Shiraz Boghani Career Journey

Shiraz Boghani is a prominent entrepreneur and a renowned hotelier. He has vast knowledge and experience of over three decades in the hospitality industry. Shiraz is a dynamic entrepreneur, with deep passion, as well as the commitment to his roles and business ventures.

Currently, he works as the chairman of the prominent Splendid Hospitality Group that is based in the city of London. Through his leadership and strong support to the management team, they have been able to grow and expand the company in all corner of the city with about 25 projects in the hotel business. The executive has accomplished great success over the years in this competitive hotel business.

Shiraz Boghani has received numerous accolades due to his tremendous achievements in hotel business standards as well as his innovations in business. Shiraz Boghani`s recent milestone was an award he received in 2016 from the Asian Business as the Hotelier of the Year. The recognition reflects his relentless pursuit of hotel industry together with unique leadership skills. The award that Boghani received was judged by experienced and prominent experts such as journalist Amit Roy, Jitesh Gadhia, Shailesh R Solanki, Rish Sunak, and Kalpesh R Solanki. All the judges hold senior positions in different organizations.

During the award receiving ceremony, he expressed his excitement by saying he was honored to be part of the Splendid Hospitality Group`s achievements. Shiraz recognized his fellow professional executives, the management staff, as well as the entire Splendid Hospitality Group fraternity. He was also recognized by his CEO, Stuart Bailey for playing a crucial role in elevating the business to the current level among the few fastest developing independent hotel groups across the UK.

Shiraz Boghani has an excellent educational history. He is a professional chartered accountant, and also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in U.K. Shiraz Boghani manages and owns over 20 hotels in the UK with the headquarters being in London. Notably, Shiraz was among the few pioneers of the limited services branded hotels in the city of London in early 1990s. Shiraz`s recent venture include the launching of the £121 m Hilton London Bankside as well as the Conrad London St. James. Boghani`s portfolio in hospitality business include the York, the Grand Hotel & Spa, Holiday Inn London-Wembley among others big fascinating hotels.

Currently, he serves with the Sussex Health Care Co. as a co-founding manager. It is a health organization that provides innovative homes as well as healthcare practices to elderly, mentally, and physically challenged. Under his watch, Sussex has been able to expand to approximately 20 care homes.

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Michael Burwell And How Experience Strengthens A Business Leader’s Expertise

It is said that the greatest teacher in our life is experience. It is with the experiences that we have that we are able to vanquish future challenges, meet the taut hurdles in our career with vigor and courage and we are able to find tractable solutions to our problems. In the case with Willis Towers Watson’s decision to hire Michael “Mike” Burwell as its new CFO, it is confident that the previous work experiences of Michael Burwell would be a valuable asset to Willis Towers’ ability to withstand the challenges of the modern market.



The Experience


It cannot be denied that Michael Burwell is one of the indomitable and valuable executives that can play the Chief Finance role in the company. You don’t need to go beyond the 31 years of finance in the name of Mr. Burwell to understand his acumen and level of robust expertise that can push a company to rise. His 31 years of finance and professional services experience that he gained at Pricewaterhouse Ltd (PwC) have emboldened him to stand sophomoric and strong in facing the new challenges of Willis Towers. His experience as the previous company’s Head of Global Transformation, Senior Leader Executive, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Financial Officer in its United States branches is also an added strength to his credentials.


There’s a lot of reasons to be incredulous in the way the market behaves in the global economic scale, but the fact that Michael Burwell is showing evidence of previous work experience means that he is most likely to be able to contribute to the strengthening of the foundation of Willis Towers Watson.


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About Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell is now the CFO of Willis Towers Watson. His 31 years spent for the management of Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC) is the foundation that he has for being selected for the position.


Mike holds a bachelor’s business administration degree from the Michigan State University. He is a certified public accountant by profession and has been recognized by his alma mater as Michigan State University’s Alumnus of The Year. Right now, he’s interested in the ideas of InsureTech and the potential it brings to B to C markets.



Tony Petrello Promotes Corporate Social Responsibility Through Nabors Industries

Recent statistics on corporate social responsibility indicate that baby boomers and millennials prefer associating with corporations that give back to their communities. As such, it is evident that these corporations not only build their businesses in terms of revenue but also regarding providing the company a good marketing name. Nabors Industries has excelled in participating in such corporate responsibilities.

Background Data

You have heard that oil company’s executives earn millions as salaries and allowances. That is true. Therefore, most people assume that there is greed in the oil industry. With those facts on the table, it becomes difficult to convince people that in fact, not every employee in the oil industry is self-centered. Tony Petrello is an excellent example of a leader who works in the oil industry and is not self-centered.


In the heart of beautiful Texas, Tony Petrello’s name is revered in every way. The chief executive officer of Nabors Industries has worked hard to make sure that his organization is not just a working station made for profit generation. That is why Petrello, seeing that Hurricane Harvey attacked the people of Texas, chose to rally his employees for corporate social responsibility. Unlike the regular working days where his employees report to work for particular duties, this time, they reported to work for one specific reason; to prepare for charity work.

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Supporting Victims

Tony Petrello’s employees joined victims of Hurricane Harvey immediately after the aftermath that robbed people of their lives, property, and good health. On that morning, the employees worked on an open kitchen that was later used to serve the victims with healthy balanced meals. Moreover, the same workers worked with their friends, acquaintances and business associates to donate money towards helping these victims. It is right to conclude that in this supportive project, Anthony Petrello was the lead project manager and so far, Nabors Industries has earned stellar reputation in light of its contribution.

Additional Information

Moreover, Tony Petrello works with Texas Children Hospital in different projects. The primary objective however is, to come up with sufficient resources and acquire modern technology in order to provide viable treatment for children with special needs. Petrello has actively been involved in board meetings as well. He initiated these projects when his daughter Carena was born and diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Following that, his contributions have been counted as very instrumental to the development of the hospital.

The Overview

Conclusively, Tony Petrello as the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries has carried himself appropriately in terms of dignity and exemplary traits. That is why he is respected for his input to the society.

Dr. Mark McKenna – Business Genius.

Dr. Mark McKenna is currently a 43 year old licensed medical doctor and surgeon. His license covers the states of Florida and Georgia. He acquired his credentials from Tulane University Medical School as he is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. After his completion of medical school he immediately began McKenna Venture Investments. This is a real estate development firm. The real estate venture was a financial backup system. He also began practicing medicine with his father immediately after the completion of his training. He became an established entrepreneur acquiring and launching several companies.

To fund the real estate investments and his other business ventures he worked nights at prisons using his medical degree to conduct physicals for inmates. He earned $50 per hour doing this work and he invested every penny into his businesses. He also worked in his father’s practice for five years. With a very active brain he practiced medicine as a routine activity yet he was always thinking of larger ventures. He made approximately a half million dollars annually from his real estate business.

His fate was altered in the year 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the hurricane destroyed most of his businesses. He lost millions of dollars instantly. Dr. Mark McKenna did not let this destruction destroy him. He went on to actually participate in the rebuilding of low and moderate income housing.

The great doctor took approximately two years to regroup and he was able to recover through selling and investing his repaired properties within a 2 year period. In 2007 he dissolved his real estate business and he headed to Atlanta, Georgia. While in Atlanta he launched the company ShapeMed. ShapeMed was a beauty based medical practice. He sold ShapeMed to Lifetime Fitness for approximately $4.4 Million Dollars. Via his continued involvement with ShapeMed, via their deal, he grew ShapeMed from inside each Lifetime Fitness until the buyout in 2015.

In July of 2017 he became the founder and CEO of OVME pronounced (of me). By this time he was married with a newborn little girl. OVME and Dr. Mark McKenna started the popular and convenient Uber styled Botox service, body weight and nutrition counseling and laser hair removal. Yes, they come to you. This service allows patients to use the app to connect with freelance medical professionals. To learn more about OVME and Dr. Mark McKenna visit

Cassio Audi- The Celebrated Hard Rock Drummer of All Time

Cassio Audi is a former musician from Brazil who is well known for his great skills in drumming during the 1980s. Cassio Audi started his music career in the early 1980s and established a band known as the Viper Rock Band with four of his friends. Cassio Audi helped to consolidate the group of teenagers by playing his role in the drum sets which is what that led the group to the limelight. What’s more, the drumming by Cassio Audi introduced a sub-genre in the hard rock music that had never been experienced before. The sound produced was marked by a thick, loud, and emphatic beats that were novel at the time.

Cassio Audi’s Talent with the Drums in the Viper Band

Moreover, viper’s music was inspired by the popular British heavy rock played in the 60s by Iron Maiden. Cassio Audi was not the only drummer in the group but also assisted with the songwriting. He even composed one of the songs that were on their first album and helped write other songs for Viper Band. The group first recorded their first songs in a demo album that was known as Killera Sword. Further, the demo album had three tracks on the album that included Killera, The Princess from Hell and the Nightmare.

Furthermore, the tracks in the demo album were so good that they motivated Viper Group to record their first official album released in 1987. The album was titled the ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ and was a success to the group besides being a great hit. Again, the album was loved by rock fans that attributed the new sub-genre of the drum beats as result of Cassio Audi’s prowess with the drums.

Cassio Audi earned recognition among fans and was the most loved in the group for the electrifying sound that he produced with the drumming. Also, the album contained the songs in the demo album though they were with a few alterations. In addition, Cassio Audi had such a significant influence in the group that when he left in 1989 to pursue his college education, the group struggled before they could implement and continue with production.

Dr. Mark McKenna Went on to also Establish Universal Mortgage

Dr. Mark McKenna is known for being a Medical Doctor that happens to be licensed in both Medicine and Surgery by the Florida and Georgia State Board of Examiners. When it comes to Dr. Mark McKenna he is very passionate about patient advocate and is a very dedicated community servant. He is known as originally being from New Orleans, LA but is a graduate of the Tulane University Medical School.

Shortly after he finished his medical training he began practicing medicine alongside his father. This was done at the same time that he was trying to launch McKenna Venture Investments, which is known for being a boutique real estate development firm. This is not, however, where McKenna’s achievements stopped.

Throughout his career years, Dr. Mark McKenna went on to also establish Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. He would later go on to grow these companies to have over 50 employees. Along with helping grow the employee count he also helped the companies to be able to offer real estate closing services, financial services, and turnkey design-build services.

It was on August 29th of 2005 after Katrina destroyed New Orleans that Dr. Mark McKenna decided that he wanted to help by participating in the rebuilding of New Orleans. He decided that he would do this by taking part in the redevelopment of the low moderate income housing. This turned out to be one of the things that McKenna took a lot of pride in helping with. On November of 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna decided that he wanted to relocate to Atlanta, GA and established ShapeMed, which happens to be an aesthetic and wellness based medical practice. In 2014 ShapeMed happened to be sold to Life Time Fitness Inc., which McKenna served as being the National Medical Director for until July of 2016.

James Dondero Is Enthusiastic About Investments

James Dondero is a hard-working executive who is based in the bustling city of Dallas, Texas. He works as the President and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a company that’s known as Highland Capital Management, L.P.. Highland Capital Management refers to a business that concentrates on alternative investment management. It takes charge of everything from distressed investment funds to structured investment funds. It even handles hedge funds. Highland Capital Management has been in business since the beginning of the nineties. It was officially launched in 1993. Dondero is a co-founder for the company. That’s the reason he’s been a part of it since day one. Highland Capital Management caters to a wide range of clients. It accommodates financial institutions, corporations, public pension plans, fund of funds, foundations, endowments and even government organizations. It isn’t unusual for the company to work with individuals who have significant earnings, either. The main office for Highland Capital Management is in Dallas. It has international branches in Seoul, South Korea, Singapore and New York, New York. Visit Nexbank to know more about James.

Dondero is a diligent professional who is equipped with a substantial degree of experience in his large field. He’s been a big player in the equity and credit markets for more than three enriching decades. He knows a lot about distressed and high-yield investing concepts. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

Dondero is an individual who has a lot on his plate. He enjoys being busy in many different ways. He routinely gives assistance to causes that pertain to subjects such as public policy, veterans affairs and education. He believes that everyone on the planet deserves a fair shot at education. Learning is extremely important to James Dondero and has been for his entire life. He is an alumnus of the University of Virginia located in Charlottesville, Virginia. It’s a public institution of higher learning that was established all the way back in 1819. He studied finance, accounting and commerce while at the school. He earned a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degree while there. Dondero is equipped with CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification. He has an in-depth and comprehensive grasp of all matters that relate to the accounting world.


Giertz Gives Advice on Retirement

Planning for life in retirement is one of the most important things most things an adult can do. Fortunately, according to financial expert David Giertz, more and more people are looking at an planning for retirement. However Giertz has seen that many of these young people are still not totally going about this process in the correct manner. In a recent article by Reporter Expert, David Giertz provides some tips to help young adults planner for a great retirement.

Assess your Finances

Knowing where you are financial is a big deal. Making saving money and paying off debt a priority are crucial in planning for a great retirement. The less debt a person has the more than can prioritize for retirement.

Capitalize on Compound Interest

Compound Interest is a powerful tool.David Giertz recommends young people start an IRA because the money is taxed before you make a deposit. Also if you start early you can build compound interest through your life.

Work on the Side

Having a second stream of income can be a great help. The ability to make extra money helps to speed up the savings process as well as the process for eliminating debt. A side gig may be the start to a great retirement.

David Giertz has more than three decades of experience in the financial world. He is known largely for his role as president with Nationwide Financial. It was there that he helped to grow their sales to nearly eighteen billion dollars. Other positions he has held include a certified business coach with WABC and the Chair of Board of Trustees with Millikin University. It was at Millikin University he received his BS and later earned an MBA from he University of Miami. Giertz has built quite an impressive resume and continues to advise clients in the financial world.

Troy McQuagge: The Force Behind USHEALTH Group’s Exemplary Performance

Troy McQuagge was the CEO of the Year 2016 after winning gold in the One Planet Awards. Organizations throughout the globe, no matter their size or purpose, have the eligibility of submitting nominations for the One Planet Awards. The program is a worldwide premier awards project that honors professional and business excellence in all the industries throughout the world. One Planet Awards offers recognition in various categories such as new services and products, executives, marketing, teams, and corporate communications.

Troy McQuagge entry to USHEALTH in 2010 pioneered the restructuring of the company’s captive distribution agency, the USHEALTH Advisors. He got elected as the CEO and President of the company in 2014 following his success in re-building the USHEALTH Advisors. In his occupancy as the head of the group, the firm continues to register remarkable growth, prosperity, and profitability within the personal health insurance field which is highly competitive.

Troy McQuagge expressed his pleasure of receiving the award and acknowledged the company’s teamwork effort in achieving excellence. He said that the award reflected the firm’s continued dedication to solving healthcare affordability issue for their clients by offering them innovative insurance as per their needs. USHEALTH Group aims at combining talents of its agents and employees in marketing profitable and competitive insurance products.

Troy McQuagge is an entrepreneur and corporate executive originating from Panama City. He currently lives in Coppell town. He studied at the University of Central Florida. Troy has more than 30 years background in sales-related posts. He began his career with the selling of health insurance and joined the Allstate Insurance in 1983. In 1995, Troy joined UICI Health Market. It was in 2010 that he joined USHEALTH Group.

Troy McQuagge is an expert in the provision of decisive administration and motivation to cross-cultural and multi-functional groups. He is a driven and dynamic sales expert who achieves remarkable results in highly competitive setups. Under his leadership, the USHEALTH Group produces record-breaking results for profitability and growth.

Troy manages to lead the company to excellence despite the highly competitive nature of the health insurance market. He is a humble person and has an unfathomable commitment to his work.

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Paul Mampilly – The Experienced and Established Financial Wizard

According to the article published in the Reporter Expert, more than one-third of the Americans usually invest in stocks. Since about two-thirds of the Americans sock their money in savings accounts and pay interests rates that are extremely low, some individuals are starting to be more interested in alternatives. But, the risk is known to be a major factor that bars the way for lots of potential investors. Moreover, a large number of people simply don’t have any clues on investing in the stock market.

An experienced, as well as an established financial wizard, called Paul Mampilly, has offered a few of his wisdom to any potential investor who wants to find out which stocks they should buy. According to Paul, precision medicine is one of the future technological trends. Precision medicine involves the use of genetic testing as a means of accurately diagnosing diseases including different forms of cancer, and more information click here.

Patients’ genetic profiles will allow trained physicians to understand the personal DNA code of the patient. After obtaining this relevant information, a doctor could then compare the DNA of the patient to the genetic information found in a comprehensive database.

During that process, a physician is going to find the proper treatment prepared toward each DNA of the patient. Instead of guessing the medicine that is going to work best for a certain patient, a doctor is going to have the capability of targeting the exact treatment and then create a perfect match. Considering this information, Paul recommends people to buy stocks that represent genetic testing companies and

Many people are confused about how they can invest in the stock market. Paul eliminates the guesswork on how to invest. His excellent record is displayed in his published investment portfolio that is ongoing for everybody to read and then digest. Individuals who act upon Paul’s suggestions can find that they experience futures that are more profitable for themselves as well as their families, and Paul’s lacrosse camp.

Paul, Wall Street mogul, turned investment plus research analyst, has left the quick pace of the billion-dollar dealings and he is currently trying to help everyday individuals to make money. He started working at the Bankers Trust as it’s assistant portfolio manager and continued working his way up as an investor for several multi-billion-dollar firms.

Thanks to Paul, the Kinetics Asset Management company enjoyed the World’s Best hedge fund benefits. Eventually, the Wall Street stresses got to Paul, and he chose to focus his efforts mainly on assisting people to profit from their money.