Adam Milstein Says Passion, Pride And Courage Define Jewish People

Adam Milstein often talks about how the history of the Jewish people is important for everyone to learn, and how the virtues shown by heroes of the past are still applicable today. There are many characteristics that have been defined by Jews over the years, but in his recent article at the Times of Israel blog, Milstein says the pride and courage of Jews have been shining the brightest. Pride is defined by Israeli-Americans and Jews supporting Israel to the fullest and placing their identity in the nation. Courage has become important with antisemitism manifesting itself in many places, but with young Jews proclaiming their heritage and stating they’re proud to be a part of it. Milstein also believes Jews have the ability to think outside the box and get things done that advance the cause of Judaism.

Adam Milstein has influenced many with his philosophies on Israel’s welfare as an author at the HuffPost, the Jerusalem Post, the JTA and Times of Israel. He grew up in Haifa, Israel and has both military and business experience having fought in the Yom Kippur War and graduated from the Technion. His career has been largely in real estate both on construction sites in Haifa where he and his father worked framing buildings, and later as the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties in California. But he values philanthropy most of all and he and his wife Gila have taken the stance of active philanthropy as part of the Milstein Family Foundation.

Part of the mission of Adam Milstein in philanthropy has been to change the narrative of Israeli-Americans being outcasts and having an important role to strengthen the Jewish community of America. People that he and Gila meet with include Jewish religious leaders, college professors, campus activist leaders, charity organizations and even political donors like Sheldon Adelson. One of the main organizations that have advocated on behalf of Jewish America on a large scale is the Israeli-American Council where Adam Milstein serves as Chairman and President, and underneath this organization has been StandWithUS which has hosted a video competition on being inspired by Israel. Milstein is also the founder of a family Hebrew learning course known as Sifriyat Pijama B’America.

Talk Fusion and its Plan for the Future

Often, it has been said that creativity is the key to the invention or in other words growth. Talk Fusion is among the few firms in the marketing sector that understand the basics when it comes to being creative. Therefore, over and over again, Talk Fusion has continued to release strings of new products. Every release ensures that the company remains posted to trends hence prevailing relevance to today users.


Not long ago, the company introduced a new product dashboard to its Video Suite. The new dashboard design is one of the many improvements that the company promises to announce in the coming days. The new dashboard is simple, yet it holds all the needed menus while maintaining the beauty that users find attractive. According to Bob Reina, the company’s CEO, the new dashboard is a platform supposed to support the upcoming improvements for the sake of the future.


When it comes to business, Talk Fusion holds the key to the market. In the video communications sector, Talk Fusion has managed to lead in the game. Often, Talk Fusion has beaten off its competitors from the industry due to its consistency in releasing new products. Additionally, most of their products come at a reasonable price that wins the hearts of thousands of clients.


Frequently, Bob Reina says that his company is focused to introduce new products one after the other. In a statement released a while ago, the successful CEO made it clear that he must remove all the obstructions in communications right now hence improving human communication. Together with his team, Bob is spending sleepless nights to initiate ideas meant to improve how people connect with each other thus a better tomorrow.


Today, Talk Fusion has made it possible for an entrepreneur to send thousands of emails at a click. Also, making of videos has been made efficient as one can make videos of up to five minutes then store them on the company’s website for future use.


About Talk Fusion

Today, Talk Fusion is ranked as a top provider of Video Suite. In business, professionals often say that remaining unique is the key to achieving higher heights and Talk Fusion is one of the few who knows how to create a unique state. Talk Fusion has helped thousands of companies stand out from the competition, hence increasing income while maintaining the customer base.


Today, Talk Fusion boasts of setting foot in more than 140 countries via Independent Associates who facilitate the marketing of their innovative products. Talk Fusion was launched 11 years ago by Bob Reina who also acts as the chief operating officer. Learn more:

Michael Lacey Signifies Over 30 Years Of Mathematical Excellence and Leadership

Since graduating with his Ph D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987 under the direction of Walter Philipp, American mathematician Michael Thoreau Lacey has gone on to many great achievements in the field of mathematics, not only in studies but as a mentor, professor and teacher of many students as well.

Over the years his work has covered mathematical areas such as ergodic theory, harmonic analysis and probability. He began his journey with a thesis in the area of probability in Banach spaces solving a problem related to the law of iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions.

He went on to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Louisiana State University for his first postdoctoral capacity. While at the University of NC at Chapel Hill, Lacey again teamed up with Walter Philipp and they provided proof of the almost sure central limit theorem together.

Lacey went on to accept a position at Indiana University that he held from 1989 to 1996. Highlights of that tenure included being awarded a fellowship from the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship which lead Lacey to the study of the bilinear Hilbert transform which at that time was the topic of a conjecture by Alberto Calderon.

