Amicus Therapeutics Leads The Holistic Health Industry

Amicus Rx Therapeutics has over 10+ years of expertise in pharmaceuticals and are currently based in Cranbury, New Jersey. They specialize in exclusive rare and orphaned diseases associated with lysosomal disorders. Amicus Therapeutics is focused on research studies that will benefit patients prone to these diseases. Thousands of people face debilitating diseases with minimal care which is focused on limited case studies. Combined with other like minded partners they have raised millions of dollars in funding and have great stock options on the NASDAQ. Their stockholders are proud of their growth in pharmaceuticals and have agreed to back their further growth initiative 100%.

Chief executive officers, John Crowley (Amicus Therapeutics: Small Biotech Seems To Have The ‘Big Mo’), has a lot vested in pharmaceuticals and is there for the long haul. He aspires to improve the quality of health and happiness for thousands of people around the world. In fact, he believes quality healthcare should be affordable and readily accessible to all the people who need it along with their prescription medication. Their primary focus at Amicus Therapeutics is enzyme replacement therapy while sparking the interest of several big name capital venture firms. If you’re suffering from a debilitating illness, they were established with your needs in mind. They make it easier to get treatment for all people regardless of your economic stability.

Their patients enjoy getting treatment that gives them a shorter recovery time versus traditional treatment. They offer their customers advanced technology and actual clinical trials performed on patients with similar illnesses in defense of your remission and recovery. Amicus thrives on helping you get healthy and not their patients quota versus other competitor big name pharmaceutical companies. Get genuine care that is centered around putting the patients needs first. They’re responsible for the recovery and improved health of thousands of patients worldwide.

You’re invited to learn more about Amicus Therapeutics by visiting their website for more details and donation projects for additional clinical trials. They are actively working to improve the life o one patient at a time. Become an active member and save a life with your generous donation. Amicus stands for an improved quality of life for everyone.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare Provision By Rick Shinto

Quality health care provision is of utmost importance, as it involves handling human lives. In other words, the life of a patient is imperative and should be conserved at any cost. Whenever a patient visits a healthcare facility, they end up entrusting the doctors with their lives fully. Therefore, the healthcare professions should strive to meet patient’s expectations, and deliver the best service available. Ensuring the highest level of quality standard is achieved in the process of handling patients is, therefore, paramount as it is part of the core values for InnovaCare Health.

The management believes that in order to achieve a stable growth curve and attain stability, it is essential to ensure that the most qualified professionals take charge and spearhead the company in the right direction. It is quite impossible to talk about the management of InnovaCare Health without mentioning Rick Shinto, who is currently the Chief Executive Officer and the President of InnovaCare Health. Being one of the most respected healthcare professionals within the healthcare provision industry is something that cannot be ignored. Besides, that is something that represents all the credentials of Rick Shinto in his successful journey as a health professional. Read more about Rick at PHP PG ADS

Rick Shinto is a graduate holding a bachelor’s degree in medicine from the State University of New York. However, this happened after he attained another degree from the University of California. Having two degrees did not deter him from pursuing his masters’ education, and after further education, he was successfully awarded an M.B.A certificate from the University of Redlands. Having a stable foundation in academics has played a crucial part in the advancement of his managerial skills. His prowess and excellent skills in management are evident, on how he managed to propagate InnovaCare Health to heights of success that initially seemed unattainable.

Doctor Rick Shinto has a very unique personality as he believes in the ultimate sacrifice, for the purpose of achieving success. Dedication towards his work is unquestionable, no wonder he has ended up winning a variety of prestigious awards such as the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the of the Year. This award is commonly given to young individuals who are devoted to achieving success. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

Initially, Rick Shinto worked as the Chief Executive Officer of Aveta Inc., and as a pulmonologist within Southern California, before taking up the Executive leadership position at InnovaCare Health. In the course of his career, he has managed to write numerous articles about healthcare and medical topics. Through years of devotion and hard work, Dr. Rick Shinto has proved to be a force worth reckoning in the medical industry.

