Barbara Stokes — Making America Safe Again

Homes being built by Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes have an amazingly small environmental impact. Their environmental footprint is said to be smaller than the carbon footprint of 3 cars. The buildings are designed in such a way that their electricity and fuel consumption is drastically reduced. This comes at a time when we need more environmentally friendly construction. The safety and dependability of the homes has been maximized for optimum standards. The safety ratings are so great that they get high scores from the Underwriters Association. Read more at Business Insider.

The homes that Barbara Stokes and GSH have designed are built with safety first in mind. They were created to withstand damage from hurricanes so it is only natural that the homes can stand up to winds in excess of 120 miles per hour. The houses can also resist wildfire damage and in the case of internal fire the house will automatically suppress the flames. The buildings are constructed of steel so they are exceptionally strong and sturdy.

During the construction of each home, the workers inspect and observe every detail to ensure quality standards are met. GSH gives its workers an assortment of logistical services to follow to ensure the safety of future occupants. The company has served a diverse set of clients throughout the years. GSH and Barbara Stokes have built buildings for corporate citizens, universities, and government agencies. There have been major universities that have contracted GSH to build student dorms for their campus and the homes being built across the south were funded through FEMA grants. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

When Barbara Stokes acquired the FEMA grant to begin construction on her new homes in the south she took safety and the economy into consideration. The good of the American people were the first priorities on her mind. She has hired her top corporate leaders to oversee the construction project and she will ensure the job goes along smoothly. When Barbara Stokes was younger she attended Mercer University of Georgia. She majored in thermodynamics, manufacturing, and engineering. She has been employed by Boeing and Pisces; after working for other companies she was appointed CEO of Green Structure Homes. Her expertise in the fields of thermodynamics and engineering have come in handy when designing the hurricane proof homes for hurricane victims. She is building the homes of the future and she is making America safe again. Barbara Stokes is an American pioneer leading the way.


Talon Energy Opens First Oil Well in Mexican Waters in Eight Decades

Talos Energy, LLC in part of a joint venture with London-based Premier Energy PLC and Mexico’s Sierra Oil &Gas, Inc. is on the road to the opening of the first private company managed oil well in Mexican waters in more than 80 years. The well, labeled ZAMA-1 is located in the Sureste Basin, which is off the coast of the state of Tabasco. The well drilling began on May 21, and is the first well to be launched by an entity other than the state-run Petroleos Mexicanos, a monopoly which controls all of the oils and natural gas resources, and has since the Mexican government nationalized the industry in the spring of 1938 and read full article.

The new well is drilled into a field that is estimated to contain between 100M and 500M barrels of crude oil, and possibly more. The cost of the drilling exercise is approximately $16M and is being carried by Premier. The consortium of the three companies won the drilling and prospecting rights in a contest in 2015 after Mexico, in light of its ailing oil industry being declared to be in a tenuous position at best, opened up the possibility of private investment. The rights were awarded in the first round of bidding and Talos Energy’s lacrosse camp.

Talos Energy, which is a closely held private company, will be the operator of the well and holds a 35% stake in the venture. The remaining stake is held at 25% for premier who is the primary funder and European distributor of the product of the well, and Sierra holds 40%. The group knows that as the first well to be drilled in Mexican waters that is not owned and managed by PeMex in more than eight decades, they will be closely watched by industry observers. Investment group managers at several organizations have stated that the project has a high probability of overwhelming success. If it is so, then this might very well be a good model for future ventures along the same vein. This is a great opportunity for the three companies in the group as well as a chance for Mexico to once again be able to take advantage of its abundance of rich natural resources for the betterment of its people and what Talos Energy knows.

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When it Comes to Locomotive Manufacturing, National Steel Car is the Answer

A Canada based company named, National Steel Car is considered as one of the biggest train cars manufacturers in the country. The headquarters of the company is located in Hamilton Ontario. The company has been one of the top 3 locomotive manufacturers since the very beginning.


The company, National Steel Car started back in the year 1912, and it still is going strong. The main man behind this huge domination and success of this company is a man named, Gregory James Aziz. He is most commonly known as Greg Aziz. Mr. Gregory is currently serving as the CEO and the chairman of the company.


The giant company, National Steel Car has gone through a lot of changes throughout the years. It got famous very quickly as it impressed everyone in the locomotive industry. A lot of investors were impressed by the performance of the company in its early years. The demand in rolling stocks production got very high after the company was established. The company received the highest amount of order in the year 1913.


The Canadian Northern Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway were considered the largest clients of the company. These clients ordered the production of rolling stocks that were needed in the construction of the Trans Canadian Railway project. The company was going very good regarding business, but then it saw a decline after the Great Depression. The number of orders started to decline. The company was forced into manufacturing other products and not the rolling stocks.


The company started to get back in the business during the World War II days, and after that, they never went out of business. National Steel Car was acquired by a Canada based company named Dofasco in the year 1962. But they had to part ways when they came to know about the company’s decline in business.


Mr. Gregory Aziz took over National Steel Car in the year 1994. He was determined to take this company to the success heights once again. And this is exactly what Mr. Gregory did. He had a very positive influence on the company, and it started to perform efficiently again.


The company gave jobs to more than 2000 people. The production rate of the company was increasing every day. They were able to manufacture more than 12,000 train cars every year. Before, their production capacity was only 3,500 train cars per year.


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The Story of Gregory James Aziz, an Investor and a Philanthropist

Gregory James Aziz, or simply known as Greg, holds the position of the Chief Executive Officer of National Industries, Inc. he is also the President and the Chairman of National Steel Car Limited, which is among the leading railroad freight car manufacturing companies in the world. The National Steel Car is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory J Aziz is a native of London, Ontario, where he was born on April 30, 1949. He went to Ridley College before proceeding to University of Western Ontario from where he majored in economics.


James Aziz first ventured into business in 1971 when he joined Affiliated Foods, a wholesale family business dealing in foods. In a period of 16 years, this company grew so that it became a major fresh foods importer from all over the world mainly from Central and South America and Europe. It also managed to conquer a wider market over the 16-year period where it became a major distributor of fresh foods to various wholesale markets in different parts of the United States and Eastern Canada.


Spending most of his time in New York from late 1980s to early 1990s, Greg Aziz worked on various investment banking opportunities. In 1994, he successfully negotiated and purchased the National Steel Car formerly owned by Dofasco. After purchasing it, he set out to transform this great Canadian company into the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in the whole of North America. Go to This Page.


The company managed to expand its manufacturing capability to 12,000 cars from 3,500 cars between 1994 and 1999. The growth was made possible by the emphasis on team-building, the company’s strong engineering capabilities and substantial human and capital investment. In less than a decade from when National Steel Car was purchased by Gregory J Aziz, employment grew five-fold from about 600 to nearly 3,000.


National Steel Car and Greg are involved in a myriad of charitable activities. The company is committed to helping the members of Hamilton community where it sponsors the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way just to name a few. The employees of this company, both the past and the present, are always treated to a Christmas Party yearly and they also take part in the major food drive for the local food banks which is organized by the National Steel Car. Together with his wife Irene Greg Aziz sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is the most popular agricultural fair in Canada.


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National Steel Car’s Greg James Aziz Builds The Historic Company Into A Major Success

 Gregory James Aziz is perhaps one of the most successful business people in North America after proving himself an expert capable of transcending a single industrial sector to achieve success in many different areas of industry across a career taking in more than four decades. Greg J Aziz has reached international business success as the Chair, President, and CEO of the National Steel Car brand, but the man born in London, Ontario had already achieved much in a career that took him to some of the world’s leading financial institutions and North America’s largest fresh food importer.


The National Steel Car brand was created in 1912 as the Imperial Steel Car brand and achieved great success at the height of the expansion of the railways across North America in the early days of the 20th-century; by 2004, the National Steel Car brand was in need of assistance after it had fallen to the level of having just under 600 employees and produced only 3,000 freight cars each year. After buying the National Steel Car brand, Gregory J Aziz made sure the history of the brand was honored as he sought to develop new products and technologies that exceed government based standards in North America and ensure the customers of the company are more than happy with their new freight cars when delivered.


Among the ways Greg Aziz ensures the history of the National Steel Car brand is honored as he leads the company into one of its most profitable periods in its lifespan is by involving former members of the company in its annual events. Each year the National Steel Car Holidays Party is attended by its current roster of more than 3,000 employees currently working for the company who are joined by former employees who are honored for their work at these events.

The local community of Ontario, Canada have benefitted to a great extent from the recent success of the National Steel Car brand and Greg James Aziz who have become major sponsors of a number of community events in the region. National Steel Car invites current and former employees to take part in its annual food drives to benefit local food banks providing assistance for the less fortunate in the community.


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Gregory Aziz Transformative Effect on National Steel Car

Located in Hamilton Ontario, National Steel Car is one of the leading railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering companies in the world. Gregory James Aziz sits at the helm of this mega company, serving as the president, chairman, and chief executive officer. The 68-year-old was born in Ontario in April of 1949 and went on graduate from the Ridley College before pursuing a degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario. Gregory J Aziz went to join Affiliated Foods, his family’s wholesale food business in 1971where he gained invaluable management experience which he has used in to grow his career to this very day.


Greg James Aziz would leave Affiliated Foods several years later to pursue a career in investment banking, pursuing several opportunities in the field in New York between the late 1980s and the early 1990s. In 1994, he would go on to organize and actualize the buying of National Steel Car from Dofasco. The inspiration behind this major purchase was a great desire to transform the former Canadian giant into a leading freight car manufacturer in the North American market. James Aziz was quick to take advantage of the company’s team building and engineering capacity and to combine this with extensive human and capital investments to increase its manufacturing capability from just 3,500 freight cars per year to 12,000 vehicles by 1999, over four times over. The employment rate in the company also grew five times over from just 600 employees at the date of purchase to 3,000 by 1999. Read More.


Thanks to the impeccable management and leadership skills of Greg Aziz and the company’s tireless pursuit of manufacturing and engineering excellence. National Steel Car has become a world leader in freight car manufacturing and engineering and has been involved in the production of many thousands of new railroad freight cars every year since it was purchased from Dofasco. It is currently the only certified ISO 9001:2008 transportation manufacturing company in the entire North American region, an honor it has held consistently over the past 18 years through regular recertification. It has also always been honored with the TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996 to this very date. Under the able leadership of Greg Aziz, National Steel Car has been involved in several corporate social responsibility programs in the Hamilton community such as sponsoring the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera and many other charities within the community.







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A Brief History of Fabulous Funding for Just Fab

JustFab, a membership site has a unique history, and the funding is just as unique. This e-commerce giant, founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler is nothing less than a phenomenon in the fashion industry. This global membership company is just what the fashionista ordered, but the small beginnings grew into something much bigger with the right fundraising. Starting in 2011, when Ressler and Goldenberg were working with Matrix Partners, more than $33 million had been raised, and that’s a pretty figure. Those two were the investors, and they were confident enough to put their own funds behind it. That speaks volumes about their passion and drive to see the company succeed.


In July 2012, Rho Capital Partners, with four investors involved gave more than $75 million to the entrepreneurs, and soon more changes were made to the company as well as the vision and long-term mission. This large sum of money would allow them to not only re-brand, but to build upon numerous brands in an attempt to broaden their horizons. They could offer more than just women’s apparel, and the consideration was made for a brand that would be for children as well as other options for men too.


Later in 2013 more funds were given, all from Shining Capital. There were two occasions in which money was raised, totaling a large sum of money. With more than $54 million raised with this company, the two partners were well on their way to making big changes in the e-commerce world as well as fashion.


The company was noted for financing debt in 2014, and while not unusual, it was a time of reconsideration for Ressler and his partner. They were considering what else they could do in order to be top-notch, providing the best in products and customer service. The VIP membership would be the ultimate tool to seal the deal on customer loyalty, and it would ensure that they had a massive following as well.


Passport Capital gave $85 million to the group in 2014, and since that time the company has continued to excel at what they do best. They have made the change to all-inclusive brands in order to reflect the companies core values. Ressler and Goldenberg are both thrilled with the change. They believe that allowing all women to feel beautiful is important, and with that in mind, TechStyle has turned e-commerce on its head and is getting consumers attention around the world.

Rick Smith has accelerated SECURUS Technology’s success within few year as the company’s CEO

Rick Smith has been serving SECURUS Technology since the year 2008 as the CEO after his appointment which was announced by Richard Falcone. He was considered for this position based on his previous experiences and educational background. His knowledge, skills, and experiences combined with his undying focus have helped him to contribute greatly to the success of SECURUS Technologies by making it the leading company in the provision of correction products and services. Before he started working in this company, he had served other companies in different departments such as finance, information technology, operations, telecommunications and business development among others. This experience gave him a rich and unique skill set making him a great leader.

SECURUS Technology is located in Dallas Texas providing an array of products and services to the corrections industry. They serve over one million inmates and more than 2,600 corrections, public safety agencies and other law enforcement agencies across North America. Under the control of Rick Smith, the company has continued to fulfill their vision to provide the entire corrections community with advanced technology through their services. These services include incident management, communications, biometric analysis, emergency response, investigation, monitoring, public information and inmate self-service. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Rick Smith graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with an associate’s degree; later he graduated from the State University of New York with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in engineering from the same university. Rick also acquired an MBA from the University of Rochester. This is evidence that he has a firm education background which complements his skills and experiences so as to carry out his work at SECURUS diligently. He began his career at Global Crossing North America Inc. as a Chief Information Officer in the year 1972. He also worked in Eschelon Telecom Inc. as a Chief Financial Officer since 1998 to 2000 when he was appointed the CEO of the company. Rick was able to accelerate the company’s revenue to an amount of $350 million from $30 million during his tenure, and by the year 2005, he led the company to an excellent IPO.

After Rick had left Eschelon Telecom Inc. in the year 2007, Rick Smith joined SECURUS Technologies with the same spirit and focus of accelerating the company’s success. The company’s main competitor in the corrections industry was Global Tel Link, and because Rick Smith Securus had a wider range of products and services, it was able to stay at the top of the competition. Other strengths of the company were featured in their domestic call center which was handled by their competent staff team. The company also happens to have the biggest VOIP Correction calling platform in the world and all these strengths makes it better than its competitors by over 600 percent. Rick led company towards investing more than $600 in technologies, patents, and acquisitions between the year 2013 and year 2016. Read more articles at

Get the Best in Cancer Research with JeanMarie Guenot


JeanMarie Guenot is a prosperous woman who has used her medical experience to help so many people. She is well known in the building and rebuilding of health facilities. 20 years is the umber of years she has been in the medical business, therefore she is an accomplished doctor who deserves her title. She achieved a Ph.D from the University of California and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania in the Wharton School. Her specific fields in the medical industry are pharmaceutical ad biotechnology.


SKS Ocular and SKS Ocular 1 are one of the first organizations she began managing. These companies were in charge of distributing medicine initiatives, incessant release ocular medicine and dry AMD. She had the role of vice president at PDL BioPhama where she handled corporate and business growth. After sometime JeanMarie Guenot was the company advisor of Hoffmann-La Roche and Shanghai in Basel. She handled the Biogen Idec, it had 3 areas of Phase 2 Cancer and autoimmune illness patients.

The 10 Hottest Bay Area Biotech Startups

In 2005, she attained an award in Bio Business Network Initiative due to her excellent work. In a nutshell, she was also a businesswoman. She participated in the PDL’s manufacturing and profitable trades. Furthermore, Guenot was a member of the administrative Committee of PDL and also an associate at the executive Team. Among other fields of diseases where she contributes in eradicating are; autoimmune diseases, neurology and oncology.


Currently JeanMarie Guenot and her associates lead Amphivena Therapeutics. This firm is located in San Francisco in California. The company was started with the aim of eradicating different forms of blood cancers, cancer is a killer disease, and the firm hopes to abolish it and handing a normal life to people suffering from it. In order of abolishing the cancer cells, the company has particular modified therapy that brings together the immune system of the patients.


The firm hopes that it will achieve more in this therapy and apparently they have created an antibody treatment that will help in detecting cancer symptoms and signs. The organization has also received help and medical support from different medical professionals in various facilities in the aim of abolishing cancer cells.  Read more about Amphivena’s latest partnership on Takeda’s website:


The Capital Group Provides Expert Investment Advice

The way that people make investments and research investments has changed dramatically over the past few decades. One of the main reasons why investments have changed regarding how people approach and handle investing is because of technology. The use of technology has become a core aspect of the investment industry.

Before technology became a common part of the investment industry, almost all people interested in making investments had to get help from an investment company at least to some degree. However, technology innovations over the past few decades have allowed people to make investments and acquire investment information without the direct assistance of an investment company.

The way that people are able to handle some aspects of investing on their own is through technology such as the Internet. With the use of the Internet, people are able to utilize online resources such as investment websites and other investment related online resources. These resources allow people to do a wide range of investment related tasks that once required the assistance of an investment company.

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While people can do a variety of things related to investments on their own with the use of technology, it is still good for people to get investment advice and assistance from a good investment company. One of the investment companies that has an outstanding reputation in the investment industry is Capital Group.

Tim Armour is the current chairman of the Capital Group. Tim Armour brings over 30 years of investment industry experience to his role as chairman. With the vast experience and knowledge that Tim Armour has acquired over the years, he provides Capital Group with a high level of executive leadership.

Tim Armour was chosen as the current chairman of Capital Group after the passing of the former chairman Jim Rotherberg. Before his passing, there was a succession plan made in the event of the passing of Jim Rotherberg. As the newly selected chairman, Tim Armour has demonstrated his leadership capabilities over many years of working at Capital Group in other executive positions.