Why Talk Fusion Wins a Revolutionary Award

This year the lucky recipient of the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award was Talk Fusion. This award, making it their number two award, has gotten the attention of the communications industry. The award honors those who create exceptional communications tools and products, but the award also lends credence to the company and how well they serve their clients.

The voice and data communications industry is growing, and Talk Fusion has filled the gap from day one as the first all-in-one video chat and communications tool. Over the last year, Talk Fusion has created the most innovative products for these reasons and has become the leader in the communications industry. These video chat connections have made it easier for large and small corporations to bring their teams face-to-face on a daily basis while meeting the need to trim their travel budgets.

Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC made a statement recently in a press release; “It gives me great pleasure to honor the recipients of the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award.” Tehrani went onto to say that recognizing the true leaders of the industry makes it easy for potential clients to see who is the best of the best so that they know who to call when they need help solving their communications problem.

Talk Fusion, founded by Bob Reina in 2007, was birthed out his passion for helping businesses increase their productivity and boost sales while allocating their funds to the right places. Video chat has helped many companies cut back on travel because they can now chat face-to-face via video. Reina chose to use direct marketing as a way to grow the company, while encouraging entrepreneurs to reach their dreams.

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The Payout of Airbnb in New York

Airbnb’s Median Income for Its New York Hosts

Airbnb is a privately-owned and successful company that lets its user look online to find and rent vacation homes for a certain time.

People living in New York City who are putting their homes up on Airbnb are actually not making tons and tons of money, but they’re making more than enough money on the side in addition to any of their regular incomes. This is actually reflected in a study that tracked the earnings of Airbnb users from June of 2015 to June 2016.

The data suggests that hosts in New York earned an average of $5,474 through Airbnb’s usage that year. However, the median income changes depending on the neighborhoods that are surveyed. For instance, citizens living in Midtown Manhattan earned $8,286 on average from Airbnb while people from Queens earned close to $4,100. New York City has well over 41,000 active listings on the site as of this June.

The findings come just a short time after a report suggested that the rate of rentals tend to be highest in neighborhoods that use Airbnb the most often, and commissioned by people advocating for affordable housing. Airbnb would also happen to be responsible for the gentrification of neighborhoods where the residents are predominantly minorities.

Airbnb has offered their input on the market, saying that even though they regularly monitor hosts with multiple home listings, they pay attention to hosts that offer space that could be used for long term rentals.

Airbnb Ups the Ante in Battle With New York

In late June, the New York State Senate passed a bill that would ban New York residents from listing short-term rentals. In essence, any resident using home-sharing website Airbnb to offer rentals of less than 30 days could be fined up to $7,500.

The bill now sits on the desk of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He can either endorse it, veto it, or do nothing and allow it to become law.

According to Airbnb, passing the law would make NY the only jurisdiction on the planet to ban listings for short-term rentals and it has decided to fight back.

The San Francisco-based company announced that it was providing $1 million in funding to a political action committee aimed at educating voters about the pending legislation and its repercussions.

Airbnb and NY have battled for years over the legality of its use by residents. In many instances, the company says that everyday people depend on the site to pay their bills and stay above water. Hospitality companies disagree, claiming that users are turning their homes into illegal hotels.

Airbnb says that the PAC, called Stronger Neighborhoods PAC, will not directly fund candidates but instead focus on ads to make the public aware of the position that its politicians are taking on the matter.

One of the company’s more prominent investors, Ashton Kutcher, took to Twitter to express his frustrations with how the new law is being handled.

Governor Cuomo said that he has not yet decided if he will sign the bill.

SKOUT Proves Committment To Community With SF-Marin Donation

On National Potato Chip Day – March 14th, the annual day set aside to celebrate the venerable American potato chip, Christian Wiklund, CEO of SKOUT announced the day’s profits from the very popular SKOUT app would go to the SF-Marin Food Bank. This constitutes a considerable cash donation to give back to the company’s local neighbors in need of enough food. The SKOUT application for smartphones helps strangers with declared interests to find and meet each other. It is a safe way for millions of people everyday to learn of exciting events in any area of interest and then get connected with other people interested in the same.

Wiklund thought it fitting that the same app that helps people who are lonely or bored should benefit those 20,000 people in his community who are less fortunate and who rely upon the services the food bank provides. True to his creative roots, he decided to launch his new initiative to give back on a day that celebrates a food most loved: potato chips.

The SKOUT app will benefit all the food banks across the San Francisco and Marin County areas, which are at least partially supplied through the coordination of the SF-Marin Food Bank. About 1 out of 4 people in San Francisco would starve without this worthy organization. Over 100,000 meals are delivered every day of the year. Therefore, the SF-Marin Food Bank must obtain and process over 24,000 tons of food in that year. About 450 smaller food banks partner with SF-Marin to get the food distributed where it is needed.

The functionality of the SKOUT app can be increased with ‘Points’ to unlock certain new capabilities. Available on devices that run the iOS operating system and is downloadable from Google Play and The App Store. One of the first uses for the Points is usually to unlock the ability to find out who has been looking at your profile on SKOUT. Read more at SKOUT’s Home Page.

