Paul Mampilly Believes Certain Stocks Will Be Great For 2018

In an article published recently at Banyan Hill, investment expert Paul Mampilly talked about what the future holds for stock buyers in 2018. 2017 was a great year for investing, and while 2018 may have some changes, Mampilly says investors should look out for mega trends stocks. What exactly are these mega trends stocks? A lot of them have to do with how automated technology and advanced medical research are going to change life as we know it. Mega trends to look out for include enhanced mobile financial technology such as blockchains, cryptocurrencies, mobile payment and loan solutions, and others. You also should be aware of precision medicine developments, and things related to the “Internet of Things,” or in other words how there’ll be not only smartphones, but smart appliances, self-driving vehicles and other ways the internet will have precedent.

Paul Mampilly has been researching stocks, mutual funds and other investments since he began his career at Deutsche Bank in 1991. His family history is Indian and he came to the US to complete his financial degree at Montclair State University. He learned the way to make good profits in investing quite well that soon he was joining his superiors at Deutsche Bank, and not too much later had earned even higher positions at Banker’s Trust, ING, Sears and even a Swiss Bank. From the banks he then went on to become a consultant at Capuchin Consulting, a firm based in North Carolina. Then he got a major position as the Managing Director of Kinetics International Fund, one of the top hedge funds of its day cited by Barron’s as one of Wall Street’s top performers. Mampilly also invested $50 million that gained 76% in one year despite the 2008 financial crisis being at its worst, and it won him the famous Templeton Foundation competition in 2009.

Paul Mampilly eventually decided Wall Street served primarily just the corporations and top 1%, so he decided to retire and bring his knowledge to the 99%. He had been one of the first investors to buy stocks in Netlflix, Facebook and Sarepta Therapeutics and he decided it was time to show people how they could manage their money without needing the professionals to do it. So he began writing “Profits Unlimited,” a newsletter published at Banyan Hill which showed which kind of stocks people should look into, and the price was cheap compared to most other financial insider journals. Over 60,000 subscribers joined that newsletter overnight, and more and more have come to appreciate what Paul Mampilly has to say.

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Troy McQuagge Uses His Position to Give Back

Troy McQuagge has always done a lot to help people with the issues they are facing. He knows what he wants to do and continues to do that so people will have all the options they need. He has continued to give different communities the help they need so they can experience the best of everything possible. He knows what they want to do and isn’t afraid to show people how things can get better as he is working on different things. There are other ways he can give communities things they need aside from just health insurance. He also provides them with things like the opportunity to get a charitable option. With the HOPE Program, Troy McQuagge knows what he can do and knows how he can help people with the issues they are having. It has allowed him to make sure things are going to keep working in different ways no matter what.

As long as Troy McQuagge is running HOPE, he knows what it will take to do better. He also knows things will change based on the options he has available to him. For Troy McQuagge, this is a big part of the industry and an even bigger part of what he’s doing to give people what they need. He has tried to always show others there will be a chance to show off what he can do and give people what they are looking for on their own.

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As long as Troy McQuagge can give people these options, he knows there will be things that will help the company grow. HOPE is one of those things. Even though it is part of being charitable, it also has the ability to help others who are a big part of the industry. It has allowed USHEALTH Group to keep doing their best while they are providing their services to other people.

For Troy McQuagge, this means he has to keep doing what he’s doing. HOPE will be one of the best options people can rely on and will be something that most people will be able to understand is working the right way. It has given Troy McQuagge the hope he needs to keep helping others. It has also allowed him to feel like he is doing something important. As long as he is doing the right thing, the community is going to get what they need. By looking at each of these options and by showing people how they can feel about different situations, Troy McQuagge US Health knows what he needs to do. He is confident the changes that are going on in the communities around him are a direct result of how he is running HOPE.

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Cassio Audi Explores the Benefits of Finance and Heavy Metal

The worlds of heavy metal music and high finance are rarely seen as being closely linked but the development of the career of popular investment specialist, Cassio Audi shows any person can explore their interests in various parts of life. Despite becoming one of the leading financial heavyweights of the Brazilian economy across the last three decades, Cassio Audi was once dedicated to a much more individual passion, heavy metal music in the 1980s.

