Princeton Billionaire Peter Briger Creates College Venture Fund

There are many concentrations of valuable human and financial capital around the world. Certain cities seem to breed success. That is why Princeton Alum Peter Briger has created a venture capital fund at his alma mater.

 Ivy League Credentials

Longevity is a sign of success. It means that you have withstood the “slings and arrows” of the world and can lay claim to being a conqueror. You are a winner.While many businesses are proud of being around for a decade or so, they can’t compete with the Ivy League. A century for a multinational corporation is very commendable. But, Ivy League schools simply scoff at that – how much ivy grows in a century?Of course the ivy is a sign of longevity. It has taken a long time for these schools to grow their ivy, credentials and networks. The Ivy League schools pre-date the United States of America. The Princeton mindset has stood the test of time.

Princeton Mindset

Princeton grad Peter Briger is giving back to his alma mater. He is really investing in himself. He is making his own degree even more valuable. That is why he is a billionaire – he is smart when it comes to investments.Peter Briger understands the value of his Princeton investment. It is an investment in the past, present and future.If you think about all that Princeton has gone through, it is simply amazing. Imagine, the first European-Americans founding the Ivy League schools when much of the nation was controlled by the Native-Americans. There were no railroads, automobiles or airplanes.The Princeton mindset is what is especially valuable to Peter Briger. It is what attracted him to study at the school in the first place. It helped him to be successful.Princeton allowed him to meet some of the most influential financial movers and shakers of the world. Peter Briger learned about finance and made the connections to get his great jobs at Goldman Sachs and the Fortress Investment Group. In the world of finance, it is still about who you know.

Proud Princeton Alum

As a proud Princeton alum, Peter Briger was never too far away from his roots. Princeton is located in New Jersey and New York City is only a hop, skip and jump away. Of course, he could have easily commuted between the two cities.Once, Peter Briger became a billionaire, it was only normal that he should return to his roots. Princeton had invested in Mr. Briger and now it was time for him to return the favor. That is how Princeton has survived for so long.The Ivy League is a life long network. Once you join, you have connections that no one else has. This has enabled Peter Briger to become wealthy and now he has invested in the future Princeton grads by setting up a startup fund.Princeton alums can get money and assistance to start their own businesses. Peter Briger has completed the circle of wealth.

Opportunities Abound for Talos Energy

In 2012, an exciting new and very independent oil and gas company was formed by the name of Talos Energy. In this short period of time, Talos Energy has rejuvenated the oil and gas industry by joining forces with the Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings teams to bring innovation to the world of oil and gas exploration and production. It has been the mission of  Talos Energy family to engage in various business development activities that they’ve cultivated from an impressive, 10.2 million acres of inventory. Talos Energy and its phenomenal success are in large part due to its outstanding, corporate infrastructure, management and its belief that quality employees are of optimum importance. Talos Energy is determined to provide its community with employees and staff that are competent and qualified to deal with rigors of the oil and gas exploration and production industry.

Talos Energy currently has an outstanding track record for providing innovative techniques that have allowed them to develop a quality portfolio of investment opportunities as well. They are growing, privately held company with less than 500 employees with their main headquarters in Houston Texas. Their passion for providing unrivaled quality, technology, and capital is a driving force for their desire to recruit the brightest minds in their field. This company takes pride in providing their top recruits with great, competitive pay and a wide-ranging benefits package.In 2017, Talos Energy was recognized by the Houston Chronicle as one of the top workplaces for small companies. This is considered an impressive and difficult feat as a top workplace for five straight consecutive years which proves that Talos Energy has been on the right track.

The knowledge of this accomplishment was the results of an employee feedback survey sponsored by a leading research firm that is an authority in the organizational workplace environment. Company officials have stated that they work hard to provide a friendly yet productive environment for their employees. And to the organization’s credit, they seem very aware that the reason for their success is the value and support that they’ve placed in their employees. Furthermore, Talos Energy was noted to provide a comprehensive benefits package to their employees that includes medical dental and vision coverage, 401K retirement, insurance, ample vacation time, and a flexible work-life balance. From the outside, it is easy to see while this innovative, young company is on the fast track with providing career opportunities to the public. Learn More.