Lacey with fellow mathematician Christoph Thiele solved the conjecture in 1996 and they were both awarded the Salem Prize for their accomplishment.

These days you can find Michael Lacey in Atlanta as a member of the Georgia Tech faculty where he has been since 1996. Over the past 20 plus years he has had many major accomplishments in addition to being a well respected leader and mentor in the mathematics field.

Some of his accomplishments and awards for his outstanding research include a fellowship from the Guggenheim Fellowship with colleague Xiaochun Li in 2004 and the Simons Foundations.

In 2012 he was accepted into the American Mathematical Society as a fellow.

Lacey’s accomplishments do not stop with his own research and contributions to the mathematical field of study. He has been the director of many training grants which have contributed the support of many postdocs, grad students and undergrads alike.

Today at Georgia Tech you will find him mentoring postdocs as well as advising undergraduates who, if they are anything like past students he has mentored, will move on to leading graduate programs and then become Phds. themselves as well as leaders within the industry.

Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Matthew Autterson and A Track Record of His Business Success and Responsibilities

It’s an incontrovertible fact that businesses come and go, and there are only a few winners in the game. The silent evidence of history would tell us that the cemetery of business losers is so vast that it’s hard to imagine putting one’s own complete life savings in the business. Fortunately, Matthew Autterson is one of the few winners that have withstood the challenges and risks of running a business. Let’s learn more about him in the article below.


The Finance Background

What stands out in the career of Mr. Autterson is the fact that he’s already almost immune to the failures of running a business. He graduated from the Michigan State University in Finance. He’s proven to himself first and foremost that the fact that he graduated in Michigan State University is an excellent reason to say that he has the educational foundation to lead a team.

It must also be noted that Mr. Autterson got a University of Denver Graduate Tax Program degree. His leadership skills are impressive enough that he was made part of First Trust Corporation, and when he left the team in 1982, he has proven himself a name that he’s one of the most competent and passionate in the line of business. His skills are so impressive, too, that he was also given a chance to work for Broad Inc., which subsequently had become the renowned SunAmerica, Inc. Click Here to learn more.


The Current Leadership

Right now, we also know of Matthew Autterson as the leading Board Member and CEO of CNS Bioscience, Inc. His new role as the company’s CEO means that he’s the leading innovator, technologist, and leader of the company’s operations. It’s also the main duty of Matthew Autterson to make sure that the operations of Falci Adaptive Biosystems run smoothly.

It also means that he has a responsibility as a business leader in Colorado’s business industry. He also represents a lot of what Colorado’s business industry can offer, and with the powerful and efficient leadership of Matthew Autterson, there will be more growth and new fantastic positive changes in the CNS Bioscience company that he leads.


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The Business Building Successes of the Incredible Medical Professional, Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is an incredible licensed medical professional and surgical doctor who also possesses an incredible entrepreneurship skill as well. Not only has he built his medical career to a great height but managed to build up a real estate development business as well, a business that has led to a yearly worth of $5 million annually. Dr. Mark McKenna is a genius when it comes to building businesses.


After graduating Tulsa University Medical School, Dr. Mark McKenna would join his father’s medical practice in New Orleans. Dr. Mark McKenna’s parents were both entrepreneurs themselves – his dad, ran his own medical practice and his mom, owned a publishing company. He would work for his dad for 5 years, but while in all, the two would start a real estate development firm titled, ‘McKenna Venture Investments’. The business would thrive and would expand to two other companies, ‘Universal Mortgage Lending’ and ‘Uptown Title, Inc. The business would grow to a worth of $5 million a year and employ 50+.


Heart-break would strike in 2005 when most of the real estate business gets destroyed on the account of Hurricane Katrina. As a result, the business would accumulate zero cash-flow. Dr. Mark McKenna and his father would attempt to rebuild the business, it had minor successes, but the business wouldn’t be very lucrative, so it was sold for $700,000.


Dr. Mark McKenna would leave New Orleans and reside in Atlanta, Ga. He wouldn’t let the disaster of New Orleans get the best of his care, so he picked up his spirits and started a new business, ShapeMed. The ShapeMed business would provide Atlanta with weight loss and non-surgical aesthetic solutions that the community would absolutely love. The business would grow to $4 million in revenue a year.


Dr. McKenna would sell the business to Life Time Fitness Inc. and even work for the acquirer as their National Medical Director of Life. A year later, the doctor would start his own Atlanta-based company, UVME.


Since 2016, the UVME business has been in existence, providing innovative aesthetic procedures and products from a team of certified goal-oriented caregiving professionals with a positive spirit towards making people look and feel better. Aesthetic solutions that are offered through UVME are, but not limited to: skin care, vascular lesion removals, lab testing, body sculpting, botox and chemical peels. See Related Link to learn more.


