Bedford Avenue Transit Riders Thank Platform Manager

Many of the subway riders who regularly transfer at the busy Bedford Avenue Transit station held a spontaneous party for the transferring platform manager on Friday. When Steffon Williams showed up for his final day at the busy station before relocating to another platform assignment, he received a memorable tribute. Regular subway riders thanked him by presenting him with freshly baked pastries, jam and flowers. They wanted him to know that they really appreciated the good job he had done at the Bedford Avenue station, one of the busiest platforms in Brooklyn.

During the time that he worked at the platform, Steffon Williams often assisted subway riders as they changed trains. Although the Transit Workers Union decided not to honor the request of passengers to keep him at his post, his excellent customer service skills did not remain unappreciated.

As summer approaches, many New Yorkers will use the subway to access nearby beaches and vacation resorts. The complex subway system sometimes proves confusion, but transit workers who take a proactive approach to their work, like Steffon Williams, receive the gratitude of commuters who appreciate assistance in navigating between sometimes unfamiliar stations.

Steffon Williams told the gathering on Friday that he’d try to return to the Bedford Avenue station when a new platform lottery opportunity arises in a few months. During his work as the platform manager, he oversaw the transits of some 27,000 passengers daily in one of Brooklyn’s busiest locations