helping the company realize profits as the president. Since he became president, the company has recorded significant growth coupled with unprecedented success. He has also helped the company become competitive once again in the insurance market.

When accepting the award, he mentioned that it was an honor and a privilege to be named in this position. He said that this should be seen as the commitment of the USHEALTH Group in honoring their motto which is making the health insurance affordable to Americans. He also insisted that the company will continue with its good work. Troy McQuagge also mentioned that the award belonged to everyone associated with the company. USHEALTH Group is an insurance company that has its headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company has one of the best reputations in the United States.

As for Troy McQuagge, he has been in the insurance industry for long making him realize what it takes to succeed in the field. On a personal level, Troy McQuagge is a social man. He has maintained his presence on social media. Troy McQuagge USHealth has accounts on CrunchBase, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snap Chat. Through these platforms, Troy McQuagge updates his followers on the latest trends in the health insurance industry. Troy McQuagge studied at the University of Florida for his undergraduate degree.

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Troy McQuagge: Philanthropic Works through HOPE

Troy McQuagge is the president of the USHEALTH Group, and as the leader of the company, he initiated some programs that would benefit their employees and their customers. One of the most popular programs initiated by Troy McQuagge is HOPE, an acronym that stands for Helping Other People Every day. This acronym applies to all of the employees working for the USHEALTH Group, and according to Troy McQuagge US Health, they chose this name to describe the readiness of each employee to assist their customers anytime. They have been translated the acronym into their daily mantra, and it has been a life mission for the employees working at the USHEALTH Group to leave a positive impact on every person that they assist.

Troy McQuagge USHealth created the initiative in 2010. As the new president of the USHEALTH Group, he would like to have a program that will be synonymous with the company’s objectives. After the introduction of HOPE, the USHEALTH Group managed to receive more customers because of the positive word of mouth marketing that they have been experiencing. The total number of customers serviced by the USHEALTH Group is around 15 million, and the majority of these people became their customers because of recommendations. The USHEALTH Group under the leadership of Troy McQuagge experienced tremendous growth, and the revenue that they are making today have expanded their expectations. In the present, the USHEALTH Group has grown more than ten times since Troy McQuagge became the head.

The USHEALTH Group is also active in philanthropic activities, and through the HOPE initiative, the company is directly helping those who are victims of natural disasters and other calamities. One of the first activities that they sponsored is the rebuilding of homes for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the city of New Orleans. They have asked thousands of skilled carpenters to help them out with their project. The USHEALTH Group was also reported giving away millions of dollars’ worth of clothes to children who are in dire need. Troy McQuagge stated that as long as he is the president and the CEO of the company, charity projects will continue. Read:

How Technology Can Improve The Healthcare System

A Little Information About Drew Madden

Drew Madden is an individual who studied healthcare IT at Center Corporation. He also holds a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering. Mr. Madden was able to receive that B.S.E from the Iowa College of Engineering. Drew Madden served as president at Nordic Consulting Partners from 2011 to 2016. Nordic Consulting Partners has a #1 ranking for their Epic implementation services. While working at Nordic Consulting Partners. Madden was able to help the company to grow from just 10 employees to 725. The annual revenue of the company also improved by $30 million under his direction. Drew Madden is truly passionate about electric medical records, and that is the reason why he continues in his fight for the reform of electronical medical systems.


The News On Medical Technology

Recently, did an article about healing the healthcare industry. The United States healthcare industry is at a grave disadvantage when it comes to other countries that have a similar life expectancy. This is an industry that has a worth of over $3 trillion, and United States citizens spend about three times more than other first world countries on their healthcare. Technology offers some promising advantages when it comes to reforming this inefficient market.


The Problem With Ambulances

Ambulances are expensive. They can cost between $200-$2000 per ride. Quite often, the patient has to pay out-of-pocket for this huge emergency expense. A great solution to this issue would be an application that is an alternative to an emergency phone call. This application can triage the patient, lower the out-of-pocket cost to the patient, and more efficiently use the response team. Go To This Page for additional information.


Technology Has A Wide Range Of Answers

There are hundreds of technological advancements that are being tested at this very moment. Technology truly is the key to the reform of the healthcare system. Individuals like Drew Madden are constantly searching for innovative ways to improve the patient experience and lower the huge cost of healthcare.