Dr. McKenna has been a great business building genius throughout his career and it is only a matter of time when UVME will be as successful or an even a greater achievement.


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Michael Burwell: Bringing Change To The Workplace

In the world of finance, those who lead major companies must bring with them a variety of skills and abilities. Along with having the specialized financial knowledge, they need to possess insight into how to deal with a wide variety of employees and clients, as well as how to bring a sense of change to an organization when necessary. This perfectly describes Michael Burwell, who as the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson has been credited not only for leading the company to unprecedented success, but also for helping change the company’s culture along the way.


Having spent well over three decades at the prestigious financial firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Michael Burwell spent much of his time working in the area of assurance practice and auditing. In this position, he oversaw numerous internal functions of the company, enabling him to gain the knowledge and experience he would later need when he took over Willis Towers Watson. A big believer that change is needed on a regular basis in order for a company to stay competitive in the marketplace, Michael set out to examine each and every aspect of Willis Towers Watson to determine what areas needed improvement. Using the knowledge gained throughout his highly successful financial career, Michael turned his attention to the areas of technology and global strategic planning.


As a result of his research, Michael embarked on a journey whose aim was to not only upgrade the company’s technology in numerous areas, but also take a different approach to how the company handled global strategic planning. Choosing to implement a system that involved having people from more areas of the company take an active role in devising these strategies, Michael led the company into heights of success never thought possible. By using the knowledge and experience of more people within the company, he was able to help the company bypass its competitors and gain much new business, leading to increased revenues. Read This Article for more information.


By always looking for ways to improve situations, Michael Burwell is able to take a situation that others have had little luck changing and find new levels of success. From helping people learn to devise new global planning strategies to investing in the latest technology, there is little doubt Michael Burwell knows what it takes to help a company succeed. In the years to come, he will undoubtedly continue to use his knowledge and experience to create success.


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Michael Burwell and His New Exciting Position at Willis Towers Watson

The world of business is replete with challenges, risks and tasks that may not be for every type of personality. In the case of Michael “Mike” Burwell, he is confident that no matter the business challenge, he is able to face it with grace and unsurpassed equanimity. His candor is also probably the reason why he’s right now the new Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW).


The CFO With Stellar Leadership


One prominent trait of Michael Burwell is the fact that he’s able to espouse the big ideas that he has into reality. The fact that Willist Towers Watson is a leading global consultancy and solutions company in finance makes it even more challenging for Mr. Burwell to accept the job. In addition, he is also replacing Roger Millay, the CFO who is now voluntarily retiring, which is a tough spot to top, but because of the 31 years of finance background that Mr. Burwell has, he sees the new position more of a challenge instead of a hurdle.


The PwC Positions


You probably remember Mr. Michael Burwell’s role in the PwC, which he has served for over his senior years, and because of such training in senior leadership, he’s able to gather the energy and confidence to make sure that he can do the same excellent performance in the new company that he’s in. It is also necessary to point out here that there are already a lot of job positions and titles under the name of Mr. Burwell. Some of them include being the Head of Global Transformation, Head of Transaction Services in the United States and as well as the Chief Operating Officer of PwC in the United States.


You must also learn that Mr. Burwell has already gained about 12 years of audit experience from working for various companies, as well as 12 years of Transaction Services and advisory experience for different clients. With his pre-merger knowledge and valuation, it is easy to expect more from him.


The Comment of CEO of Willis Towers


Many people are excited with the new position that Mike Burwell earned, but one of the most important people that should be excited about the position is John Haley, the CEO of Willis Towers. In an official statement from the Globe News Wire, Mr. John evinced his excitement by saying that he’s thrilled by Mike to have joined the team and to have been part of the company’s evolution.  See Related Link to learn more.

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The Builder of Bridges – Ambassador Daniel Taub

Politics can create for a sterile environment that leave little room for faith, however, Daniel Taub put his best foot forward when meeting the Queen by donning his polished ensemble, topped with his kippah.

As former ambassador, Daniel Taub was required to give up his British citizenship for his role in Israel, however, it did not dampen his faith in the British people. Daniel Taub worked tirelessly to help bridge relations between Israel and Britain, as well as the whole of Europe.

His presentation of faith as an Orthodox Jew did not limit his opportunities to make connections with organizations and world leaders, rather, Daniel Taub feels that his keeping kosher actually helped to open the doors for tolerance and understanding. This was shown in the improved relations of Israel with Middle Eastern areas such as Jordan and Egypt, despite the current turmoil. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Daniel Taub strove to improve the representation and public appearances of the Jewish community, especially in the Middle East. In the effort to quash antisemitism, Taub was pleased when Egyptian TV aired a show during Ramadan that gave a more positive image of Jews through an actress playing the role of an Egyptian Jew who leaves Israel to lead a life in France.

