Cassio Audi: A Brazilian Rock Legend

Cassio Audi is a Brazilian-born musician who has also created a great career as an entrepreneur. To many, he is best known for his work as a founding member of popular 80s band, Viper. Viper’s success was aided by Cassio’s performance on the drums. Cassio carved out his niche by composing many of the songs that Viper played all over the world on their tours. His talent as a composer and lyricist as well as his drumming ability forever cemented Audi as one of Brazil’s greatest rock talents. After two successful rock albums, Audi left the band in pursuit of his entrepreneurial dreams while leaving the fans with much to remember.

Viper came into being with Audi as their drummer and four of his friends providing guitar and vocals. Their youthfulness along with their raw talent and hard-hitting music was a huge hit among Brazilian radio stations in the mid-80s. The one thing that set them apart was their lyrics, written in a large part by Cassio Audi. The fact that they sang in English set them apart from nearly all other bands in South America, as nobody had seen that before. The band put out their first album, Soldiers of Sunset, in 1987 and followed it up with their second, Theater of Fate, just 2 years later. After touring in South America, Europe, and North America, Cassio Audi left to pursue other interests. His talent as a drummer, composer, and lyricist has gone down in Brazilian rock history as a true pioneer.

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The High Minimum Wage Is Causing A Decline In The Retail Sector Of New York

The editorial board of the New York Times wants to know why New York is currently filled with empty stores. There have been numerous stores closing that have affected all different areas including part of Brooklyn and Manhattan. According to the editorial board, one of the prominent problems is a new type of vacancy tax the owners of all unoccupied storefronts must pay. The editorial board of the Time’s failed to mention their involvement in the current issue experienced by the cities. They have been advocating for a minimum wage of $15.

The concerns regarding employment in retail businesses is valid. The data of the Labor Department showed there was a decline experienced by the retail trade sector in New York City in 2016. This was regarding the growth of employment, and has not occurred since 2009. According to the current data, the expected decline for 2017 regarding employment in retail is expected to be a lot worse. A similar fate is affecting the cities restaurant sectors. This is occurring in both the limited-service and full-services sectors in the cities. The growth of the average employment from 2015 was more than double the current average. For more details regarding the issues facing New York, please visit Your text to link….

The problem began when New York state decided to experiment by raising the minimum wage. When 2016 had only just started, the city raised the minimum wage by half. The fast food workers saw an increase of almost seventeen percent when their hourly wage increased to $10.50. Towards the beginning of 2017, wage floor increases exceeded $12 per hour. There was an increase of 22 percent in all businesses wages to $11 per hour. By the time 2018 concludes, New York City’s minimum wage for all business with employees numbering eleven or higher will increase to $15 per hour. This represents an increase of 67 percent from 2015.

These increases were supported by the editorial board of the Times, and all the critics were dismissed as being stingy. The arguments for a $15 minimum wage were shaky, and their basis was not on rigorous research, but rather the talking points of the union. The research performed by the neutral third-parties did not come as any surprise when it showed the Times advocacy of $15 was a folly.

Matthew Autterson Brings Success to the Bioscience Community

Matthew Autterson has always wanted to be successful. He has worked hard to get to the point where he is as successful as what he is now and that is evident in the things he does with the business. In fact, it is one of the easiest things for Matthew Autterson to pay attention to because he knows what will happen if he continues on this path of success. For years, Matthew Autterson has always wanted to make sure he can help people and he can give back to the community he has worked in. For Matthew Autterson, this is what success means and it’s what has allowed him to make all the right choices.


There have been many times when Matthew Autterson is doing what he can to help the community. In fact, he knows that as a philanthropist, he is doing the best job possible. He wants people to realize they have a chance to try their best and they have the ability to make the community better than what it was. For Matthew Autterson, this has allowed others to do their best and has given them what they are looking for in the community they are a part of. Go To This Page for more information.


There are different options that people have when they are looking at the industry and when they are in the industry. Matthew Autterson knows that bioscience is changing, and he plans to make sure that CNS Bioscience is changing along with the company. While most people know what they are doing in the industry, Matthew Autterson is confident his company is going to be the best it can be. He has always tried to show them they can do their best and they can experience more because of the industry standards.


Despite bioscience being a relatively new industry, Matthew Autterson has managed to make waves in it. He knows what most people are looking for and knows the industry has set certain standards for the company to do their best with the possibilities they have. In addition, he has always tried to make sure he is showing people how their experiences can grow and how they can have a more enjoyable business experience if they have to use the bioscience opportunities he has come up with. It will give them what they need and what they can get from the community he has worked so hard to be a part of. As a supporter of the Denver Zoo, Matthew Autterson knows what it takes to give people what they are looking for.

Matthew Autterson: An Asset to Denver

Matthew Autterson is a current member of the Board of Directors for Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB), a nonprofit whose mission is to improve the lives of those with neuromotor disabilities via better control and increased interaction within their environment. Mr. Autterson is also the Chief Executive Officer, President and Board Member for CNS BioScience, a clinical stage drug company specializing in neuropathic pain. Active in the Colorado philanthropic community, Mr. Matthew Autterson has also held leadership roles with the Board of the Denver Zoo, the Denver Zoological Foundation and served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Denver Hospice. He was previously a member of both the Young Presidents Organization and the World President’s Organization.