Drew Madden Encourages Paying Attention To CVS-Amazon Feud

CVS wants Amazon out of its industry desperately, but Amazon does not appear to be going anywhere. Amazon is the company that other companies love to hate. Put another way, they make amazing things that consumers love, and they are respected above almost any other company. Also, Amazon is not afraid to try new things and get involved in a lot of different industries. If they see a profit to be had, they are willing to jump right in and snag it. All of that may be great news for Amazon shareholders, but it is dangerous talk for industry leaders.


There was little recourse for CVS to take other than to try to shore up its own position in healthcare. They decided that the best move for them was to purchase a healthcare insurance company by the name of Aetna. Did this make sense as a way to protect CVS assets against the potential for Amazon to swoop in and take their business? Only time will tell.


What we do know at the moment is that Amazon has applied for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products in a number of states. It seems likely that they will get approved to do so. If that is the case, then companies like CVS might suddenly have a competitor on their hands that they did not have to deal with before. Consumers might have to decide if they want to continue to do their shopping with the likes of CVS in-person, or if they are okay with purchasing their pharmaceuticals online. See This Article for more information.


Drew Madden has been watching from the sidelines this whole time. He is a seasoned healthcare information technology entrepreneur. He always wants to see healthcare companies innovating in ways that help them meet the challenges presented to them. He knows that the more a company is tested, the better it tends to get.


For Drew Madden, the battle between these two giants might be rather exciting to watch. Almost no matter what happens we are guaranteed that there will be new innovation in healthcare as a result. That is something that should be pretty exciting to people no matter what their views are on the rest of it.

The Inventive Color Combination Mind of Doe Deere

One of the popular makeup companies that has formed in the United States independently is the lime crime brown. Lime Crime is a company that has an emphasis on color over cover up make up products. The company is as colorful as the owner, Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a chamaeleon of incentive color combinations. For some this may mean she is inconsistent. To those in the beauty business though, it is clear she is always on and ready to search for new ideas. This trait is necessary in a field that relies on creative business decisions. In her own words don’t hear sees her business success is a direct result from her ambition, business experience over the years, and her creative mind.


When she was a girl, Doe Deere was a very creative and had a big aspirations for her future. She was always intrigued by stories and by interesting or novelty items. She started in the business experience by selling novelty temporary tattoos to her classmates when she lived in Russia. When she was a little older she decided that she wanted a career in music. This led to her ambitious decision to move to New York City.


Do deer has had a variety of entrepreneurial experience says in her lifetime. She started off her first business when she was 13. She still temporary tattoos to her classmates when she still lived in Russia. After she moved to New York when she was 18 she had to figure out methods to promote her music business. The experiences of promoting her music with her band or her solo music helped her to establish a very strong business savvy that she would use later to promote her Lime Crime makeup. In the early years of lime crime she was selling her makeup products on eBay. She often used herself as the model in the example photos modeling the Lime Crime makeup products. This help to establish her business.


Later on she used her experience from using eBay as her place of business to grow an actual business website for her products. She used her creativity and her imagination to make the Lime Crime website and its products unique and different from makeup brand competitors. It’s hard to stay fresh in a market that is constantly changing and forever looking for new trends, so she has truly created something special with her business.


Lime Crime and Doe Deere are showing no signs of stopping the flow of creative and unique makeup product ideas. Being creative is a good thing for you to do if you are considering a career as an entrepreneur to consider when you are starting your own business. Be as unique as possible in the matters that you are personally strong in and you should see the results flourish in your business. Learn more:

Troy McQuagge Helping Make Positive Difference in the Society through HOPE

It is not easy to be a top executive in a billion dollar insurance firm and yet be the one who is not only hugely respected but also loved by the people of the community. However, Troy McQuagge is a man who has earned the great respect for not only his employees and customers but also the people of the local communities across the country. As the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group Inc, Troy McQuagge has embarked on the HOPE mission from the time he joined the company, which is directed towards helping the low-income communities and developing various social and healthcare welfare programs that would improve the life of the people for better. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

Troy McQuagge USHealth understands that the true leader is not the one who only looks after his personal and professional growth and that of his company, but also of the people in the community it serves. There are hundreds and thousands of low-income families in the communities where USHEALTH Group is actively serving, and Troy believes that by implementing specific high-impact initiatives, the lives of the people can change drastically for good. It is for this reason the company has been scaling up its charitable efforts and funding many of the welfare programs ranging from healthcare to education and from infrastructure development to medical aid to ensure that people in need get the support they are looking for.

