Shea Butter, Nature’s Ultimate Moisturizer

Nature is a great restorer and healer. The scientist George Washington Carver noted that fact when he said the “great creator has put ores and oils on the Earth… we can synthesize[them and meet]every human need from things that grow.” Shea butter is one of those gifts of nature that man has synthesized and now it makes our lives better.

Shea butter is a triglyceride, an ivory-colored solid fatty oil extracted from the nut of the Karite or Mangifolia trees that grow wild in the equatorial belt of Central Africa. The Karite tree bears a fruit with a nut inside that when boiled and crushed produces shea butter.

A staple of the cosmetic industry, shea butter can be found in almost anything that you put on your body. This natural lubricant is beneficial in several ways:

The fatty acids and plant steroids are the healing properties of shea butter. Unlike other nut oils and fats, shea butter is non-saponifiable. Therein lies its healing powers, and because of this it is effective in treating skin rashes, peeling, stretch marks, frost bites, insect bites and stings.

Antioxidant Qualities
Shea butter contains vitamins A and E which are plant antioxidants. This vitamin duo protects skin cells from free radicals and environmental damage. The cinnamic acid esters in the fat of shea butter helps prevent skin damage from ultra violent radiation.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Again the cinnamic acid derivatives in shea butter help produce anti-inflammatory properties. Research has discovered that the anti-lupeol cinnamate found in shea butter prevents the development of tumors.

Naa Sakle Akuele, a former Wall Street analyst, has used her knowledge of the value of shea butter to create a new company. EuGenia Shea is a family business that has also become a social enterprise dedicated to empowering women through the sale of all natural pure shea butter. The company with headquarters in North Ghana boast of an all female work force. This business venture has been a life saver for many women who are mothers by providing above average wages and job training for the workers who harvest the nuts.

Getting Rid of Static With Wen by Chaz

For some women, static and frizz represent a major problem with the maintenance of a lasting hair care regimen. Static and frizz usually work hand in hand to ruin a hair style, and many women seek lasting ways to destroy this natural occurrence. The consistent use of a quality hair care product like the WEN by Chaz Dean hair care system [] has proven to be extremely beneficial in the effort to remove frizz and static. In order to drastically reduce the levels of static and frizz found in the hair, it is important to understand the nature of the hair and how frizz initially develops.
Frizz and static develop in the hair when the hair follicles naturally work to attract moisture molecules in the air. This natural process is the hair’s natural defense mechanism to fight against dryness. The hair collects reactants throughout the day, which help it to effectively absorb the moisture molecules. When the hair absorbs the moisture molecules, the added moisture creates the puffy look that we commonly refer to as frizz. This frizz effect also creates the static cling that is often associated with puffy hair. Although the absorption of moisture from the air molecules is a natural process for the hair, steps can be taken to prevent the process from occurring.

In order to combat frizz, consumers should maintain a hair care regimen that includes products made with organic oils and ingredients. These oils act as a barrier to the pores that are located on each hair strand, and effectively prevents frizz. By applying the Wen by Chaz hair serum to the hair on a consistent basis, consumers are ensuring that the hair follicles remain moisturized and closed. By completing this process, frizz is much less likely to occur. Maintaining a healthy hair care regimen can effectively eliminate frizz and static from your life forever. Wen products are available on Sephora and can be ordered online through Amazon.


Lime Crime: Makeup Options for Unicorns

Many know Doe Deere as the founder as well as the CEO of Lime Crime company. The company is a cosmetic one and it mainly deals with makeup. What most people do not know is that Doe was born in Russia and that until her twenties, she was bad at makeup. She, however, grew up in New York and started posting experimental makeup tutorials online. Lime Crime was an idea which was conceived way before she launched it officially in 2008.

The drive behind the launching of Lime Crime was rather unique. Doe was pushed by the need to find the right makeup to complement the kind of clothes she was selling. At the time, she was sewing clothes and selling them on Ebay. The problem was that she could not find bright makeup to go with the colour of the clothes she was making.

After the company’s official launch in 2008, Doe launched the Unicorn Lipsticks the following year. The company goes down in history as one of the pioneers of distinct yet radical lip colours in the makeup industry and market. In 2012, Velvetines followed and introduced the matte lipstick trend. Since the company’s inception in 2008, their products have always been cruelty-free. In fact, even though their products were already vegan from the beginning, they made all the rest conform to the vegan standards by 2012.

Doe usually oversees all the processes of her product development as the CEO of Lime Crime. She always has her Unicorns at the back of her mind through all the processes as part of her inspiration.

Doe Deere has been recognised for her tremendous effort in transforming the beauty industry. She was among the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs on the list by Self-Made Magazine. Her love for colour and her fans, who she refers to as unicorns, are her biggest inspiration. As an entrepreneur, she constantly looks for ways to make her brand better for all her unicorns.  Be sure to use the hashtag #limecrime on Twitter to connect with other fans.