SKOUT is the app for finding fun social events, other people who are going to that venue, and even to reserve tickets or bottle service. The app has been running now for over nine years, it is available in 180 countries, and supports 16 languages. The company is funded by Andreessen Horowitz. The management has disclosed that SKOUT membership is about 70 percent outside the United States, and 30 percent internal. PR NewsWire had the first article covering SKOUT’s Event.

Homejoy Goes Bust

Even David Hasslehoff could not save the home cleaning and repair company startup, Homejoy. The company hired the former Knight-rider star to headline a commercial for the company that was founded by siblings, Adora and Aaron Cheung. The company is based in San Francisco. The idea for a home cleaning and repair company is not new. The idea for a home cleaning and repair company that allows people to book independent contractors is relatively new. Their biggest competition is Handy. Handy is a similar operation that allows users to book a cleaning or repair service through their app.

Homejoy Woes
The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in San Jose court. Certainly, expectations for the new startup were high. This is based on the amazing success of their biggest competitor, Handy. The Homejob company was off to a good start. They acquired funding from several wonderful resources that included Google Ventures and First Round Capital. The company quickly expanded to several countries, offering cleaning and repair services to clients for 25 dollars per hour. However, it was not smooth sailing for the company. The company faced a number of challenges that led to rough waters. The startup is in the midst of a large number of lawsuits that forced it to close the operation.

Handy Technologies Inc.
Handy is a company that offers residential cleaning and repair services through a booking software application. The on demand cleaning service scored a major hit with consumers. In fact, the mobile applications have reached a point in booking $1 million per week. Independent Contractors like working with the handy application. They are able to work the hours they prefer, any day of the week. Handy’s amazing success led to other entrepreneurs trying to grab a share of the market. However, Handy still leads in offering cleaning and repair services through a mobile booking application.

Handy is still enjoying amazing success, while competitors find that it is difficult to grab a piece of the market. Today, the Handy service is in about 25 countries across the world. Nearly 200,000 independent contractors have applied to the site. Their popularity and success continues to grow and dominate the market.

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Skout is One of the Top Dating Apps

Dating apps are one of the easiest ways that people are able to find great dates and new people that they can love. The best dating apps are the ones that allow people to have many different options when it comes to who they are picking out. This is something that has grown over the years and has become an industry out of itself, even after it was originally a branch of the online dating world. There are many dating apps that are available and the top ten include some of the names like Zoosk, Badoo, POF and Skout. Each of these have specialties that make them great options, but some are better than others.

Skout was the first online dating app that was introduced to the App Store for iPhone in 2008. When it first came out, it was choppy, somewhat difficult to use and had many glitches. People still chose to use it and continued to form lasting relationships as a result of meeting on the Skout app. This app, while it was the first, remains prominent in the online dating world today. In the list that was compiled by an industry expert on app dating, Skout came in at number seven. This is a great number for an app that has been around for almost a decade. Shout continues to thrive on the market for app dating.

Choosing a dating app is all about what you want out of your dating experience. If you want to find someone close to your area, nearly all dating apps will have that. Users who are looking for a broader range and are unopposed to finding someone in a different country may want to try an app that incorporates global profiles into the app. It is important to make sure your chosen app has this before you make the decision to use the app.

If you are looking for a global dating app, you will be able to find someone with Skout. This app not only allows you to tailor your search to the type of person you are looking for, but it also allows you to find people around the world. If you want to filter out some countries or areas, you are able to do that. It is important to note that the more filters you have on your search, the harder it will be for you to find someone you want to be with.

Mobile Dating Apps Like Skout Are Taking the World by Storm

In a recent article, the changing ways that people date was discussed at length. Not surprisingly, many people are now taking advantage of online dating. Perhaps some are surprised that there is even a new twist that exists with online dating, as some people still consider this to be the new era of dating, so to speak. In reality, people have been meeting others online for a number of years and they have been doing so quite effectively. Today, a lot of people choose to meet others by using these same websites, only they do it by using apps on their smartphones, tablets or other electronic devices.

According to the article, the largest percentage of individuals still rely on sitting at a desktop or laptop in order to fill out a profile with an online dating website. However, more and more people are taking advantage of apps that make their lives even more convenient and give them the opportunity to keep tabs on their dating potential when it is most convenient for them. The article chronicles the top mobile apps that can be downloaded and provides information about the 10 apps that are the most popular. Without a doubt, one of the most popular mobile apps is worth discussing at greater length, as you will see in the next paragraph.

Skout is a mobile dating app that has been around longer than practically any other app of its type. In fact, it was first developed for the iPhone in 2008, so it has a long history of use that far exceeds the expectations of just about anyone that has ever used an online dating app before. Today, the app is available to unite people in more than 100 countries and it has truly become a global development.

One of the best things about Skout is that it is unique. It is a mobile dating app, but it is really so much more than that. You don’t have to set out with the intention of finding someone to date if you decide to use Skout. In fact, a lot of people use it simply to meet other individuals that have similar interests and think in similar fashions as they do. While it can certainly be used to find a date, it can also be used to find and forge new friendships in virtually any walk of life. This is something that a traditional dating app simply does not offer.

Without a doubt, dating apps that can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet make everything easier. If you are simply not into sitting at your laptop late at night filling out tons of information that seems to take hours to complete, the mobile apps are definitely the way to go. As long as you are doing it, you might as well choose to go with one that has the expertise and experience to do things right.