Whitney Wolfe Presents a New App for Singles

Whitney Wolfe is someone that people are going to hear a lot more about in upcoming years. She is one of Forbes Top 30 Under 30</em>, and the buzz about what she is doing is simply getting stronger. People love what she brings to the table because she has proven herself to be one of the most prolific young dating app entrepreneurs out there.

Whitney was the co-founder of Tinder and Bumble is the next hot thing from the brain of Whitney Wolfe. This appears to be an even more innovative app then what she brought to the table when she helped form Tinder. Whitney Wolfe has been able to grind it out with this type of app that would help more people discover their perfect match.

The great thing about using the app that Whitney Wolfe created is that it represents a different way to interact. Women are in charge of placing the first move, and this is going to bring a whole new assortment of women to the table that may not even be registered on other apps. In most cases people that sign up for one dating app will usually sign up for others that are similar. People that have discovered the dating app called Bumble, however, may not feel the need to sign up for anything else.

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What Whitney Wolfe really depends on the most is her ability to get feedback from users of this app. She has been able to work out a whole lot of kinks with apps because she has taken the time to listen to what women are actually saying. She has put forth the effort to make sure that harassment is not something that will be tolerated through her app. This makes her one of the most proactive dating app entrepreneurs.