How Richard Mishaan Begin His Career as an Interior Designer

Richard Mishaan was born in Colombia and started an interior design firm in New York City. He not only has a knowledge of interior design but fashion and architecture as well.

When Richard Mishaan started out as an apprentice, he began working in the offices of Philip Johnson. He graduated with a BA degree at New York University and studied at Colombia University in architecture.

Richard Mishaan has written two books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern. They were both published by Monacelli Press, a division of Random House. His book, Artfully Modern came out in 2014.

For the past 25 years, Richard Mishaan has been at the top of his profession in the world of interior design. He has multiple designs for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms. One of his plans for the living room is Spanish Modern. It is my favorite because it has different colors that blend well together.

The bedroom designs have a relaxed tone with colors that blend in together, giving a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The bedroom that I like, in particular, is the Chaplet’s design because it makes you feel like your in a cabin out in the country.

One of the kitchen tables I admire of Richard Mishaan is a Vintage Pine Pedestal Round Table that has an antique look to it and seats four people. Also, he has an Elm Windsor Elbow Chair made with wood that has dark brown color. With this particular table, the Elm Winsor Elbow wooden chair is comfortable with a dark colored varnish to it.

Richard Mishaan is not only an entrepreneur but has an excellent eye for color and design. No wonder he is the most popular interior designer in the world. He has made a difference in the world of design as well.