Bill O’Reilly Maintains Top Spot With FOX News After Network Pays Big In Harassment Settlements

If you’re a fan of the FOX News network, or even if you’re not a viewer and can’t stand him, you still know who Bill O’Reilly is.


In other words, you either love him or hate him. At FOX, he plays a key role for the news network because he’s a ratings darling and brings big bucks Fox’s way via The O’Reilly Show. To give you an idea, consider this:


Bill O’Reilly’s No. 1 cable news show made about $178 million in advertising revenue in 2015. So FOX News isn’t about to ruffle his feathers, despite what a number of women have been saying about him, in and out of court.


The New York City network has shelled out approximately $13 million, which has been paid out over the years to address complaints from numerous women about Mr. O’Reilly’s behavior. He still denies the claims have any merit.


According to the Chicago Tribune, five women were involved, claiming harassment by the veteran newscaster and talk show host, stretching over a period of 15 years.


At the first of the new year, O’Reilly settled yet another harassment claim; this one was filed by former Fox News presenter Juliet Huddy. The amount was undisclosed.


Huddy and the other women allege that Mr. O’Reilly was guilty of a variety of behavior, including lewd comments, unwanted advances, phone calls and verbal abuse.


He plays a prominent role in the FOX newsroom and would often start to offer advice to the female newswomen to cement a bond. Then, he would allegedly sexually pursue these TV journalists.


Bill O’Reilly is 67-years-old and a native New Yorker. The FOX News talk show host has been married once to Maureen McPhilmy. This marriage lasted between 1996 and 2011, and it was a contentious divorce. The pair share two children.