Adam Milstein Says Passion, Pride And Courage Define Jewish People

Adam Milstein often talks about how the history of the Jewish people is important for everyone to learn, and how the virtues shown by heroes of the past are still applicable today. There are many characteristics that have been defined by Jews over the years, but in his recent article at the Times of Israel blog, Milstein says the pride and courage of Jews have been shining the brightest. Pride is defined by Israeli-Americans and Jews supporting Israel to the fullest and placing their identity in the nation. Courage has become important with antisemitism manifesting itself in many places, but with young Jews proclaiming their heritage and stating they’re proud to be a part of it. Milstein also believes Jews have the ability to think outside the box and get things done that advance the cause of Judaism.

Adam Milstein has influenced many with his philosophies on Israel’s welfare as an author at the HuffPost, the Jerusalem Post, the JTA and Times of Israel. He grew up in Haifa, Israel and has both military and business experience having fought in the Yom Kippur War and graduated from the Technion. His career has been largely in real estate both on construction sites in Haifa where he and his father worked framing buildings, and later as the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties in California. But he values philanthropy most of all and he and his wife Gila have taken the stance of active philanthropy as part of the Milstein Family Foundation.

Part of the mission of Adam Milstein in philanthropy has been to change the narrative of Israeli-Americans being outcasts and having an important role to strengthen the Jewish community of America. People that he and Gila meet with include Jewish religious leaders, college professors, campus activist leaders, charity organizations and even political donors like Sheldon Adelson. One of the main organizations that have advocated on behalf of Jewish America on a large scale is the Israeli-American Council where Adam Milstein serves as Chairman and President, and underneath this organization has been StandWithUS which has hosted a video competition on being inspired by Israel. Milstein is also the founder of a family Hebrew learning course known as Sifriyat Pijama B’America.

Dr. Mark McKenna – Business Genius.

Dr. Mark McKenna is currently a 43 year old licensed medical doctor and surgeon. His license covers the states of Florida and Georgia. He acquired his credentials from Tulane University Medical School as he is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. After his completion of medical school he immediately began McKenna Venture Investments. This is a real estate development firm. The real estate venture was a financial backup system. He also began practicing medicine with his father immediately after the completion of his training. He became an established entrepreneur acquiring and launching several companies.

To fund the real estate investments and his other business ventures he worked nights at prisons using his medical degree to conduct physicals for inmates. He earned $50 per hour doing this work and he invested every penny into his businesses. He also worked in his father’s practice for five years. With a very active brain he practiced medicine as a routine activity yet he was always thinking of larger ventures. He made approximately a half million dollars annually from his real estate business.

His fate was altered in the year 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the hurricane destroyed most of his businesses. He lost millions of dollars instantly. Dr. Mark McKenna did not let this destruction destroy him. He went on to actually participate in the rebuilding of low and moderate income housing.

The great doctor took approximately two years to regroup and he was able to recover through selling and investing his repaired properties within a 2 year period. In 2007 he dissolved his real estate business and he headed to Atlanta, Georgia. While in Atlanta he launched the company ShapeMed. ShapeMed was a beauty based medical practice. He sold ShapeMed to Lifetime Fitness for approximately $4.4 Million Dollars. Via his continued involvement with ShapeMed, via their deal, he grew ShapeMed from inside each Lifetime Fitness until the buyout in 2015.

In July of 2017 he became the founder and CEO of OVME pronounced (of me). By this time he was married with a newborn little girl. OVME and Dr. Mark McKenna started the popular and convenient Uber styled Botox service, body weight and nutrition counseling and laser hair removal. Yes, they come to you. This service allows patients to use the app to connect with freelance medical professionals. To learn more about OVME and Dr. Mark McKenna visit

Troy McQuagge Wins CEO of The Year Award For Work With USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge is the current CEO of USHEALTH Group, one of the largest health insurance provides in the state of Texas. Earlier this year, Troy McQuagge was awarded for his exemplary skill as a leader to the company by Planet One Awards. He was given the award for CEO of the year, which is one of the most prestigious titles in all the categories that the organization awards. Planet One Awards is an extremely well-known organization that hands out awards to exemplary people across different professional fields. The organization has had candidates and businesses all over the world being awarded for their work in their sectors. Planet One Awards try to recognize all the notable members of various industries and bring them together to award them for their efforts and contributions.


The first time Troy McQuagge came to work for the company was in 2010, and since then he has contributed immensely to the growth that they have been seeing. He has a great deal of knowledge regarding the field of health insurance and has used this skill to efficiently lead the company. He has been responsible for the upgraded policies that the company is using, and has implemented numerous new strategies for the employees to implement. He believes in being a team player and motivating his employees to put their best foot forward and work towards not just their success, but to the success of the entire company. On receiving the award, Troy McQuagge mentioned that this particular award did not only belong to him but every single person who works to make USHEALTH Group the health insurance provider that it is today.


