This has been a phrase that has been used a great deal in business. There are lots of companies and brands looking to “cut out the middleman”.

The premise for this catch phrase can be illustrated in the following way:

“Take a pair of italian shoes that would normally be worth $500, make them for $100. Take them and sell them for $300. That is a $200 difference. Do you see how that works?”

The problem in the shoe business has always been money. You see the style, color and fit you want. The only issue lines in the quantity. You only have money for one or two pairs, when you want maybe 4 or 5.


Why do the high-end shoes always cost so much? It’s because of all the overhead involved. To make a pair of really good high-end shoes it will take several processes. Than there is the overhead to consider. All of these processes take money.

Why not cut everything out. Go right to the source. This way you can get the same product for less money. Thus way the production comes in under budget. Nelson and Gerson are some of the first shoe suppliers to begin doing this. Once they started, they noticed a significant drop in pricing and production, but the shoe still maintained the same value and quality. Nelson and Gerson have seen an increase in stock by up to $100 million a year. This is within the last five years. Paul Evans is looking to do the same.


Paul Evans is another shoe store and source that has been getting into the “cut out the middleman” idea. More men have been coming to the Paul Evans chain. More men are buying into the product value and liking it. In keeping with this mindset, Paul Evans has done it’s own cutting.

This way men can still buy several pairs of high-quality shoes, all while staying under budget. Paul Evans is one of the cheaper shoe places to go shopping at.

If you have not taken a look at the Paul Evan’s site, please do so. All his shoes are high-end, yet you don’t have to go broke to buy from him.