Reiventing the gluteal implant; Dr.Mark Mofid

Over the last couple of years, plastics surgery has received a significant number of negative reviews. Cases of patients opting out the procedure have increased. The situation has been a concern for plastic surgeons like Mark Mofid. Mofid is a certified plastic surgeon in the US. He has been practicing plastic surgery for a decade now. He took plastic surgery studies at both Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University. He has spent a lot of resources in a research initiatives to improve plastic surgery procedures to achieve patient safety and comfort. Overtime Mofid has learned to prioritize his patients over any other factor. It has earned him a positive image among across the US. Mark Mofid handles every patient’s cases uniquely. Safety of his patient is a concern before making any treatment decisions.

Mark Mofid has been working to understand the various body systems and muscle in a mission to develop better gluteal implant. His efforts have been an advancement on the traditional gluteal augmentation. The new gluteal implant is now being used across the world. Traditional implants incompatible with the various body system and muscle and they ended up sagging in most patients. It made patients regret undergoing the procedure and also instill fear among other prospective patients for the process.

Mark Mofid with his new invention the industry is much safer than ever before. He strongly feels there is no need to worry about the procedures. The new implant has improved ratios, low profile, distinct intramuscular positioning. However, he feels the need for researchers to keep pressing for further advancement that would guarantee the patients safety and comfort. He has been continuously working with Dr. Gonzalez, and he is confident that this has given him an opportunity to understand the field much better.

In his interview with medical spa MD, Mark Mofid he holds that experience is overblown. It’s imperative that everyone should have equal employment opportunity. However, employers should always run a history investigation before hiring. Additionally, excellent work for his patients has been his marketing tool.

How Dr. Mark Mofid Innovates In The Field Of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mark Mofid has been a plastic surgeon for the past two decades. His practice is in San Diego and customers come to his offices from Del Mar, La Jolla, and Chula Vista as well as other areas. Beyond operating on people he also has performed a lot of research into various implants. He wants to make plastic surgery as safe as possible while also getting people he has worked on to look natural, like no work has been done. One of his specialties is gluteal augmentation and he is regarded as one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States when it comes to this procedure.

When Dr. Mark Mofid started doing gluteal augmentation surgery about a decade ago he was very dissatisfied with the implants those in the industry were using. He has said that they are very incompatible with how the human body operates in regards to muscles and tissue. They are notorious for slipping out of place which gives any women with this sort of implant an inevitable sagging look. He knew he could come up with something better.

After countless hours of research, Dr. Mark Mofid had designed a new gluteal augmentation implant. He says it has much lower profile than what came before and, even better, it stays in place. He now uses this implant exclusively and offers it to other plastic surgeons who do this type of surgery on their patients.

In order to learn everything he can about gluteal augmentation surgery, Dr. Mark Mofid has developed a professional relationship with Dr. Gonzalez. Dr. Gonzales has been doing this type of surgery in Brazil since 1984. Dr. Mark Mofid says that Brazil is known as the gluteal augmentation capital of the world and Dr. Gonzalez is the best one in that nation in performing this type of operation.

After graduating from Harvard University, Dr. Mark Mofid attended The John Hopkins University School of Medicine. Upon graduation he moved to the greater San Diego area and set up his own practice. He also serves as a staff surgeon at a number of hospitals in Southern California.

A Better Way To Tint Your Hair: Lime Crime’s Unicorn Dye

LimeCrime has done it again. This phenomenal company has only been around for a few years, but it seems to be running things at an efficient rate. Ladies just love to color their lovely locks, but all hair coloring isn’t equal. Many of today’s top brands tend to use heavy chemicals with their hair dyes and others never really live-up to their own hype. Having the ability to choose from unique, vibrant colors use to come few-and-far-between. Fortunately, today is a new day and there is a hot new product that’s taking the industry by storm.

This hot new product is known as Unicorn hair tint. Unlike the competing brands, LimeCrime offers an ultra-conditioning formula that is light and airy. This do-it-yourself hair dye is in a class of its own because it fades at a slower rate, it washes-out easily, and it provides damage-free characteristics. The semi-permanent hair dye just so happens to be 100 percent vegan. On top of that, consumers can choose between a multitude of fabulous colors such as dusty rose, bright orange, valentine-bright red, hot pink, dusty pink, emerald green, neon blue, emerald green, royal blue, squid purple, and numerous others. The options are literally endless. After using this product, you’ll think that you have died and went to Unicorn heaven. The magical shades of rainbow colors are exceptional when being viewed by the naked-eye.

What more can you say? The all-new Unicorn hair dyes have taken over the game. This product can be used on any length of hair. LimeCrime has made it possible to completely update your entire look. The brand has a host of other beauty products that can be used to create the ultimate beautiful look.

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