Troy McQuagge was honored to be the recipient of this prestigious award. Even though he has reached such a high up position in his career, he believes in constantly working hard to attain a higher amount of development in his professional life.


USHEALTH Group has benefited extremely from the effort that Troy McQuagge has put into it. Today, the company offers health insurance to millions of people from varying age groups. USHEALTH has now grown to be one of the most trusted health insurance providers in the country, with numerous new people joining the company every single day. One of the reasons why the company has managed to be such a continuing success after all these years is because of the way the company has adapted with the times. USHEALTH Group tries to make their health insurance benefits as personalized as possible, because of the diverse pool of clients they get. Troy McQuagge has contributed to these policies by constantly bringing in fresh ideas for ways to improve the services that the company offers their clients.

Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler Are Ready To Take On Amazon In The Fashion Industry

When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg set out to start an enterprise in the fashion industry, they had their mind on how they could deliver high-quality on-trend apparels at an incredible value. The duo was also keen on enhancing customer experience with reliance on alternative delivery channels such as the internet and digital systems. With several brands such as JustFab, Fabletics, and Techstyle under their name, the duo has stayed true to their vision.


Speaking to BusinessInsider, CEO, the chief executive officer of Techstyle Adam Goldenberg established how data and personalization have helped push their brands ahead. Adam alongside his Co-CEO manages some of the most robust and disruptive fashion brands under the Techstyle stable. Adam opines that JustFab is a classic case of Fashion Avenue meets Silicon Valley. The firm relies on big data and personalization of its product to achieve some of the most remarkable sales in the fashion industry.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler spent a significant part of their business lives obsessing on one question, how can they make their customers happy? This issue always puts them on the drive to enhance customer experience and innovate products that are customer-centric.


Even before Fabletics started giving Amazon a run for its money, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler had already proved they’re worth in the marketing sector. The duo had already innovated some of the most effective marketing strategies that put their brands ahead of their peers. Their experience and expertise in business have been one of the contributing factors to the growth of Fabletics. The entrepreneurs were able to turn their skills into enterprises that disrupted the fashion sector as we know it.


Through techniques, such reverse showrooming, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler have managed to push Fabletics into an online retail giant. Techstyle’s customer base has grown by leaps and bounds forcing the brand to reinvent itself to keep up with the growing demand.


Another feat that Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have managed to achieve in their businesses is becoming an all-inclusive brand. With either Fabletics, JustFab or Techstyle, customers can get what they want irrespective of their body shape and size. Initially, many plus-size individuals would go through a lot of struggle before they could find something that was trendy and could fit them. This achievement has enabled Adam and Don to widen their clientele and increase the scope for growth. Adam and Don’s commitment and passion have demonstrated that they are on track to overtake Amazon in the fashion retail industry.

A Brief History of Fabulous Funding for Just Fab

JustFab, a membership site has a unique history, and the funding is just as unique. This e-commerce giant, founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler is nothing less than a phenomenon in the fashion industry. This global membership company is just what the fashionista ordered, but the small beginnings grew into something much bigger with the right fundraising. Starting in 2011, when Ressler and Goldenberg were working with Matrix Partners, more than $33 million had been raised, and that’s a pretty figure. Those two were the investors, and they were confident enough to put their own funds behind it. That speaks volumes about their passion and drive to see the company succeed.


In July 2012, Rho Capital Partners, with four investors involved gave more than $75 million to the entrepreneurs, and soon more changes were made to the company as well as the vision and long-term mission. This large sum of money would allow them to not only re-brand, but to build upon numerous brands in an attempt to broaden their horizons. They could offer more than just women’s apparel, and the consideration was made for a brand that would be for children as well as other options for men too.


Later in 2013 more funds were given, all from Shining Capital. There were two occasions in which money was raised, totaling a large sum of money. With more than $54 million raised with this company, the two partners were well on their way to making big changes in the e-commerce world as well as fashion.


The company was noted for financing debt in 2014, and while not unusual, it was a time of reconsideration for Ressler and his partner. They were considering what else they could do in order to be top-notch, providing the best in products and customer service. The VIP membership would be the ultimate tool to seal the deal on customer loyalty, and it would ensure that they had a massive following as well.


