Different Strategies Work For Different Entrepreneurs Including Adam Milstein

One thing that is really characteristic about an entrepreneur is the individuality. There are rarely any two entrepreneurs that are alike. Each entrepreneur is different and is therefore working from a different approach. For one thing, an entrepreneur is one who plays to his best strengths. Often times, this results in him using a method that is different than what others would have suggested for them. Often times, an entrepreneur may succeed using a method that others have determined to not be effective. However, he finds that it has worked for him. One thing that is expected is for the person to eventually fall. However, it doesn’t happen.

Adam Milstein is one of those people who find a method that is different from what is conventional. For instance, a lot of people say that it is important to break big dreams up into smaller goals. However, Milstein has found that setting specific goals does not work for him. There are a lot of reasons that specific goals may not work. For one thing, life is filled with many surprises and success often requires one to be flexible. Therefore, while it is good to have goals, being too specific can only be a hindrance.

One thing that Adam Milstein has believed in is doing his best. This meant not limiting himself to any specific goals of the day. At the same time, this also meant putting one’s full heart into the work that he is doing. When he has taken this approach, he has made a lot of progress. He has also exceeded expectations if there were any. This is one of the reasons that he is not only one of the most successful entrepreneurs but one of the most influential people in the world. He is also willing to share his success with his community.

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Stephen Rotella – A Versatile and Benevolent Business Expert

Stephen Rotella is a momentous individual of the American corporate world. He possesses an intense number of skills and experiences ranging in risk management, capital markets, executive management, banking, credit, portfolio management, investments, executive management, mergers and acquisitions, financial services and strategic planning. Additionally, Rotella also possesses basic knowledge in asset management, corporate development, mortgage advancing, insurance, financial modelling, equities, general management, financial analysis, new business advancement and establishment, leadership, due diligence, business strategy, cash management, corporate finance, fixed income, trading, hedge funds, alternative investments and valuation. Rotella is fluent in English and Italian. He also fulfills an active role in the society with engagements in various charitable causes.

Professional Qualifications and Experiences of Stephen Rotella

Stephen Rotella earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Stony Brook University in 1975. He then pursued postgraduate education at the University at Albany, SUNY where he attained a Master of Business Administration Degree majoring in Finance and Information Technology in the year of 1978. Rotella’s career began in the same year when he completed his postgraduate study. He began working at Accenture as a Senior Consultant fulfilling various responsibilities related to his field. After two years, he joined The Reserve Group based in the Greater New York City Area. There, he fulfilled the role of the Vice President of Product Development with a special concentration in areas of asset management and money funds. Four years later in the year of 1984, Rotella took up the role of being Vice President of Shearson Lehman Incorporation. After three years, he concluded working at Shearson and became the CEO of J. P. Morgan. As a CEO, he oversaw the major operations within Chase Home Finance. He served his role there supremely for 18 years. He was much appreciated there and was expressed to be a rare, multipurpose individual for the company for having several beneficial characteristics that contributed largely to the company according to John F. Doyle. In 2005, Rotella moved to the Greater Seattle Area to serve WaMu as the Chief Operating Officer and President. He then moved back to the Greater New York Area to fulfill the responsibilities of his current positions at the firm, StoneCastle. He continues to be the CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management for over six years. Since the month of January 2014, Rotella has also been the President of StoneCastle Partners, LLC. From the year of 2015, Rotella continues to be a prestigious member of The National Association of Corporate Directors.

Charitable Engagements of Stephen Rotella

Stephen Rotella demonstrates strong dedication for the society with his volunteer work. He displays a deep passion for societal causes that include arts and culture, social services, children’s welfare, poverty alleviation, social action related to civil rights, politics, economic empowerment, and politics. Since the year of 2000, he had been members of several key organizations that support these causes.

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How the IAP Worldwide Services has structured it Services

IAP Worldwide Services Seris considered as a highly reliable multinational corporations that offer property management, international logistics, and top-notch technology. The solutions that are provided by the firm have been created to primarily assist in solving various natural disasters that are unavoidable such as floods and earthquakes. The company has currently hired 2000 highly skilled individuals who work in its branches that are in about 25 countries in various regions of the world. IAP Worldwide has been offering services for several years, and therefore, it has ample experience that allows it to organize, coordinate, and execute various technology and logistics programs that are sophisticated. IAP Worldwide Services has also been owning and running portable research infrastructure, military projects, and amenities that are important to the public. Clients from many countries depend on IAP Worldwide as a highly trusted distributor of the latest technology, administration programs, and human resources.

