Madison Street Wins Prestigious Award

The industry of corporate finance and investment banking has been an incredibly powerful and lucrative one for over a century. While it has been extremely profitable for many organizations, it used to be lead by several major investment banks that have been in business for decades. However, for the past 10 years one company has continued to build a better presence in the space and has now become well known for being one of the top advisors for corporate finance in the industry.


Ever since the company was founded in 2002, Madison Street Capital has continued to be one of the leading providers of advisory services for mergers and acquisitions. The company has continued to develop its reputation due to the impressive strength of its deal team and strong overall experience of its senior executives. The Madison Street Capital reputation has continued to develop and grow and has continued to meet the eye of clients, prospects and other peers in its industry. Over the past few months, the company has received a number of different awards that show that it is continuing to be one of the top firms in the country.


In this past year, Madison Street Capital was named the winner of the very prestigious Advisor of the Year Award, which was revealed at the annual M&A Awards in New York City. The award was given to Madison Street Capital after beating out over 600 different firms that are in the same industry. The reason that the company won the award is due to the fact that they closed some of the biggest deal of the year and continued to build its reputation. Beyond winning the Advisor award, the company also was nominated for the Boutique Firm of the Year award. This award is given to the top small firms in the industry and being nominated is a major accomplishment.


In the coming years, it is widely expected that Madison Street Capital will continue to be named as one of the top advisors in the industry. They are continuing to grow across the United States as well as other countries across the world. Their client list is continuing to develop into new Industries, which is giving them the opportunity to continue to expand. They are also looking to expand their services beyond M&A with a renewed focus on investment banking services, which should help to fuel further growth for the firm. Learn more:

Equities First Holdings, LLC: The Growing Trend with Stock-based Loans

Equities First Holdings, LLC is an alternative shareholder financial solution provider based in the United States. The company has announced its recent finding. According to the company, there is an increasing trend among the stock-based loans as a way of securing fast working capital among companies. The asset-based loans are here to stay. For the company, they are also gaining popularity as a primary source of the stock-based loans. The company is looking forward to acquiring major markets through their particular markets and have presences in every country in the world. For this reason, they are keeping up with the trend.

While there are still many other options in the world for people seeking working capital, the stock-based loans have gained traction over the past few years. While the economic crisis is still tightening in the world, bank and other large financial institutions have tightened their loan qualification criteria. For this reason, they have also increased the interest rates on acquired loans.

The Founder and Chief Executive of Equities First Holdings Company, Al Christy, said that the company had sought the innovative way to make this capital available for their customers at the lowest rates in the market. There is an associated higher loan-to-value ratio with the stock-based loans. For those who are seeking the alternative loans with the company, you are expected to enjoy low-interest rates of three percent. For all the transaction life, you are scheduled to benefit from the proceeds of the non-recourse feature loans.

During a three-year term, there is an inevitable market fluctuation of the stocks. However, the asset-based loan provides you with a hedge because you will have a small investment risk in the market. According to the Founder and President of Equities First Limited, most of the stock-based loans have a non-recourse feature. For this reason, you can walk away from the loan without having an obligation to the lender and enjoy the proceeds of your loan. The borrower keeps the first proceeds.

Al Christy notes that many people cannot differentiate between the margin loans and the stock-based loans. According to him, the two loans are not synonymous. While the two forms of loans use associated stocks to secure working capital, they are many differences. The borrower must be pre-qualified with the margin loans. They must also state the intended use of the loans as a way of qualification. On the other hand, stock-based loans have a higher loan-to-value ratio.

The review of Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten, born on July 9 1959 in the state of Florida is supposedly an expert when it comes to the topic of investment. According to given sources Martin Lustgarten is a firm advocate when it comes to international investments. It is stated that Martin goes and spread his own wealth throughout several counties which allows him to be able to control and limit any risks as well as making sure that he is able to benefit from the local growth.

Martin Lustgarten is said to have an eye for market as he is able to quickly react when a market seems to be going in a downward spiral. Him being able to watch the market trends so constantly allows him to be able to get the best outcome results for the clients that he works with. Martin seems to be the ideal investor for he is always prepared, one step ahead of the games and is able to work her and think hard on the job already planning his next move before the last minute.

It seems that the article pushes Martin into a bright light explaining his accomplishments and strategies he uses in the market world. Martin also seems to be an outgoing and down to earth person as it seems that he enjoys vintage items and is stated to collect things he finds beautiful. In one of the given sources he is shown in a picture with two other women, possibly family members. He not only seems to enjoy his career and stay on top of the game at work but also has a lovely family life able to spend time with those he cares about. Showing this side of him will no doubt give clients interested in working with him a friendly vibe.

Lustgarten poses a serious yet somewhat calm tone attitude both in the written sources and within the picture he posted. He is an intelligent man with the way he is able to run his business and not stop for a moment to hesitate. He is an ideal role model for any inspiring investors.

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