In 1985, the young people of Brazil had only just been allowed to explore the popular culture of the period after the end of the military junta in the country had allowed U.K. and U.S.-based bands to arrive in the country for the first time. Cassio Audi was heavily influenced by the arrival of British heavy metal bands including Iron Maiden and set out on a career as a drummer in his home city of Sao Paulo during his teenage years; Audi was quickly recruited to the original incarnation of the cult heavy metal band, Viper who would go on to become one of the leaders of Brazilian heavy metal. To know more about him click here.

During his time with Viper, Cassio Audi would go on to become one of the leading figures in the early years of Brazilian heavy metal and create the initial sound of a hall of fame heavy metal band. The group would include Cassio Audi as its drummer from 1985 through 1989 when he decided to return to Sao Paulo University and embark upon his impressive financial career. Audi would appear on the first recordings of Viper including “The Kilera Sword” tapes and the band’s debut studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”.

Nick Vertucci Became An American Success Story Through Real Estate

The NV Real Estate Academy is a training program set up by real estate magnate Nick Vertucci. The goal of the academy is to provide people with the training they need to make a good living working with real estate. The NV Real Estate Academy is the fulfillment of a promise Vertucci made to himself many years ago. After being encouraged to become involved in real estate and seeing how it helped to make him financially secure, Vertucci promised himself he would teach as many people as possible how to make money using real estate.

For Nick Vertucci, getting involved in real estate was the best business move he ever made. Vertucci had previously found success running a small computer repair and sales company. But when the boom ended, he lost all his customers. When he was introduced to the real estate industry by a friend, Vertucci quickly came to realize it’s possible to make money with real estate no matter what the economy or the stock market is doing. He learned that with real estate he controlled his own financial destiny and as long as he had an effective system he could remain financially stable.

Nick Vertucci had gone to a real estate seminar at the urging of a friend, spent a decade researching ways to buy, repair, rent and sell real estate and created a system so simple and effective, anyone could use it to make a living in the real estate industry. The system Nick Vertucci created is his Fortunes in Flipping program. And that’s just one of the many strategies he teaches students in the NV Real Estate Academy. One of the great things about the real estate programs that Vertucci created is that anyone could quickly learn to use it to generate a good, consistent income.

These days many people of all ages, sexes and social and cultural backgrounds from all over the country are using the Fortunes in Flipping system and the other techniques taught at the NV Real Estate Academy. And Nick Vertucci couldn’t be happier. Not only is he now a multimillionaire with the resources to give his family the best quality of life possible, he is teaching others how to do the same thing using real estate. Vertucci is an American success story and he is giving anyone that wants it the tools to become financially secure using real estate.

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Success Shown by Infrastructure Auction Schedule

Beginning in September of 2017, the Investment Partnership Program (PPI) is expected to hold 18 infrastructure auctions by the end of the year. This schedule, while very engaged, is set in stone according to the secretary of the project coordination, Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas. The high expectations were brought on by a change in the presidency of the Republic. On August 31st of 2016 Michel Temer assumed the role of presidency, whom Freitas believes is “pro-business”. An expert on Infrastructure Projects, Felipe Montoro Jens, reports that in his first year of holding the presidential office 44 infrastructure auctions were held by PPI that accounted for approximately $23 billion earned in investments. An example of this great change is the auction on transmission lines that took place in April, which, according to Jens, was the largest in history.

In order for this positive streak to continue the country itself must be considered. Brazil has created a challenge for this program because PPI is going to have to work on altering the infrastructure sector to expand and become more modern, but they have a plan in mind. PPI intends to interest investors by selecting projects that are successful and targeted towards the private sector. This line of action was brought forth by learning from past mistakes that originated from the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). Due to the way this program was designed, the State intervened too much causing an imbalance of project risk.

This insight from the past, along with the new “pro-business” president, creates a seemingly successful future for PPI. The last year is only the start of what is to come, which can be seen with the 18 infrastructure auctions being held over the course of only 4 months. This bold schedule is appearing to be a estimable indication of how PPI will be handled from now on.

