Great New Burger On The Menu At New York’s Cafe Altro Paradiso

New York City continues to be a mecca for food lovers everywhere. It remains a major foodie destination for people who enjoy sampling some of the finest in regional and national cuisine. Chefs here are constantly looking for new ways to please their customers. One such chef is Ignacio Mattos. He and his fellow chef at Cafe Altro Paradiso have a new offering for their diners. In order to celebrate the extension of their new lunch service to five days a week, they are now showcasing an entirely new burger that many are hailing as one of the city’s very best.


Heady Flavors


The new burger on the menu is all about creating a varied flavor profile that is familiar to New Yorkers. Many area residents are also familiar with burgers made with unusual flavors. Several cuts of beef are mixed together including short rib and skirt steak to create a base for the burger that is similar in taste to many other area burgers. Once the mixture gets a nice crust on it, it is then finished on a plancha. New Yorkers are known to embrace many kinds of cuisines from all over the world and this one takes that into account. The burger is further seasoned with chile oil, fish sauce and fresh rosemary. The fish sauce gives the entire burger an international flair that fits right in with this part of the city where international flavors are the order of the day.


Other Elements


Other elements are added to the burger to create a full bodied burger. They use Gorgonzola cheese on a bun made from brioche topped with mayonnaise. The burger is then topped with picked onions and a sprinkling of caper berries. The entire burger is finished off with a mostarda, a mustard fruit sauce that is popular in Italy where it serves as a bridge between the sweet and the savory. The sauce is cooked for four hours until is it can serve as the ideal topping for the entire sandwich. Sweetness marries very well with the other elements of the dish, allowing for a special experience. The result is a burger that is fully worthy of the title of one of New York’s best burgers.