The story was human and relateable, unlike the negative stereotypes Jews had been cast in Egyptian TV in the past. A great step forward for Israel and Jews across the world.

Despite Daniel Taub’s strong faith, he is firm that his role as former ambassador for Israel came first, and that building community bridges was, and still is, his top priority. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

This standard was also held by Taub at the individual level, in that he and his wife would often visit the homes of Jewish families and learn about their local contributions to the community and to Israel. Daniel Taub was honored and overjoyed to meet so many unique and giving people who were helping to spread the generosity and joy of community engagement.

The work of an ambassador is a short-lived experience, one that Daniel Taub was aware of. The work was demanding, but truly rewarding. He is grateful for the positive impact he has left in the hearts of Israel.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Give People New Chances

There are many times when minorities just don’t have a chance to live their lives in the way they deserve to. They are subject to cruel things and that can be hard for them even if they are normal in every other area.

Because Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know what it is like to be a minority, they know how they can help the minorities with the different opportunities they have. They also know there are things they will need to do if they’re going to be able to help them in every way possible. For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, this means they have to make sure they are doing everything right and they are doing things in a way that makes the most amount of sense to them.

As long as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are working together to help the minorities, they know they can do a lot of positive things. They also know they’ll be able to give people the chances they never had without their help.

Doing this allows them to make sure they are positive influences on other people. It is their way of giving the communities they work with just what they need to feel good about the things that are happening around them.

For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, this is how they are going to keep trying other things. It is also how they are going to be able to solve many different problems. For the men to do this, they have to make sure they’re offering the best options possible.

They also have to make sure people understand what they are doing so they don’t have to wait on the different things that are happening around them. It all goes back to the right way to do business and how it is going to continue helping people.

As long as there are other things for people to rely on, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know what they need to do. They aren’t afraid to give people the advice they need and they certainly aren’t afraid to make sure people are getting the positive help that will allow them to keep working toward more options in the future. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

It all goes back to the way they are doing things and the way they are going to keep having a positive time with others. The men know what they need to do and keep doing it with the Frontera Fund.

All of the things that have happened since they started the Frontera Fund are thanks to Joe Arpaio. While he is one of the biggest enemies of minorities, he actually helped them get the Frontera Fund.

By illegally arresting the men and making things harder on them, he had to pay them a lot of money. The money went directly toward the fund. Without it, it would have taken Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin years to get to where they are at with the options they have in their own business.

Matthew Autterson: A Business Leader and Philanthropic Cause Supporter With 25 Years’ Experience

Matthew Autterson has devoted much of his professional career to supporting philanthropic activities in leadership roles.


A member of the board of directors of The Denver Hospice for over 15 years, Matthew Autterson has also been on the board of the Web-Waring Foundation and has served 10 years on the Denver Zoo Board as the organization’s Vice Chairman, Finance.


Currently, he sits in a board management capacity for Falci Adaptive Biosystems, a public service organization committed to improving the interaction of individuals with neuromotor disabilities and their environment. Falci maintains partnerships with industry specialists and medical facilities, working to create novel adaptive systems, supporting patients’ rehabilitation.  See This Article for related information.


Autterson has more than 3 1/2 decades of experience in management roles within the financial industry. Beginning his career at Resources Trust Company in the early 1980’s, he was instrumental in the incorporation of the Colorado state-chartered startup. While a member of the management team at the financial services firm, he was actively involved in the acquisition of Resources Trust by AIG for $18 billion in 1998. Three years later, Fiserv acquired Resources Trust from AIG when the company maintained more than $20 billion in assets for its clients.


As a Managing Partner of privately owned GL3B, LLP, Autterson oversaw the investment of the LLP’s assets in real estate, securities and nonpublic businesses.


Presently, he sits as President and CEO of CNS Biosciences, Inc., a biotech company specializing in the early and clinical phases of pharmaceutical development pain management medications for disabilities involving neuropathic causes.


Matthew Autterson earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Michigan State University in 1979. He then completed the Graduate Tax Program of the University of Denver in 1981.


His interests include tennis, the Cherry Hills Country Club and Baja 1000, a 1300-mile off-road race that takes place in extremely rugged Mexican terrain. The Baja event in which Autterson participated made news in 2007 when the racers had to detour around a helicopter accident that resulted in two fatalities, one of those being an infamous member of the Central American drug cartel. The incident was without any adverse impact to the racers, who included Matthew and his daughter Madison.