How to Succeed in the College Basketball Betting

College basketball is among the leading sports that people bet on these days. This is because of the number of college basketball tournaments that are available on betting websites. Betting on a sports team of your choice can be difficult especially if you are uncertain about the odds of winning. Fortunately, is a great betting website where you can place bets on March Madness odds or college basketball. When placing a bet, look at the team that has hosted the game. It is obvious that most teams that host games tend to win due to the home support they get from their fans.

Covering the Spread

The usually lists betting previews and odds for both NBA and college basketball teams. As a bettor, you can get insights on what to expect from all the matches to be played. Most people tend to bet on a team that seems stronger than the opponent. Spread bets are usually offered when this happens. Betting companies offer a small victory margin for the team that has high chances of winning. If this team wins more than the victory margin, the team is considered to have “covered the spread.” When you bet on such a team, you will eventually win. The other team with fewer bets is known as the underdog. If you place your bet on the underdog, you will only win if the team wins or if the team loses but the victory margin is significantly smaller than the spread.

The “covering the spread” phenomenon only applies to the team with most bets, which is called the favorite. Betting companies usually cancel the bets when the favorite wins by the amount of money people place on it. This situation can be avoided when the spread is offered as a fraction also known as “the hook.” If a team is associated with a negative number on a betting website, it is the underdog. Alternatively, if a team is associated with a positive number, it is the favorite. For example, if two college basketball teams, the Hawks, and the Dolphins, are playing against each other, Hawks +12.5 means that the Hawks are ahead of the underdogs by 12.5 points. If the Dolphins win by 13 points, those who bet on the Hawks will lose their money. In addition, if the Hawks lose by 12 points or less, those betting on them will win the money.