Life is a Little Brighter for our Four-Legged Friends

Animals that have been used for testing were previously euthanized upon completion of the tests. But now, thanks to the Beagle Freedom Bill, dogs and cats that have gone through testing can be put up for adoption. Though the bill covers multiple species of cats and dogs, it is so named because the calm and compact beagle is the primary subject of testing. Now all species , who are done with testing, and are proven by a veterinarian to be healthy, will be sent to a Humane Society to be put up for adoption.

California, Connecticut, Nevada and Minnesota already passed the bill with New York being the fifth. The Beagle Freedom Project hopes to spread awareness and find these furry friends a good home in all 50 states. It takes extra care to look after these little guys. Because they have often been bred in captivity, some of them have never seen the light of day. They are often very shy and need a lot of patient kindness and a lot of love from new owners.

Other animals are often used for testing too that could also be considered pets. These animals, such as rabbits and rats do not have a project for adoption yet. Their only hope is the New Life Animal Sanctuary, which houses some of these animals until they pass away from natural causes. Kindness Ranch is another home-like center for pigs, sheep, and horses as well as cats and dogs. There they attempt to rehabilitate the animals and then put them up for adoption.

The nicest part of the Beagle Freedom Bill is that everything is done according to a specific code. After testing is done, the animals are sent to a licenced veterinarian who determines whether or not the animal is healthy enough and mentally stable enough to be considered for adoption. Then the critter is safely and comfortably sent to a Humane Society, a well known and reputable institution for pet adoption. Here the new owner is determined whether or not they are suitable and is made aware of any health issues or special concerns that need to be considered.

After all the paperwork is complete these furry, four-legged individuals finally have a chance at a good life!