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Troy McQuagge: Leadership Being Recognized

The most prestigious and awaited award giving body recognizing the leaders in the corporate world, called One Planet Awards, has given the CEO of the Year award to Troy McQuagge, the current CEO of the Texas based insurance company called the USHEALTH Group. The dedicated CEO was also given the recognition being the Gold Winner during the whole course of the awarding ceremony, and he cannot hide his gratitude because of the recognition that he received. He said that the award given to him is a testament to his hard work and dedication to transform the USHEALTH Group into one of the most competitive health insurance providers in the United States. He also thanked the employees working for the USHEALTH Group, saying that they are also one of the reasons why he got the award. He dedicated the recognition to everyone who is working at the USHEALTH Group, and thanked them for their hard work.

Troy McQuagge has been in the company since 2010, and within four years, Troy McQuagge managed to climb the corporate ladder and he was chosen by the board of directors as the chief executive officer in 2014. Under his leadership, the USHEALTH Group began acquiring more revenues, and the company which was being under the threat of bankruptcy turned around and become a profitable company. Troy McQuagge also restored some of the arms of the USHEALTH Group, including the USHEALTH Advisors, which would provide more services to their customers. The tremendous growth experienced by the USHEALTH Group under the leadership of Troy McQuagge can be attributed to his will to succeed.

The USHEALTH Group has a 15 million strong customer base, all of them purchasing one or more insurance plans from the company. This tremendous number of customers keeps on growing, thanks to the business strategies formulated by Troy McQuagge. It was his idea that the company should hire professional insurance agents who would be speaking with the customers over the phone. Because of their knowledge and expertise on how the insurance works, people started buying their insurance plans. The excellent customer service provided to the customers is also helping the company generate new customers, because of their positive reputation, affordability and reliability. Visit:


Three Great Ways To Invest In Brazil, Courtesy Of Igor Cornelsen

Most wealthy people either inherit their money from spouses or ancestors, or invest money that they have earned from working. Further, most people invest in financial markets in the countries they live in, rather than branching into financial markets elsewhere in the world.

Brazil has a unique financial market. While attractive, one must be familiar with the market in the Portuguese-speaking country to have a chance at success outside of blind luck.

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Igor Cornelsen is experienced with Brazilian financials, thanks to his long career in portfolio management for several large businesses spread across the country. Although he is retired today, he still manages to share loads of tips and techniques for investing in Brazil directly related to the South American sphere of finance.

Mr. Cornelsen recently shared several tips with the world through the many websites he is affiliated with – pay attention.

Brazilian natives are great resources, although often untapped

It isn’t always easy to strike relationships with people you aren’t familiar with, especially in another country. However, do your best to get along with Brazilian natives. People who have lived in one country throughout the entirety of their lives inherently know more about their places of residency than outsiders do, even if outsiders have studied that country’s history extensively.

Make friendships with Brazilian natives – as long as you’re genuine and actually want a two-sided friendship from them, you will learn valuable information from them.

Government regulations are in abundance in Brazil

Every country has some governmental regulations. However, Brazil has considerably more than most other countries. As such, it’s important to understand them prior to placing your money in the up-and-down markets of Brazil. Ask somebody who’s experienced with the markets about regulations, in addition to studying them yourself.

Brazilian reals have rules

Brazil’s currency, the real, is subject to hefty exchange rates set forth by the Central Bank of Brazil. You should research them to make sure investing your money in Brazil is actually worth it. If you live in Brazil, the exchange rates are lower – always remember, as Igor Cornelsen says, “there is no such thing as free money in Brazil.”

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Don Ressler’s Fabletics Is Experiencing Incredible Success

In recent times, the athletic wear trend has taken the world by storm. Many women were left with little choices when it came to purchasing athletic wear. They could either buy clothing that was affordable, or they could buy athletic wear that was high quality, but expensive. Luckily, e-commerce pioneers Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler realized that there was a need for athletic wear items that fit both profiles. With this in mind, they co-founded Fabletics. They wanted to create a brand that inspired women while offering functional and affordable clothing with style and comfort in mind.

When they set out to begin branding the company and creating their line of clothing, they wanted to blaze a trail rather than going with the current trends. In order to accomplish this, they decided to listen to women and find out what they really wanted from a company.The feedback they received reflected a need for a greater consciousness with regards to style as well as more attention to the fit of the garments. Other brands often sold athletic wear that was unflattering or did not fit properly in addition to being unattractive. The current market trends tended to be off-putting to the average athletic wear consumer. Fabletics set out to change the way the customer viewed athletic wear apparel and give them the quality they deserve without the high price tag.