Mr. Autterson has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Michigan State University and attended the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. Mr. Autterson has 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, including experience as co-founder and president of one of Colorado’s largest state trusts. He began his financial career at First Trust Corporation a known subsidiary of Fiserv. Check him out on YouTube.


Not long after, he joined a small team of industry professionals to create a Colorado State-chartered trust company. The new trust was a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc. a New York-based financial services company. In 1986, Matthew Autterson became President of the trust and in 1989 Resources Trust Company was acquired by Broad Inc., which later became SunAmerica. In 1998, SunAmerica was purchased by AIG for $18 billion.


Before Fiserv acquired AIG in 2001, the Resources Trust Company managed depository and custodial services for more than 200,000 clients brought in by more than 15,000 registered financial advisors. This made it one of the largest state-chartered FDIC insured companies in the United States. In total, the company held more than $20 billion in custodial assets, with $1 billion in deposits. Get More Information Here.


Mr. Autterson’s commitment to public service is evident throughout his many years of faithful service. He continues to be a positive and influential force in Denver community and takes to enjoy the arts and stay abreast of movements in the financial sectors both locally and internationally.

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How Nathaniel Ru and His Georgetown University Schoolmates Transformed Sweetgreen from a Restaurant Company to a Lifestyle Brand

Nathaniel Ru and his schoolmates at Georgetown University always experienced difficulties when finding healthy food joints. The three students decided to transform a rental tavern into a stylish eatery during their senior year at the university.

The eatery, Sweetgreen, grew in six years from a 21-table eatery to a restaurant chain. Sweetgreen attributed this growth to Ru and his friends. The restaurant branched out to New York, Boston, Washington, and Philadelphia. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

Sweetgreen continues to serve customers with clean and healthy foods. Ingredients utilized by the restaurant come from local purveyors and farmers. In Sweetgreen’s ad campaigns, one can learn that the restaurant focuses on a lot more of food services rather than salads. Its digital marketing head, Theresa Dodd, believes that Ru and his counterparts drew inspiration from Apple. She also believes that Sweetgreen focuses on changing the norm just like Apple.

Sweetgreen’s marketing approach focuses on depicting the food service company as a social, smart and local brand. According to Dodd, consumers buy the way a service is done rather than the service itself. Sweetgreen’s stores have a shared mission of living up to their parent company’s core values and serve the community as Ru notes. Ru and his counterparts came up with five core values to govern their eatery from their Georgetown University hostel.

Sweetgreen’s Core Values

Sweetgreen operates based on the fact that clients’ victory is also a victory for the company. The food service brand operates with sustainability concerns in mind. This means that every decision made by brand’s executives must be long-term. Ru believes that these core values enable Sweetgreen to not only operate as a restaurant but also as a lifestyle brand. According to Ru, the “keeping it real” principle means that everything at Sweetgreen from food products to employees’ demeanor must be authentic.

What makes Sweetgreen to stand out from its competitors is its musical solution, Sweetlife. Every year, a festival known as Sweetlife takes place to celebrate the good local food and music. The festival is a means of uniting food and music lovers with local chefs and musicians. Since its debut in the entertainment sector four years ago, Sweetlife grew to be a music and food experience targeting everyone.

About Nathaniel Ru

Before Sweetgreen came into existence, Nathaniel Ru was a Georgetown University student majoring in finance. His life changed for good after he met with Jonathan Neman and Nicholas Jammet. The three schoolmates attended an entrepreneurship class together and had the vision to transform the food service sector in Georgetown. Today, they serve as co-CEOs of Sweetgreen, which boasts a large client-base nationwide.

Casio Audi and his Early Music Career

Recently, before packing efforts into the music career, Casio Audi gets affiliated with a career which he pursued in the finance industry. However, before going too deep into the business world, Casio Audi co-finds a rock band by the name Viper. Together with other associates like Andre Machado, Felipe Machado, Pit Passarel, and Yves Passarel, they started singing in 1985. In the band, Casio played the drums until 1989 when he left the band to pursue his business career. The group found its inspiration from another British band which was called Maiden.

Casio’s Expertise with the Drums

Casio had a great mastery of playing drums, and he used the skills to inspire the release of the first album by the name The Killer Sword. However, the track was released in their album, and some adjustments were made to make it even more perfect. With Casio as the drummer, the band released its very first album in 1987; the album was called Soldiers of Sunrise. After the release of the first album, the fans and critics remained adamant that the band needed some urgent refinement so that it could produce better music.

The Album Rating

The Soldiers of Sunrise received a four-star rating by the Allmusic. Since the original release of the album, there have been several other releases of the same work by the Viper Band. Theatre of fate is the second album which was released by the group after Casio left in 1989. Theatre of fate accomplished a lot of success as the group worked extra hard to impress music fans who expected more from them.