At the time Hurricane Katrina hit the country, it took many by surprise as the devastation it led to were unprecedented. Troy McQuagge ensured USHEALTH Group does its part in helping the victims and rebuilding their lives. HOPE mission of USHEALTH Group partnered with the Phoenix of New Orleans when hurricane Katrina hit the region to start a project of reconstruction of homes for the victims. The agents of USHEALTH Group are always encouraged to go out of their way to engage in various charitable activities, and many of them have even worked for the Warrior Project as well. TroyMcQuagge feels that real satisfaction as a leader comes not only by ensuring success and the growth of the company, but also when the company can make a positive difference in the lives of the people in the community it serves.

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Matthew Autterson: A Business Leader and Philanthropic Cause Supporter With 25 Years’ Experience

Matthew Autterson has devoted much of his professional career to supporting philanthropic activities in leadership roles.


A member of the board of directors of The Denver Hospice for over 15 years, Matthew Autterson has also been on the board of the Web-Waring Foundation and has served 10 years on the Denver Zoo Board as the organization’s Vice Chairman, Finance.


Currently, he sits in a board management capacity for Falci Adaptive Biosystems, a public service organization committed to improving the interaction of individuals with neuromotor disabilities and their environment. Falci maintains partnerships with industry specialists and medical facilities, working to create novel adaptive systems, supporting patients’ rehabilitation.  See This Article for related information.


Autterson has more than 3 1/2 decades of experience in management roles within the financial industry. Beginning his career at Resources Trust Company in the early 1980’s, he was instrumental in the incorporation of the Colorado state-chartered startup. While a member of the management team at the financial services firm, he was actively involved in the acquisition of Resources Trust by AIG for $18 billion in 1998. Three years later, Fiserv acquired Resources Trust from AIG when the company maintained more than $20 billion in assets for its clients.


As a Managing Partner of privately owned GL3B, LLP, Autterson oversaw the investment of the LLP’s assets in real estate, securities and nonpublic businesses.


Presently, he sits as President and CEO of CNS Biosciences, Inc., a biotech company specializing in the early and clinical phases of pharmaceutical development pain management medications for disabilities involving neuropathic causes.


Matthew Autterson earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Michigan State University in 1979. He then completed the Graduate Tax Program of the University of Denver in 1981.


His interests include tennis, the Cherry Hills Country Club and Baja 1000, a 1300-mile off-road race that takes place in extremely rugged Mexican terrain. The Baja event in which Autterson participated made news in 2007 when the racers had to detour around a helicopter accident that resulted in two fatalities, one of those being an infamous member of the Central American drug cartel. The incident was without any adverse impact to the racers, who included Matthew and his daughter Madison.



Lime Article Article #3

Are you into a bright-colored cosmetics? Do you like to express yourself through fashion? Have you ever heard of Lime Crime? Lime Crime is the brand of all brands, especially when it comes to makeup. This brand has an eclectic sense of style that’s different from most other cosmetic brands. Officially released in 2008, this brand has been climbing the ranks to success, and it has replaced many of the older cosmetics as the brand of choice. What colors are being offered here? The answer is very simple as you can purchase a variety of colors such as saint, alien, wicked, shroom, black velvet, red velvet, pink velvet, cashmere, cupid, polly, bleached, utopia, pansy and salem. Of course, these names come in various shades of purple, pink, red, bronze, blue and green.


The founder of Lime Crime is the perfect match for what it truly stands for. Doe Deere has singlehandedly revolutionized the industry in a sense, and she is unapologetic about it. If you know anything about Lime Crime, then you would know that unapologetic is all a part of its image and slogan. Making a huge statement in a fashion-sense is what the company focuses on. Sometimes you have to dare to be different. At the age of 17, Doe Deere left her home country of Russia and became a United States citizen. New York City was where she landed, and she quickly began to personify her aspirations by joining a band. Deere has always loved the thought of being a musician, and she most certainly got her chance. The band travelled all around the five boroughs, and it garnered good success. Manhattan and Brooklyn were Deere’s stomping grounds, but she got a great chance to learn about the business in general.


The Fashion Institute of Technology was her next stop and here is where the ball was put into motion. Deere spent a good amount of time here as she studied/majored in fashion design. Who knew that F.I.T. would transpire into such great things in the coming years? Setting trends that take the industry by storm is nothing new for this brand. Lime Crime has a huge social media presence, which pulls in attention. In other words, it’s a free campaign for publicity. As of now, Lime Crime has a mega cult-following of both males and females. Its liquid-matte lipsticks glide on clean with a smooth finish. In conclusion, Doe Deere has set the bar extremely high, and she has changed the status quo. Learn more: