Beyonce NYC Concert Event

The Queen B has returned with a phenomenal album titled “Lemonade”. She performed in Queens, NY last night at Citi Field on June 7th, 2016. She will be performing again tonight on June 8th, 2016. Beyonce frequents NYC so more up-coming shows with her new album featured is safe to assume. This event will be amazing as fans that have traveled the nation to see her get what they have come for. A night illuminating an extremely talented songstress that has stayed relevant for many years in the music industry now. Last night’s performance was considered riveting and powerful, which is no surprise coming from Beyonce who seems to “slay” like it’s effortless. See what all the fuss is about Beyonce’s Formation world tour is something we should all keep tabs on. Her releases have been nothing short of flawless, and her live performances are just that much more charging. Her most recent album release “Lemonade” is widely-believed to be a personal narrative of her relationship and the issues that have come with it, also centered around themes of forgiveness, “Lemonade” is an eclectic album, definitely the most eclectic album Beyonce has recorded. Other themes in the album include anger, resentment, race relations, self-empowerment after betrayal, and the nature of womanhood. “Lemonade” displays many moods and characteristics, as well as various genres that Beyonce delved deep into. From Rock to Country, Hip-Hop to Alternative, this is an album everyone needs to listen to this year.