Lime Crime Launches New Line of Nude Lip Colors

If you know anything about Lime Crime then you know that the modern and forward-looking media company is best known for providing cosmetic products such as lip gloss, lipstick and hair dye that are absolutely perfect for beauty enthusiasts that have tastes that might lean more towards the avant-garde. True to its name Lime Crime offers shades of lipstick and hair dye that come in bright colors such as neon green, neon pink, shimmering lavender or bright blue. Lime Crime’s unique offering with regard to beauty products has made it one of the primary cosmetic companies that consumers think of when they are looking for a makeup brand that sells unconventional beauty products. While Lime Crime is known for offering products to its consumers that allow them to build unique and bold beauty looks it also carries many products that can appeal to consumers who want looks that might be considered to be more classic.

For example Lime Crime recently launched a new product line. In early 2018 the company released a brand new line of lip products that is known as Plushies. Lime Crime’s new Plushies line is comprised of nude colors that have been designed to last all day. According to Lime Crime’s website its Plushie’s line is a soft focus lip veil that has a compelling blackberry candy. The Plushies line offers many options for beauty enthusiasts who are interested in creating looks that are more muted. While a bold lip color can be the centerpiece of a look the subdued colors that are available in Lime Crime’s Plushies line can often be more versatile.

Lime Crime’s Plushies lip colors come in twelve different colors that range from shades such as rosebud, milk tea, cola, gum drop, to grape jelly and smokey. Beauty enthusiasts who are interested in pinks and lighter brown colors will be likely to get a lot of mileage out of Lime Crime’s new Plushie’s line. The Plushie’s line is also perfect for customers who prefer a matte look for their lips versus sporting a glossy look for their lips. For a complete look beauty enthusiasts can try out Lime Crime’s Plushies lip colors for their lips and Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palettes in Sugar Plum for their eyeshadow.