George Soros Shows His Support for the Democrats

George Soros is a hedge fund investor from New York. Soros has featured in the headlines several times for his political ideals and also for his philanthropic activities. Soros has been involved in the political dynamics of many countries across the world. He has been an active participant in the eviction of dictatorial regimes. George Soros has a $1.3 billion fortune that gives him the power to influence the political situation of different regions and that helps him offer huge donations towards various causes. Read more on

The Background of Soros

Soros was raised in Hungary at a time when the Nazi forces were dominating the country. He was forced to flee the country and was able to fund his education by performing odd jobs. He pursued his studies at the “London School of Economics”. A couple of years later, Soros travelled to New York to work on Wall Street. He later established a hedge fund with a whopping $12 million and named it the Quantum fund. Soros is known for his investment efforts that are channeled through the “Soros Fund Management”.

George Soros has a soft spot for refugees owing to his early life experiences. In September 2016, he announced that he was going to contribute $500 million to firms established by European refugees and migrants. Soros has offered gifts to many organizations that support immigrants. There are reports that he, on a recent occasion, injected $3 million into a “Political Action Committee” whose motive was to rally Hispanics to vote.

Read his profile at Forbes.

Soros’ Involvement in Politics

In 2004, George Soros spend an amazing $27 million in an effort to topple the former U.S. president George W. Bush from presidency. In the hotly contested 2016 elections, Soros backed up the conservatives by donating over $25 million as financial assistance to Hillary Clinton and other candidates of the Democratic Party. He was further expected to inject more into the campaigns, according to the estimates of political experts. Although the 85 year old intended to attend a Democratic Convention to watch Clinton, he had to cancel his appearance because he was involved in active currency trading and wanted to keenly monitor the European markets

The “Federal Elections Commission” also reports that Soros contributed $2 million to an opposition PAC, “American Bridge 21st Century”. The PAC targets Trump and Republican candidates. Soros further contributed $5 million to a PAC dedicated to rallying Hispanic voters, the “Immigrant Voters Win”. Soros has also given an additional $5 million to another group, “The Voting Rights Trust” a non-profit organization aimed at fighting efforts to limit voting. “End Citizens United” is another PAC that has benefited from donations from Soros.

Reports say that Soros is determined to see Trump lose the elections to Clinton not because of the personal differences between the two but because he opposes most of Trump’s proposed policies.


Social Security and It’s Impact On Retirement Planning

The vice president of the sales and financial distribution in nationwide life insurance company David Giertz is one of the world known financial advisers. He took four major exams, General securities principal examinations, Municipal Securities principle, uniform securities agent state law examination and general securities representative examination between 1986 and 1994 all of which he passed. David Giertz started working at Mony Securities Corp in 1988 and moved on to other insurance companies like The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, Citicorp Investment Services, Mony Securities Corp and Financial Horizons Securities Corporation before he ended up at nationwide life insurance in 2006. His commitment in his work at the company has borne fruits and is now one of the major vice presidents of the company’s subsidiaries.

Giertz is also a licensed broker and could work in any company whose business involves the sale and purchase of stock, bonds and other forms of securities. Apart from his leadership roles and his involvement in security brokerage, he also conducts investments advisory services on Most recently, he gave a talk on the mistakes that could lead to smaller retirement. Gierz is also of the opinion that if people take up social security too early they are likely to lose thousands every year.

In a column by wall street journal wealth advisor, David addresses the question as to why most of the financial advisors are reluctant to speak to their clients regarding social security. According to David on, most of the advisors are not confident with the many social security rules. They also lack the understanding on the same and thus cannot elaborate something they do not understand to their clients. However, a recent conducted on people some of them retired and others a few years before retirement show that many of the people wish to discuss this topic with their financial advisers at Some of them would go as far as switching their advisers if they failed to do this simple task.

Scott Rocklage involvement in the biotechnology industry

Scott Rocklage decided to join 5 AM Ventures as a Venture Partner as from 2003 but later became the Managing partner one year later. 5 AM venture was focused on building and creating biotechnology companies.