After Audi left the music career, he joined University and later graduated with a bachelor of business administration. Later on, Casio Audi enrolled in the University of Sao Paulo where he received An MBA in Finance. Currently, Casio has acquired rich skills in Finance Management Industry.

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First Equities Holdings Wiki

The company was purchased Ablish the year 2002 the other 2000 this year graduated from college if you need her for that and he thought it be a great idea to open his own financial institution I was able to help people all around the world with you tomorrow with the financial related problems. What did the company wanted to be a one stop shop for all financial related issues I wanted to be able to help people but also give recommendations so won’t be able to recommend a stocks of people but also give those people a loan for those socks if you want able to buy am a deck of this current time. The company was all about helping big businesses as well as individual earn money to make their economic goals. Since his organs the company is open business everywhere including the United States and even in China.

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Bob Reina: The Man With The Golden Heart

Bob Reina is the man with the golden heart and most likely, even just hearing that makes him uncomfortable. He is not one for praise or one for the spotlight. He likes to do nice things because it is in his makeup as a human being. It is how he was raised and it is how he operates daily. As a matter of fact, chances are if someone asked him about what he is doing, he would say he is doing what anyone with great power should do. Bob Reina is the perfect example of someone using their power and their status for something positive and something good. He is not using it to get more money, buy more boats, or go on crazy trips.


Bob Reina used it to donate over one million dollars to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. As an animal lover, this is something that means a great deal to him and truly matters. In his house, there are tons of animals all over the place. It is how Bob Reina likes it. He knows the kind of love that animals give, which is unconditional, and he wants to make sure as many of them are alive and happy as possible. If he could take in even more animals, he would. Knowing Bob Reina, he probably will sneak in a few more along the way.


When Bob Reina is not donating money to The Tampa Bay Humane Society, he is running Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a company he built in 2007, and now they are what people are using for video emails and video chats to name a few. Some people use it for business and others for pleasure. Bob Reina has also stated that his work is not done, and he is on the lookout for the next big thing with his company and the product. He is always thriving to make it better and more advanced along the way.


He wants the best for the company and he wants the best for his clients that use it to enrich their lives and make them better. He is proud of every single one of them. Learn more:



Agora Financial Company has existed since 1979. They have been known to have the best market ideas, which has helped build and grow their brand. According to them and their strategy, financial media has remained on top of their game. News gets to reach the readers of their publications way before, and they have a great way of creating awareness.

Agora Financial have never had to leave or keep their readers in suspense. They can well formulate rumor before it has spread, and no information is wrong when the truth comes out. Some of the information that the company’s readers have been kept aware of include the tech bubble, the underlying panic of 2008, the credit bubble, the housing bubble and the collapse of the Lehman Bros.

The Agora is Agora Financials parent company. Ever since its being brought to being, it has grown from just one small company. As it is today, they operate in dozens of buildings and have had several mansions being converted into office spaces. Their headquarters are at 808 St. Paul. St. Other than publication, Agora Financial has also contributed in philanthropy.

Their headquarter in 808 was used for the aged and those suffering from infirmities. They even went ahead to increase the size of the buildings and have more rooms to cater for more people with these conditions. Unfortunately, the building got destroyed through a fire and had to undergo rigorous innovations. To know about Agora Financial click here.

During the renovations, the company decided to have the building as it was originally. Agora Financial went back to what they did best, and that’s financial media publication. Agora Financial challenges other companies who have to go through long processes to have news come out. They remain the most competitive in media publication due to their speed and accuracy of information. They have the best editors who ensure the messages are well outlined before release.

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The Phenomenon United States Health Advisors

The United States Healthcare is one that is not affordable easily by every individual.The act has been showcased on every platform to popularize it. The healthcare was introduced after president Obama introduced the Obamacare. Majority of the population did not have any idea about the act. The Obamacare was being mishandled thus the healthcare was introduced to counter it.

Insurance companies had taken greatadvantage of the people before the healthcare was introduced. The healthcare came up with products which were new to the market so that the population could benefit from it. The main aim of the healthcare was to protect the population from oppression. The individuals used to pay a lot of many for their medical cover.

The Obamacare included individuals paying for abortions through the ACA plans which they had to comply with them. The United States health benefit offers a lot of benefits to its population. The health benefit involves citizens paying little money which can be accessed in situations when individuals have been injured or they become sick.

The healthcare’s staff have benefited since a discount is given to them. Doctors working with the healthcare get a good discount from those who work outside the network. The individuals working outside the network get a slightly lower discount than those in the network. The healthcare has gradually changed ideas in many hospitals in the United States.

The amount indicated on the price sheets when individuals visit the hospital resembles what the health facility pays for the individual. Most of the individuals have ended up being paid for their services by the healthcare because the amount they have used is little.Some individuals have had the chance of their money being returned to them since what they have paid is higher compared to the amount in the healthcare act.

The healthcare has been of good use to the customers since the hospital outlines what the customers will pay and the amount it will pay.Individuals who have signed up for the lowest cost- benefit but after three months in the event, something has occurred within that period. They are eventually upgraded to the higher cost meaning the healthcare increase the amount to pay for the individual in context. Read more on USHealth: