Get the Best in Cancer Research with JeanMarie Guenot


JeanMarie Guenot is a prosperous woman who has used her medical experience to help so many people. She is well known in the building and rebuilding of health facilities. 20 years is the umber of years she has been in the medical business, therefore she is an accomplished doctor who deserves her title. She achieved a Ph.D from the University of California and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania in the Wharton School. Her specific fields in the medical industry are pharmaceutical ad biotechnology.


SKS Ocular and SKS Ocular 1 are one of the first organizations she began managing. These companies were in charge of distributing medicine initiatives, incessant release ocular medicine and dry AMD. She had the role of vice president at PDL BioPhama where she handled corporate and business growth. After sometime JeanMarie Guenot was the company advisor of Hoffmann-La Roche and Shanghai in Basel. She handled the Biogen Idec, it had 3 areas of Phase 2 Cancer and autoimmune illness patients.

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In 2005, she attained an award in Bio Business Network Initiative due to her excellent work. In a nutshell, she was also a businesswoman. She participated in the PDL’s manufacturing and profitable trades. Furthermore, Guenot was a member of the administrative Committee of PDL and also an associate at the executive Team. Among other fields of diseases where she contributes in eradicating are; autoimmune diseases, neurology and oncology.


Currently JeanMarie Guenot and her associates lead Amphivena Therapeutics. This firm is located in San Francisco in California. The company was started with the aim of eradicating different forms of blood cancers, cancer is a killer disease, and the firm hopes to abolish it and handing a normal life to people suffering from it. In order of abolishing the cancer cells, the company has particular modified therapy that brings together the immune system of the patients.


The firm hopes that it will achieve more in this therapy and apparently they have created an antibody treatment that will help in detecting cancer symptoms and signs. The organization has also received help and medical support from different medical professionals in various facilities in the aim of abolishing cancer cells.  Read more about Amphivena’s latest partnership on Takeda’s website:


The Capital Group Provides Expert Investment Advice

The way that people make investments and research investments has changed dramatically over the past few decades. One of the main reasons why investments have changed regarding how people approach and handle investing is because of technology. The use of technology has become a core aspect of the investment industry.

Before technology became a common part of the investment industry, almost all people interested in making investments had to get help from an investment company at least to some degree. However, technology innovations over the past few decades have allowed people to make investments and acquire investment information without the direct assistance of an investment company.

The way that people are able to handle some aspects of investing on their own is through technology such as the Internet. With the use of the Internet, people are able to utilize online resources such as investment websites and other investment related online resources. These resources allow people to do a wide range of investment related tasks that once required the assistance of an investment company.

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While people can do a variety of things related to investments on their own with the use of technology, it is still good for people to get investment advice and assistance from a good investment company. One of the investment companies that has an outstanding reputation in the investment industry is Capital Group.

Tim Armour is the current chairman of the Capital Group. Tim Armour brings over 30 years of investment industry experience to his role as chairman. With the vast experience and knowledge that Tim Armour has acquired over the years, he provides Capital Group with a high level of executive leadership.

Tim Armour was chosen as the current chairman of Capital Group after the passing of the former chairman Jim Rotherberg. Before his passing, there was a succession plan made in the event of the passing of Jim Rotherberg. As the newly selected chairman, Tim Armour has demonstrated his leadership capabilities over many years of working at Capital Group in other executive positions.

Stephen Rotella – A Versatile and Benevolent Business Expert

Stephen Rotella is a momentous individual of the American corporate world. He possesses an intense number of skills and experiences ranging in risk management, capital markets, executive management, banking, credit, portfolio management, investments, executive management, mergers and acquisitions, financial services and strategic planning. Additionally, Rotella also possesses basic knowledge in asset management, corporate development, mortgage advancing, insurance, financial modelling, equities, general management, financial analysis, new business advancement and establishment, leadership, due diligence, business strategy, cash management, corporate finance, fixed income, trading, hedge funds, alternative investments and valuation. Rotella is fluent in English and Italian. He also fulfills an active role in the society with engagements in various charitable causes.

Professional Qualifications and Experiences of Stephen Rotella

Stephen Rotella earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Stony Brook University in 1975. He then pursued postgraduate education at the University at Albany, SUNY where he attained a Master of Business Administration Degree majoring in Finance and Information Technology in the year of 1978. Rotella’s career began in the same year when he completed his postgraduate study. He began working at Accenture as a Senior Consultant fulfilling various responsibilities related to his field. After two years, he joined The Reserve Group based in the Greater New York City Area. There, he fulfilled the role of the Vice President of Product Development with a special concentration in areas of asset management and money funds. Four years later in the year of 1984, Rotella took up the role of being Vice President of Shearson Lehman Incorporation. After three years, he concluded working at Shearson and became the CEO of J. P. Morgan. As a CEO, he oversaw the major operations within Chase Home Finance. He served his role there supremely for 18 years. He was much appreciated there and was expressed to be a rare, multipurpose individual for the company for having several beneficial characteristics that contributed largely to the company according to John F. Doyle. In 2005, Rotella moved to the Greater Seattle Area to serve WaMu as the Chief Operating Officer and President. He then moved back to the Greater New York Area to fulfill the responsibilities of his current positions at the firm, StoneCastle. He continues to be the CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management for over six years. Since the month of January 2014, Rotella has also been the President of StoneCastle Partners, LLC. From the year of 2015, Rotella continues to be a prestigious member of The National Association of Corporate Directors.

Charitable Engagements of Stephen Rotella

Stephen Rotella demonstrates strong dedication for the society with his volunteer work. He displays a deep passion for societal causes that include arts and culture, social services, children’s welfare, poverty alleviation, social action related to civil rights, politics, economic empowerment, and politics. Since the year of 2000, he had been members of several key organizations that support these causes.

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Jason Halpern Adding On His List Of Great Developments

Jason Halpern is the lead developer at JMH a realtor firm; he is the one who announced the grand opening of the Aloft South Beach hotel that host 235-rooms in Miami Beach. Aloft South Beach hotel in Miami is a combined development of Madden Real Estate Ventures and JMH Development. The resort is a makeover of the Ankara Motel. Its new structure formation will harbor an eight-story tower. The construction process is being taken care of by ADD Incorporated and Plaza Construction. Aloft South Beach hotel will be the first of its kind to launch its service in South Beach Miami since 2009.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

Among its exterior amenities is a waterfront that gives access to the Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast which surrounds the resort. The hotel’s adjacent properties include several art galleries, the Miami Beach Convention Center, numerous night clubs, boutiques, restaurants, and the Bass Museum of Art. Any guests who visit the Aloft Hotel in Miami will encounter a roof deck lounge, an outdoor pool, a 24-hour fitness spa and spacious meeting spaces perfect for hosting both social gatherings and business meetings. The hotel will also offer live performances from emerging artists as well as the hottest bands around.


About Aloft Hotels

The group of Hotels has 100 hotels currently running and is looking forward to setting foot in new 14 new countries. The Aloft group of hotels is known for their modern designs and vibrant experience offered to their guest. The resort also hosts a loyalty program which is the richest in the industry.


About Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
It’s one of the leading leisure and hotel firms in the world with almost 1,200 resorts scattered in 100 nations, and 181,400 workers managed by the property. Starwood is a full operator, franchisor, and owners of hotels and residences with the following brands: The Luxury Collection, Westin, W Hotels, Le Meridien, St. Regis, Four Points, Element, Sheraton, Aloft, and the Starwood Vacation Ownership Incorporated. This firm has one of the best loyalty programs known as the (SPG) Starwood Preferred Guest that allows its members to redeem or earn points for room upgrades, stays or flights with no blackout dates.


About JMH Development

It’s a leading real estate firm that owns significant commercial and residential properties across the United States. Their properties have an innovative approach towards building distinctive luxury properties. JMH is a pioneer in the construction of unique properties in markets places like Williamsburg, Brooklyn. JMH Development recently launched a significant renovation in 184 Kent Avenue which gave rise to a 340 luxury residential apartments in Brooklyn. This building even won the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award in the reconstruction category. Adjacent to Brooklyn, JMH Development is currently constructing luxury townhouses in Cobble Hill.


Troy McQuagge Is Honored For His Professional Excellence (UPDATED FOR JUNE 2017)

UPDATED June 6, 2017

Troy McQuagge’s exemplary leadership at USHEALTH Group, Inc., an insurance holding company, as the CEO has earned him many accolades. One Planet Awards named Troy as the Gold Winner in the CEO of the Year Category. One Planet Awards is a prestigious awards program that rewards companies and professional excellence in all industries in the world. It zeroes in on different functions like marketing, PR, executives, corporate, teams, communications, as well as new products and services globally. To participate in this program, companies across the world are allowed to submit nominations of their best choices of organizations, which include businesses of all nature and sizes.

Typical of McQuagge, he deferred recognition for CEO of the Year to the USHealth Advisors employees that, “make being a CEO easy”. This humble approach to managing is the spark that launched Troy’s career.

This highly coveted award has enhanced McQuagge’s career. His arrival at the USHEALTH Group was characterized by unique strategies of reconstructing USHEALTH Advisors LLC, the company’s distribution agency. His unmatched approach to business helped the company to report a broad client base. This success saw the management appoint him to serve as the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. in 2014. Under his leadership, the company has had tremendous success. Today, it is among the leading entities in the most competitive individual health insurance industry. Troy expressed his excitement upon receiving the esteemed prize. He appreciated the entire team at USHEALTH Group for their undying commitment to deliver workable solutions in terms of healthcare affordability and offering customers with innovative coverage that adapts to their growing healthcare needs.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy is an insurance and sales expert who is highly experienced in highly competitive businesses that include turnarounds, startups, and developed companies. With 30 years of experience in the industry, Troy has the ability to deliver workable solutions to complex issues due to his unmatched communication and leadership skills. He sits on the board of directors of USHEALTH Group. As the president and CEO of the company, he has been responsible for overseeing growth in sales. He has successfully made USHA the largest Captives sales company in the “under 65” Health Insurance Market and created a propriety Agency Platform to achieve growth objectives.

McQuagge’s career started in 1983 at Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he started working for the Student Insurance Division of UICI (United Insurance Companies Inc.). In 1997, he was elected president of UGA, UICI’s insurance agency. Private equity investors purchased UICI in 2006. Troy was mandated with the duty of overseeing all sales and marketing processes of the new brand, HealthMarkets. The company’s Agency Marketing Group (AMG) registered over $1 billion in annual premium sales volume. This achievement earned AMG recognition as the sales organization of the Year by the Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine. McQuagge studied at the esteemed University of Central Florida where he earned his B.A degree in 1983.

John Goullet Brings Passion To His Executive Positions

The business world has changed in many ways over the past few decades. One of the changes that has been significant for both companies and the people who work at the companies is the way that job positions are currently filled now compared to a few decades ago. In the business world today, many companies have moved away from handling the core work of filling open job positions in-house. Many companies now outsource the work required to fill open positions to outside staffing companies.

This change has impacted people looking for jobs greatly. Gone basically are the days when people could literally look in a newspaper to see what jobs are available in a town and go to the companies with open jobs. Today, applications for jobs are generally accepted on the internet or through staffing companies. Although, staffing companies have changed the approach taken related to filling jobs, the use of staffing companies provide many benefits to companies looking to fill open positions and also to professionals looking for jobs.

One of the business industries where the use of staffing companies has become very popular is the IT industry. Many IT companies use staffing companies. There are a variety of reasons why the IT industry has moved towards staffing companies. One of the major reasons is cost, and another major reason is time. The use of staffing companies help companies looking to fill jobs by freeing in-house personnel to do other tasks.

A staffing company in the IT industry that is making a name for itself is Diversant. The company has been recognized within the IT industry on numerous occasions for excellent staffing services that the company provides to IT professionals as well as companies looking to fill IT positions. The main executive at Diversant is John Goullet. As the primary executive, John Goullet is considered an excellent executive. He has ran Diversant very well and continues to make great decisions as the leader of the company.

John Goullet is the founder of Info technologies, which is a technology company. In addition to being the founder of the company, John Goullet also served as the CEO of the company from 1994 to 2010.

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Additional Sources:

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Stephen Murray And His Contributions In The Business World

Stephen Murray died at the age of fifty-two. Previously the CEO for CCMP Capital Advisors, Murray had resigned his position because of his ill health. Murray’s actual passing was on March 12th. This was confirmed via an email sent by Alexandra LaManna, who was acting as the spokeswoman for CCMP. No other details were released at the time.

Stephen Murray was one of the partners responsible for founding CCMP. Originally the company was a spin off from JPMorgan Chase & Co. Due to the concerns regarding a possible conflict with JPMorgan Chase & Co and their clientele, CCMP was established in 2006. Their specialty is in leveraging buy outs and investments in the field of growth equity. They have raised their funding in the amount of $3.6 billion dollars over the last year.

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Back to Business for CCMP Capital Advisors
Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away

Murray’s good friend and his former partner Greg Brenneman, stated how incredibly sad he was that Murray has passed. He felt Stephen Murray was both an exceptional investor and extremely knowledgeable at making deals. This statement was emailed in by Brenneman.

In regards to each individual transaction made, CCMP Capital’s average investment falls between $100 million and $500 million in the equity. This fact is stated on their website due to it’s impact. CCMP places their focus in the individual consumer in a variety of different sectors. These sectors encompass health care, energy and industrial fields. The investments made by CCPM encompass Cabela’s, Quiznos and the company Warner Chilcott.

Stephen Murray grew up in a suburb of New York City known as Westchester County. This fact was published in 2011 by a magazine called Institutional Investor. Murray had earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in the time he spent attending Boston College. He also acquired a Business Administration Masters degree at Columbia University located in New York.

Murray’s knowledge, experience and person scope on finances made him an exceptional businessman, entrepreneur and CEO. He will be missed by not only CCMP but the entire business community as well.

Remembering Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is not only a former executive, but is also a more economic specialist, family man, as well as a former philanthropist who dedicated his entire career to helping others find the best investment opportunities that yield the highest return with the lowest risk involved with the investment. Stephen Murray has always been passionate about the world of finance and has been specifically dedicated to gaining the trust back of investors especially after the 2007-2009 financial crisis. Stephen Murray is an individual that understands that the best way to grow the economy is to continue to invest in the economy for the future.

Stephen Murray is the proud CEO of CCMP Capital, a buyout firm that specializes in offering clients of the company with the best buyout and equity transactions. With over 30 years of experience in the world of economics, Stephen Murray was a sought after individual who was sought after for not only his experience, but also for his excellent customer service. As a leader of CCMP Capital, both employees as well as clients were inspired by his personable manner of speaking and felt as though they were not only an employee or a client, but also a partner of the firm.

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Stephen Murray had always been interested in economics after graduating from Boston College with a degree in economics. Stephen Murray began fine-tuning his skills after graduating with an undergraduate degree when he joined an analyst training firm that taught Stephen Murray all the skills he would need to help others make the right investment. By the end of training, Stephen Murray had become a part of MH Equity Corporation, a corporation that would transition and merge into new companies. Throughout this time, Stephen Murray was able to rise through the ranks and show his ability to not only advise the best investment, but to also demonstrate leadership skills.

Stephen Murray is an individual who is not only successful, but is also an individual who believes in sharing his earned wealth. Stephen Murray understood that there are individuals less fortunate than him which encouraged him to make regular contributions to several organizations within New York City. Stephen Murray was especially dedicated to donating time and money to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a foundation that helped grant the wishes of children with chronic illnesses. Stephen Murray is a former economic expert with a legacy that will be remembered.


Davis Osio assists Davos with the launch of a calculator app

Davos Real Estate Group has gained tremendous media attention in the past few months. The company has been working on the development of a mobile application known as the Davos CAP calculator. Davos REG is a corporation with partnerships and real estate agents that are recognized internationally. The company has expanded its borders to offer their services to Europe and the larger part of Spain.

According to the company director, the firm is working on multiple projects that should deliver excellent services to its customers. One of such projects is the launch of the mobile application. The real estate company has expanded its platform by hiring real estate agents by about 60%. The company has seen a boost in sales by about 75% in half earnings.

David Osio, the company CEO, knows lots about finance. Having worked in the finance field for many years, he knows how to invest his money for both short term and long term. He has provided consultation services and assisted man people learn how to invest wisely. His understanding of the financial markets has given him a boost in the real estate field.

In the past few years, Osio has helped build his company to new markets such as that of real estate. He assisted in the founding of Davos Real Estate Group. He created a group of professionals that are devoted to offering the best services to individuals that need it. He has a team of experts at his side. They take on any kinds of challenges that an investor in the field might face. They find solutions to multiple problems encountered by people in the real estate market.

Mr. Osio is also an expert in financial services. Having studied International Banking Law, he has achieved a lot regarding experience and the number of years he has spent in the financial field. He completed an Advanced Management Program in a prestigious university in Venezuela. He moved forth to become a businessperson who was responsible for export of coffee under the CEO of the OPED Enterprise. He continues to thrive and surpass his targets.

Today, Mr. Osio has branched out and deals with his company. The Davos Financial Group was launched in 1991. The company was licensed to offer asset management and financial advisory services throughout the Latin America region. Mr. Osio is a philanthropist too; he has been involved with multiple community projects in different countries. He further encourages a culture of service within his companies.

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The Success And Growth Of Businessman Todd Lubar

Businessman Todd Lubar has been in the financial service industry for over twenty years. He began his career working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator in 1995. He was very successful, made many valuable contacts and quickly realized working in real estate would allow him to be able to build a quality life for him and his family while being able to help many others. In 1999 Lubar acquired an equity position in Legacy Financial Group. That allowed him to become a direct mortgage bank and broker loans for outside investors.

In 2002 Todd Lubar founded the residential development company Legendary Properties, LLC. Through this company he was able to purchase, rehabilitate and sell more than 200 single family dwellings and multi-family properties. This experience enabled him to develop connections with individuals and companies with expertise in the trades and increase the speed with which he could purchase, rehab and sell his properties. Soon he had relationships with multiple major banking institutions and access to lines of credit that were as much as $20 million.

His involvement in mortgage banking put Todd Lubar in contact with one of the U.S.’s biggest privately-held mortgage companies, First Magnus Financial Corporation. Lubar opened Charter Funding in 2003. It was a subsidiary of First Magnus. This increased his access to capital, products and programs and allowed Todd Lubar to expand his business even more. Having observed and worked with over 7,000 clients that were unable to get financing from traditional sources, he knew that niche market well. He was confident in his ability analyze risk and make lucrative loans based on his knowledge and understanding of market conditions. So he founded Legendary Financial LLC to serve that niche market.

During the mortgage industry crisis Lubar diversified his business interests to include commercial demolition and automotive scrap metal recycling. He got several large demolition contracts from major general contractors. His scrap recycling business did so well it’s now publicly traded. These days Todd Lubar lives in Bethesda Maryland and spends his time enjoying his children, traveling and making life better for everyone he meets.