Lime Crime Has Another Scandal Set To Break


Every time you hear Doe Deere quite for some time, you are sure she is working on a lucrative product that will blow our minds off. Lately, in a press release, she announced the introduction of Scandal, a new addition to the line of velvetines. The product is a purple violet matte lipstick which gives the lips the deserving boss lady touch.  This goes above and beyond their last new product for the holiday season, which was covered in this piece: Lime Crime Launches VELVE-TINS: Holiday Mini-Velvetine Boxed Sets



When asked what inspires the Scandal Velvetine, the Queen of Unicorn reveals that the product is for ladies who are unapologetic. Those who don’t give in the pressures of the peers and gives the “don’t care attitude.” Sometimes, we all feel as though all the forces of nature are going against us and Scandal can help us go through such days when we don’t want to be bothered.



For great results, Doe advises the users to apply lip balm fifteen minutes before they apply scandal. This gives the lips a chance to moisturize and wear off excessive oil so that after the application, the lipstick will dry off into the perfect matte which brings out the sexiness in the wearer. In addition to the scandal, Lime Crime has several other products that come in pink red velvetin and nude.



Lime Crime Makeup company has been in existence since 2008 and so far is one of the most popular makeup companies around the globe. The company has widespread and a large presence in the social media and uses these platforms to interact with their customers. Any new products are communicated through their Instagram and Facebook accounts where they have millions of followers.



Doe Deere runs her company with an unconformity approach, and she also runs the official Lime Crime blog. She believes that makeup is something to be used to express oneself and not an additional or a cover up for the person’s beauty. In fact all her product lines are dedicated to women’s character. Those that don’t allow color to define them or weigh them down. All her product lines describe a person and gives them the freedom to be who they are.



In addition, Lime Crime is a vegan brand, and a lover of animals and has a certificate from Leaping Bunny.