IAP Worldwide Services has a primary goal of utilizing its expertise, high-quality technology, and ingenuity in dealing with various issues that affect clients across the world. It has developed core competencies that have been dedicated to helping it in attaining goals, and they are agility, capability, commitment, and dedication. The IAP Worldwide Services also uses various values to ensure that its operations are successful and they are humanity and integrity, acting swiftly and in a responsible way, and forming affiliations to ensure that services are delivered efficiently.

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IAP Worldwide has committed itself to making use of every opportunity that it gets to build partnerships with suppliers and various enterprises that are committed to addressing issues that clients face. It understands that creating affiliations on iapcareers.silkroad.com is an excellent way that a company can use in expanding itself. The firm knows that its progress in not only driven by the clients but also the surrounding society. It has a social responsibly program that it uses in giving contributions to support different community undertakings.

The company’s staff consists of professionals who are highly trained in diverse fields. IAP Worldwide Services combines their abilities to form a workforce that is highly competent and fulfills various needs of the customers. Experts who are highly skilled in different disciplines have been getting employment at the company. The main professionals that it has been hiring are knowledgeable in engineering, general administration, logistics, accounting and finance, and management of projects.

Christina Bevin setting up the standards for aspiring CEO

Christina Bevin is a professional woman experienced in various sectors. She has been a success in all fields she has worked in. She graduated from the Australian Institute of Business in 2015 with a master’s in Business Admiration. Christina worked as a site administrator in a company called Stork for six months. She worked in the company between July 2003 and December 2003. Later, she moved to UGL Limited for four months as a contracts administrator. She is always to looking to better herself which prompted her to make progress to the Engineering department as a cost engineer. When working in the engineering department, she was also involved in taking care of pipe racks and generation of power. She was then promoted to control manager for 1year and five months where she dealt with delivery of the commissioning contract and also implementing the Alcoa PEU.

Christanna Bevin does not limit herself to working in the USA only. Her career has seen her Glob trot different parts of the world as a specialist. In May 2005 Christina moved to Western Australian to work for Kellog Brown & Root as a Senior Project Control Specialist. She did not stay put for long as three months later she got another job at Parsons Brinckerhoff as a senior project controls manager. She moved to Consulting & Commercial Specialist where she had various responsibilities like reviewing existing contracts, monitoring cost, planning, preparing and implementing improvements on the Olympic Dam Site. Christanna also provided process recommendations, organizational structures and examined the cost control system for the owner’s team in Qatar. As a compliance officer, she audited projects and ensured specialist controls were provided for various companies. She worked for 1year and six months and left in August 2007.

In August 2007, Christanna relocated to Bulgaria as a project control manager at the Chelopech Mining EAD. She was responsible for controlling of projects, managing contracts and commercials with the help of a team made up of nine personnel. She reviewed, evaluated and supported the formation of the EPCM Definitive Feasibility Study. She also introduced auditing and data interrogation systems. She left in December 2009 after serving them for two years and five months.

Kenneth Goodgame Focusing In on Abuse of Over Used Techniques

Kenneth Goodgame is one of the most prominent merchandising professionals in the globe. He is very experienced, and this has played a key role in his success. Individuals who have interacted with Kenneth Goodgame know him as a professional who executes all his duties with a lot of integrity, regardless of the circumstances. Kenneth has worked in several positions in the past, and this has given him vast experience. Kenneth Goodgame was recently appointed to serve as the chief merchandising officer at True Value Hardware Corporation.

Goodgame has also launched a website where he will engage and advise other business minded people in some constructive conversations that are designed to help in advancing knowledge, especially in the financial markets. Kenneth Goodgame’s primary focus is to ensure that companies have achieved excellence with the support of the modern technologies and methodologies that are available in the business world. Goodgame is also a great inspiration to very many individuals in the world who are looking for motivation to succeed. People who are seeking to attain flexibility in all their business activities use his advice to achieve their dreams in life.

The business world is known to many as very competitive and challenging. Many individuals who have ventured into the industry without adequate knowledge have lost their money and time, and most of them end up with a lot of frustration. However, Kenneth Goodgame has earned a reputation for being a professional who get the jobs executed, regardless of the situation at the time. True Value Hardware Corporation is already registering huge profits and sales with the help of the merchandising expert. Other institutions such as Ace Hardware have also benefited from the innovative thinking and creativity of Kenneth Goodgame.

Kenneth Goodgame is one of the undisputed marketing gurus in the United States. True Value Corporation decided to appoint him after it realized that its sales were going down. The institution has posted very high income just a few months after the appointment, and they are hoping that the revenue will increase significantly by the end of 2016. This great success has been attributed to Kenneth’s impressive resume, especially in matters concerning the retail industry.

Kenneth Goodgame primary focus as an operations management leader us to ensure that organizations are successful in their activities. The operations manager has been successful because of his innovative marketing, modernized financial oversight, merchandising and business strategies experience. Since he has been in the industry for a long time, he can easily avoid all the costly mistakes made by most investors, and this is why he has done so well in his career. His currently launched website offers investors and companies the help they need to increase their income.

Michael Zomber Acquires Knife Linked to Prominent American Abolitionist


Even after collecting antique weapons for more than 40 years, Michael Zomber is still excited about adding some new items to his vast collection. He recently was fortunate enough to get a Bowie knife that is believed by PRNewswire to have been utilized in a failed assassination mission on John Brown. As a radical abolitionist, John Brown launched violent initiatives in order to end slavery. John Brown actually died by hanging just before the U.S. Civil War started. Nevertheless, the Bowie knife that was used to target him still comes with a lot of value especially for history enthusiasts such as Michael Zomber. A close look at his biography and resume clearly reveals his passion for American history. For example, he wrote “Sweet Betsy That’s Me” and “Son of Kentucky” in order to educate readers about America’s bloody civil conflict. In these novels, Zomber integrates some realistic details on military tactics and firearms. After all, he has held many types of rifles and guns that have actually been fired in battles during the U.S. Civil War.


Besides having a fascination with American history, Michael Zomber also respects Asian culture. He wrote “Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan” and Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai with the hope of shining some light on the mysterious nature of samurai culture. Both of these novels inform the audience about the complicated history of Japan. Additionally, Zomber has released a documentary film about samurai culture. The “Soul of the Samurai” was produced in his own independent studio that is called Renascent Films. In this film, Zomber talks extensively about Bushido and other practices that have been followed by samurai warriors for centuries.


As a young boy, Michael Zomber was active in the Boy Scouts of America. During one field trip, he stumbled upon a Springfield rifle inside a small museum in rural Pennsylvania. As an adult, he has dedicated his life to collecting antique weapons and armor. Such a hobby has taken him to museums and other facilities all over the world. Zomber has also successfully traded some of his weapons with other collectors in North America and worldwide.

Five Ways to Control a Small Business’s Reputation

Vanguard.com recently published an interesting article on the importance of reputation management for small businesses in Nigeria. It contains important information, however, for anyone trying to operate a small business anywhere in the world.

The article urges that business people get very involved in social networks. Onlinereputationreviews.com explains for most small businesses that means Facebook, but do not overlook the importance of other social networks depending on where your market is in the world. For instance, the largest social networks in China are Ozone and Sina Weibo while the largest social network is Line in Japan. While businesses need to be active on social media sites where their headquarters is located, they also need to be active where their customers live.

The second point that the Vanguard article makes is that small businesses need to seek publicity. If you are active in a community, then get active in groups there. Do not, however, overlook the importance of getting involved online by writing guests blogs and publishing thought-provoking articles on local sources.

Furthermore, businesses need to be found in business directories. One of the largest business directories in the world is LinkedIn but do not overlook more specialized business directories. Think about the ones that your customers rely on and make sure that your listing is found there.

While many companies shy away from online reviews, you should be encouraging them. If you are taking care of your customer’s needs, then most of the reviews should be positive. If you encounter a negative review, make sure to acknowledge it and do everything you can to correct the situation. Potential customers know that you cannot make everyone happy all of the time, but they are watching to see how you respond.

While it is important to control your online reputation, it is also important to control your offline reputation. Take control of your actions. Realize that anything you do can eventually end up online.


Danilo Diaz Granados Impresses His Affluent Guests by Hosting an Incredible Party

If the events of the luxurious party hosted on July are anything to go by, then Danilo Diaz Granados is the ultimate party planner in Miami. Subsequently, he orchestrated a one of a kind party that treated the hand-selected guests to a wide array of experiences.

The fantastic breakfast at the One Thousand Museum sale’s center followed by an exclusive viewing of the eagerly awaited residential block in Miami’s Biscayne location set the pace for the day. The affluent guests were later flown in helicopters to the renowned Palm Beach Race Track whereby each person got an opportunity to race around the incredible track before heading for lunch.

Dom Perignon was the official host for the exquisite lunch held at the River Yacht Club based on the Miami River. As such, each guest was treated to free Dom Perignon champagne before the meal. Later, Danilo Diaz Granados and his guests took a tour of the bay using boats offered by Van Dutch and Technomar, who were part of the official sponsors of the party.

A Detailed Focus on Danilo Diaz Granados

Danilo Diaz Granados ranks as one of the entrepreneurs to reckon with in the Miami area. His vast experience and education background in Entrepreneurship and Economics serves as the primary catalysts for his success in business. Since 2015, Granados has been working as an Associate Partner at the Fireman Capital Partners. Further, he plays the role of wing liaison for Fireman’s Equity Investments program. As such, Danilo has in the past served as a researcher on international issues influencing various equity investments such as hedge funds and energy efficiency.

Currently, Danilo is significantly involved in Movilway, an enterprise specializing in matters pertaining prepaid mobile payments. Apart from being of substantial use to other companies, Danilo has utilized his knowledge in Entrepreneurship and Economics from Boston-based Babson College to establish his enterprises. His knack for identifying lucrative opportunities in the market is evident from the Toys for Bouts Boutique Privee, a luxury boutique offering exotic commodities, as well as the Edge of Glory Films LLC, a media enterprise dedicated to providing content that addresses Hispanic interests.

Author Michael Zomber Triumphs Over Adversity Like a True Warrior

Michael Zomber is a name you might recognize. He is a well-known author and has been features on programs that run on both A&E and the History Channel. With this kind of notoriety it might be easy to assume that he has walked an easy path. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though he has spent years as an expert on antique arms and armor and an accomplished writer, Zomber has had his fair share of challenges to overcome along the way.

In 2003 Michael Zomber wound up accused of mail fraud and even had to suffer through knowing that his family was in a United States prison camp. Throughout all of these bad circumstances, however, he was able to remain productive. He even tutored prisoners to get their GEDs and continued work on novels and nonfiction works during this difficult time of his life. Fortune seemed to smile on Mr. Zomber in 2008, as was exonerated.

Fans of Zomber’s writing have more than a few titles to choose from. He achieved quite a bit of notoriety for his novel “Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai.” This book explores little known historical facts about the spreading of Christianity throughout Asia during the early days of the religion. He is also known for penning “Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa” and several other titles. Clearly, Michael Zomber has a way with words, and he is able to share a lifetime’s worth of knowledge about ancient weaponry and other topics via the written word.

Staying on track and continuing to strive for success is not always easy to do in the face of great adversity. Clearly, the knowledge about war, weapons and warriors that Michael Zomber has acquired over the years has allowed him to live his own life with the mindset of a scholar, and a warrior.

Kenneth Goodgame’s path in becoming a Sales and Retail Merchandising Guru

Kenneth Goodgame is a highly influential operations and management leader. He is known for leading innovative marketing solutions and merchandising strategies. His business strategy paints him as a smart player who has taken oversight in streamlining financial activities in all institutions he has worked for.

Goodgame’s primary focus has been to integrate the analysis of key performance indicators, quality assurance systems, employee engagements, and corporate alignment strategies in institutions. He is known to emphasis the positive relationship between organizational growth and good leadership skills.

His definition of leadership merges the ability to incorporate cost analysis, productivity enhancements, well designed negotiations, and quality improvements in streamlining business operations. Goodgame’s experience enable him to avoid costly mistakes which other people do. His approach has been tested throughout his career by the various job titles he has held in different companies.

From the year 2013 to 2015, he worked for True Hardware Corporation, Chicago as the Vice president and chief executive officer. He managed its full P&L valued at over $2.2 billion in global purchases and $320 million in active inventory.

In 2010 to 2013, he was the general merchandising manager at Ace Hardware Corporation, Oak Brook. He managed its full P&L for over $3.2 billion in global purchasing and $860 million in active inventory. At AHC, he covered 78,000 SKUs as head of department and was responsible for driving 80% of its corporate strategy.

From 2008- 2010, he was the president of Techtronic Industries, North America. On a corporate level, he created a turnaround effort of $75 million in subsidiary motor sports. This marked the first time the company recorded a profit from the time it was purchased. There was also an immediate growth of $9 million in sales and 8% reduction in cost of goods.

Kenneth Goodgame was the Senior Vice president marketing sales and channel, at Newell Rubbermaid from 2002 to 2007. During this time, Rubbermaid’s value grew to $490 million in only 18 months. These results were achieved because Goodgame launched numerous product lines that pushed the company’s sales by $70 million in the first year.

In the year 2000 to 2004, he was the president and General Manager of Bernzomatic. He turned the failing consumer cleaning business into a profitable company after it had recorded a 7 YOY loss.

In 1994 to 2002 Goodgame was the Senior Product Merchant for The Home Depot Atlanta, GA. He led the company in procuring the nationwide $16 billion product category for consumer and commercial users.

Goodgame became the Director of Proprietary Brands from 1990 to 2001. He negotiated with John Deere and struck a successful deal to manufacture and sell consumer mowers and tractors. He also conducted a successful product launch for RIDGD brand. In the year 1995 to 1999, Kenneth Goodgame worked as the Product Merchant at Hardline D28.

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