Passport Capital gave $85 million to the group in 2014, and since that time the company has continued to excel at what they do best. They have made the change to all-inclusive brands in order to reflect the companies core values. Ressler and Goldenberg are both thrilled with the change. They believe that allowing all women to feel beautiful is important, and with that in mind, TechStyle has turned e-commerce on its head and is getting consumers attention around the world.

Amicus Therapeutics Leads The Holistic Health Industry

Amicus Rx Therapeutics has over 10+ years of expertise in pharmaceuticals and are currently based in Cranbury, New Jersey. They specialize in exclusive rare and orphaned diseases associated with lysosomal disorders. Amicus Therapeutics is focused on research studies that will benefit patients prone to these diseases. Thousands of people face debilitating diseases with minimal care which is focused on limited case studies. Combined with other like minded partners they have raised millions of dollars in funding and have great stock options on the NASDAQ. Their stockholders are proud of their growth in pharmaceuticals and have agreed to back their further growth initiative 100%.

Chief executive officers, John Crowley (Amicus Therapeutics: Small Biotech Seems To Have The ‘Big Mo’), has a lot vested in pharmaceuticals and is there for the long haul. He aspires to improve the quality of health and happiness for thousands of people around the world. In fact, he believes quality healthcare should be affordable and readily accessible to all the people who need it along with their prescription medication. Their primary focus at Amicus Therapeutics is enzyme replacement therapy while sparking the interest of several big name capital venture firms. If you’re suffering from a debilitating illness, they were established with your needs in mind. They make it easier to get treatment for all people regardless of your economic stability.

Their patients enjoy getting treatment that gives them a shorter recovery time versus traditional treatment. They offer their customers advanced technology and actual clinical trials performed on patients with similar illnesses in defense of your remission and recovery. Amicus thrives on helping you get healthy and not their patients quota versus other competitor big name pharmaceutical companies. Get genuine care that is centered around putting the patients needs first. They’re responsible for the recovery and improved health of thousands of patients worldwide.

You’re invited to learn more about Amicus Therapeutics by visiting their website for more details and donation projects for additional clinical trials. They are actively working to improve the life o one patient at a time. Become an active member and save a life with your generous donation. Amicus stands for an improved quality of life for everyone.

Looking to start a new career with Amicus Therapeutics? Visit this website,-NJ-jobs.html

Brazil Is Ready To Do Business With Post-Brexit Britain

Brazil and Britain have deep cultural ties. Britain’s involvement in the Brazilian economy had a major impact on the growth and the development of Brazil. In 1894, a British-Brazilian man introduced football to Brazil. And the 19th-century British-built railway system still makes its way through the incredible landscape between Rio and Sao Paulo. The railroad is a testament to the British-Brazilian relationship.



One of the first countries new President Michel Temer met with was the United Kingdom. Temer is trying to reinvigorate trade and investment deals with Britain. The British want Brazilian wines, and Brazil wants the Brits to invest in the country’s infrastructure rebuilding plan as well as help revitalize the Brazilian economy. The possibility of increasing trade with Britain is something Brazilian exporters are excited about. Exporters like Eucatex, one of Brazil’s leading building material manufacturers, will benefit from a new trade agreement with Britain. CEO Flavio Maluf’s family business already has a firm foothold in the European market, but a new trade deal will give Eucatex the ability to spread its brand to new British retailers and to British builders.



The story of Eucatex is one of those amazing rags to riches stories where a man with a good idea becomes a corporation with international recognition. Flavio Maluf’s grandfather started Eucatex in 1951 while he was operating a sawmill in the state of Sao Paulo. The elder Maluf had excess eucalyptus wood in the sawmill, so Maluf made a wood ceiling tile. The idea caught on, and by 1960, Eucatex was shipping eucalyptus ceiling tiles to Argentina and Germany.



Today, grandson Flavio Maluf oversees four manufacturing facilities in the state of Sao Paulo and five offices. The company has an extensive product line which includes paint, varnishes, floorboards, and of course, ceiling tiles.



Flavio is one of Brazil’s environmental leaders. Eucatex is a cause capitalistic company that plants one eucalyptus tree for every tree they use to produce Eucatex products. All Eucatex factories use clean energy to keep the factories and offices operating. Flavio Maluf and Eucatex are examples of success in Brazil, and a trade agreement will bring that success to the people of the United Kingdom.