Before Scott joined the firm, he had worked in a publicly traded pharmaceutical firm, Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc, as the Chairman of the Board and as the CEO of the enterprise. He had also worked as the president and chief executive officer of Nycomed Salutar Inc which was a diagnostic imaging company as from 1986. His experience in healthcare management and his leadership responsibilities in various institutions made FDA prove three new drugs applications in the US. One of the drugs was Cubicin which was going to act as an antibiotic drug.

Three investment partners namely Andy Schwab, Carin Mueller and John Diekman were responsible for founding 5 AM venture after a spin-out of Bay Capital. During the first year after the firm was founded, it made investments in six biotechnology companies namely Kalypsys, Symyx, Alexza, Ambrx, Miikana and Celscia therapeutics. According to one of the founder and Managing Partner of 5 AM Ventures, John Diekman, he views Scott as an excellent addition to the firm and the entire investment team. This is because; Mr. Rocklage has been able to successfully established robust development pipelines, built an infrastructure where drugs would be launched and directed the approval of three drugs by FDA.

His operational experience is seen as an asset to the firm and is an element they considered before bringing him to the company. Scott has had the privilege of serving as the Executive Chairman of Miikana Therapeutics which is one of the six companies 5 AM Ventures invested on. He is also expected to head another portfolio company that is about to be finalized as its Executive Chairman. For more than fifteen years, Scott has had the knowledge of what goes on at 5 AM Venture and has had a healthy relationship with all the firm’s founders.

When joining the firm, he was excited as he knew he was participating in a team of entrepreneurs and investors. He was ready to work with all these people and contribute his experience to the continual growth of 5 AM’s portfolio of inspiring and innovative biotechnology ventures. With the help of his knowledge and expertise, Dr. Scott has been able to lead teams to raise more than five hundred million in the various institutions he has worked in such as Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Scott Rocklage experienced sharpened the knowledge he had received from the University of California where he graduated with a degree in B.S chemistry. He later furthered his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned his Ph.D. in chemistry. He believes that he will make an impact on the biotechnology industry with the help of his education and extensive experience.

More on Scott:

Scott Rocklage on Bloomberg

Natural And Chemical Free Hair Care In A Bottle

When shopping for hair cleansing products, the average consumer will pull a familiar brand straight off the shelf never pausing to read the ingredients label. If they did, they would worry. Additives like propylene glycol and monoethanolamine are commonly found in many products and are linked to kidney and liver damage amongst other things. The scary fact is these chemicals are commonly found in most mainstream hair shampoos and conditioners. So what are the alternatives?

One product stands head and shoulders above the rest. Celebrity stylist Chaz Dean formulated a high-quality product free of toxins called Wen Cleansing Conditioner that create professional, salon quality results using the power of mother nature. Ingredients such as chamomile extract and wild cherry bark naturally condition the hair follicle without stripping it of essential oils which many conventional shampoos and conditioners do.

Because of the natural products, this cleanser allows the hair shaft to retain its moisture leaving it looking plump and lush. Deep cleansing, yet gentle the conditioner is formulated for all types of hair. WEN Hair solution lacks the damaging sulfates found in everyday hair products which leave hair dull and lifeless. Instead, it is a lather-free product that deep cleans hair naturally leaving it soft, glossy, and healthy.

Wen products are free of toxic chemicals found in everyday hair products that cause the shaft to appear dull and lifeless. Instead, this lather-free cleanser deep cleans hair naturally leaving it free of residue. Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a workhorse as it can take the place of most hair products including shampoo, regular conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. Not only does this eliminate the need for extra products, but it cuts down on time spent on hair care.

Mr. Chaz Dean created a cleansing solution which not only delivers visible results but leaves hair full of body and shine. Best of all, the ingredients are free of the common toxins found in mainstream hair care products. Wen Cleansing Conditioner is composed of ingredients found in their natural state. Finally, people can enjoy an eco-friendly product that leaves hair vibrant, healthy, and chemical free.

Roberto Santiago Investment in Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a successful, Brazilian businessman. Roberto Santiago is the owner of Mangabeira shopping mall and Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, which he designed in 1989. The latter is the largest mall in the Brazil state of Paraiba.

Expansion of Manaira Shopping Mall

Over the years since its inception, the mall has gone through several renovations on Wikipedia. In 2014, a Gourmet space was opened, and it held the first Capital Steak House.

Facilities in the shopping mall

Being the largest mall in the state, it offers several services ranging from education centers to entertainment hub. The mall design provides a perfect place for a family day out. With 10,000 square meter leisure area, every member of your family will have something fun to do at the mall.

Other outstanding facilities within the mall include eight cinema halls with two of this holding 3D technology on There is also a game station for gamers and a gold strike bowling range. If you want to keep fit, there is a fully equipped gym. There is a bank, a college and food court where you can try out all your favorite delicacies.

The inclusion of an education center in the midst of entertainment hubs is clear indication of Roberto Santiago’s desire to offer knowledge to students through entertainment. This can be traced from the several theatric events that are held in the Manaira shopping mall Hall, which is both entertaining and educative.

The mall includes a ground floor and mezzanine with the latter holding cabins, music lounge, bathrooms, and bars.

Domas Hall

At the rooftop of the shopping mall is an eight thousand-seater Domas hall. It was opened in 2009 and is properly air-conditioned. It hosts several events including theatric performances, reception, art exhibitions, fairs and general events.

Films Cast in the Cinema Hall

Roberto Santiago of Manaira shopping mall cinema hall is a place where you can watch all your favorite and current movies. The latest films are “The Assassins Creed” which is an inspired by a franchise of games by the same name and “Passengers,” “Moana- A Sea of Adventures,” and “The Apartments.”

Another important event that took place in the mall is the Dragons Exhibition, which was held in April 2016. The performance moved Northeast Brazil and attracted a mass of people who harbor passion in the dragon theme.

Roberto Santiago welcomed the idea of holding the event in his mall considering that dragons are one of the most fantasized about themes. During the event, ten robotic dragons were arranged near the Gourmet area. The dragons’ mouths were synchronized such that they would produce sounds to make the display more realistic. The tail, the limbs, and the breathing were also stimulated such that they looked more real and alive.

Roberto Santiago – Helping Grow Brazil’s Entertainment And Recreational Space

Roberto Santiago is the proud owner of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall situated in the Brazilian state of Paraiba, . It is the largest in the state, and one of the largest malls in Brazil, which opened its door to the public in the year 1989. Located in Manaira area of Joao Pessoa, the mall is centrally located and offers easy access to the urban dwellers.

As one the most noted entrepreneurs of Brazil, Manaira Shopping is the vision of Roberto Santiago to offer a diverse form of leisure, fun and recreational options to the people in the region. And, to ensure that happens at par with international standards on, he left no stone unturned, which can be seen in the standards the mall boasts of. Manaira Shopping Mall has bowling alleys, ballroom, multiplex movie theaters, garden, restaurants, shopping area, leisure area, food court, hyper-store, and much more.

As an entrepreneur on who has already been well established in the niche of entertainment and fun, and is also the owner of Mangabeira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago ensured that with Manaira Shopping Mall he would up the ante. The major attraction of Manaira Shopping, for which it is highly known for in the region is its movie theaters on, of which it has 11 in number, with 3 of them equipped with advanced 3D technology. The bar service is offered for the movie goers, along with other refreshments including popcorn, a variety of snacks, drinks, ice cream and candies.

For kids and teenagers, the Game Station in the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is an entertainment haven. The area of Game Station is spread over 1800 square meters and has over 200 game machines installed with a variety of game themes on The bowling alley is another place where the kids and adults alike can be seen having a good time trying their hands with getting a strike and is always full. The complex of Manaira Shopping Mall also houses bank and a college, and thus, can be rightly said is a city in itself.

One of the most popular features of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is the Domus Hall, which is located on the terrace of the mall and can house 8,000 people. The Domus Hall can also host a variety of other events like an art exhibition, reception, theatrical performances, fairs, conferences, seminars, and other different format of events. The mall has a huge car parking space for over 3,100 cars, and the mall in general covers the area of 135,000 square meters. This gives a good insight on the extensive scale of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall.

Jeffry Schneider’s Contributions in Ascendant Capital LLC

Investors have to be rather careful when making investments decisions. Sometimes, it reaches a point where the ideas don’t go as planned which may frustrate them as they have invested so much. Ascendant Capital LLC was founded to help investors get alternative investment ideas and increase their equities and profits while at it. With more than twenty years in the industry the company has developed various projects for companies and investors which make them experts in the field of alternative investments. The company also has created numerous network and connections with private companies and brokers in the industry in order to make sure that their clients get the best service.

Jeffry Schneider, having been in the alternative investment industry for several years used his insight and visionary skills to launch and come up with the company. It may have taken him a while to begin the company but once it was up and running, the company continues to grow and expand their client base. Also, under his guidance, the company has raised a billion dollars through equity and service to their customers. His creativity and ample knowledge in what he does has helped him spear head various projects in the company which have resulted in the success of the company.

Schneider together with his team are working harder using their creativity to raise $50 million every month this year. Having a great understanding of the market, he believes that the alternative investment will be a well sought after type of investment as people are moving towards it. The knowledge he has in the field will be used to help his clients find what they seek and making money while at it.

Having been a leader and supervising employees for various companies he knows a great deal on how to treat his employees. He knows well that having open conversations and interactions with employees brings about great ideas and innovations. Alternative investment cannot succeed with close minded team. Therefore, he encourages and inspires communication in his company. a strong culture is one of the things that can be attributed to the company’s success.

Despite having a busy schedule, Schneider is a strong advocate of healthy eating and exercise. He encourages his staff and the public on the importance of being fit. He uses his blog articles to encourage individuals and to raise awareness on the importance of being healthy. His love for other people is also seen through the various charity organizations that he supports. He gives money to Cherokee Home for Children and other organizations that supports homeless children.

Schneider is a degree holder in Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and uses his experience to run his firm.

The Obituary of Stephen Murray, the Legendary Private Equity Investor

Stephen Patrick Murray was born on August 2, 1962, and died on March 12, 2015. Stephen Murray was a private equity investor-cum philanthropist. Murray was president and CEO of CCMP Capital, a private equity company which specializes in the buyout as well as growth equity transactions. Murray passed on at his home located in Stamford CT on March 12th, 2015 aged 52.

Deceased Family
Murray is survived by wife Tami, son and daughter-in-law Ryan and Jennifer Murray of Washington DC together with sons Nolan, Sean, James of Stamford, CT. The fallen investor is also survived by his both parents Joseph and Nancy Murray residing in Ossining, NY; brothers and sisters-in-law John and Kathryn of Weston, MA and Christopher and Gloria of Mount Kisco, NY; sister and brothers-in-law Joann and Andrew Reddinger residing London, UK, and other family members.

Early Life
Murray was born August 2nd, 1962 in Brooklyn, NY precisely in North Tarrytown where he was also raised. He attended Sleepy Hollow High School and Boston College and graduated with a BSc degree in Economics in 1984. Stephen Murray entered the credit analysis training program at the Manufactures Hannover and ultimately earned his Master’s in Business Administration at the prestigious Columbia Business School in 1989.

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Career Life
Murray most recently served as President and CEO of CCMP Capital Advisors in New York. It is a global private equity company he founded. Before founding the CCMP Capital Advisors in the year 2006, he served in various investment positions at its predecessor firms such as the JP Morgan Partners, Chase Capital Partners as well as Chemical Venture Partners.

Marriage Life
Murray married his college Tami Anne Monti on 21st September 1985. They lived and raised their four sons in Stamford during their three-decade marriage. He will be forever remembered as a caring, and generous father and husband he was known in his community as a hardworking and generous. Stephen Murray was passionately involved in various charitable endeavors.

His calling hours was held from 4 pm to 9 pm on Monday, March 16th, 2015 at the Shippan’s Thomas M. Gallagher Funeral Home, 453 Shippan Ave Stamford, CT. The funeral was scheduled for Tuesday, March 17th, 2015 at 11 am at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church along 403 Scofieldtown Rd Stamford. Reverend Father William P. Leahy, President of Boston College, presided over the ceremony. May the almighty, rest his soul in everlasting peace.

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