One of the genius ideas the duo had when creating the brand was working with American actress Kate Hudson. They chose her specifically because she is approachable and friendly. Women everywhere recognized her face and could relate to her easily. She ended up being the perfect face for the Fabletics brand. Her addition as a co-founder was warmly received by the consumer, which helped to propel the brand to the enormous success they enjoy today. Kate Hudson is a very hands-on part of the company and works hard to connect with the consumer and strives to improve the company’s online presence.

Don Ressler faced several challenges when getting the brand off the ground. One of the biggest obstacles was actually creating the right type of clothing products without sacrificing quality and style. The products also had to be affordable in order for the brand to succeed in the highly competitive market. The next hurdle he experienced was creating a brand that operated on a subscriptions style basis. Each month the customer is charged a $50 subscription fee that allows them to select a single item from a boutique that is specially chosen for the customer based on questions they answer when they sign up for the service. After some trial and error, Fabletics has managed to become one of the most successful e-commerce companies in the market and the leading athletic wear company.

Dr. Avi weisfogel Secret to Success in Business

In the recent periods, research in sleeping g technology has become of importance. In this field of the study, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has cut a niche in the area. Dr. Avi Weisfogel attended Rutger University where he earned his degree in biology and psychology; he later joined New York University and became a doctor in surgery. Having completed his education, he established his practice. Old Bridge dental care, the firm always had patient lined up, highlighting the professionalism of Dr. Weisfogel. On top of his excellent customer care, the practice twice won the best dentist of the year.

During his routine, Dr. Weisfogel noticed a significant number f his patients were suffering from Sleep Apnea. It is a condition that makes one hold their breath temporarily during their sleep. If not arrested the state could lead to diseases such as stroke and heart disease. Despite his growing practice Doctor weisfogel found this as a chance to move into an unchartered territory, his entrepreneur’s eye was twitching

After finding a way to treatment, his next step was to step into the marketing world. He spent years and resources trying to make a perfect model of the business. Persistently he worked all the tested methods, searching for a miracle. He had spent time looking for a role model, taking a professional course to find a solution. The results were there but not as desirable, despite the fact that the field has too much potential to tap. However, it’s during the difficult years he learned various strategies that he should have used from the beginning.

The business required enough patients to ensure continuous running. Attracting the necessary customer was the conundrum. He needed the type of patients who were going to invest in their health. To find a solution, he came up with a group whom they shared similar objectives. While sharing and comparing systems with his colleagues, he noticed that he had been emphasizing the wrong type of advertising. He worked on rectifying his methods; he focused on the newfound techniques. In a month he had a much more significant crowd since he had the know how to find the patients from the population. With the success of his program, he started teaching and helping other doctors establish their sleep clinics.


Mark McKenna, Doctor and Entrepreneur

Mark McKenna, Doctor and Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna, a native of New Orleans Louisiana, is the founder and the CEO of OVME. He earned his medical degree from Tulane University Medical School and is currently licensed in Medicine and Surgery by both the Florida and Georgia State Board of Examiners. He also holds a masters of Arts degree in Business Administration. He is a advocate for the rights of patients and is committed to serving his community. He began his career by practicing medicine with his father. At this time, he also started a real estate development firm known as McKenna Venture Investments. He managed to acquire an impressive portfolio of companies offering real estate closing, finance, and design-build services.

In 2005, most of his business investments were destroyed when Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city of New Orleans. He admits that he lost 2 million dollars overnight. In the wake of this storm, New Orleans reminded him of a war zone. Mark became very active in rebuilding his home town. For two long years, he focused his efforts in buying flooded properties for next to nothing, constructing low to moderate income houses on these properties and flipping them for a profit.

Mark decided to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007. He started ShapeMed, a aesthetic and wellness based medical practice. In 2014, the company was sold to Life Time Fitness Inc. He was the National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness Inc. He became the CEO/Founder of OVME in 2017.

OVME is a medical aesthetic company that is revolutionizing the elective healthcare industry. His innovative new company, opening early next year, will be a national chain of cosmetic medical offices that function with an app like the one that is used by Uber. This app will allow Botox patients to connect with practitioners who will set appointments for on demand Botox house calls. To know more about him click here.