Anti-Trump Protests in New York City

Millions of people have been left angry after Donald Trump successfully won the election on Tuesday. People are flooding the streets all over the United States to protest about Trump’s victory. On Thursday, thousands of people stood at the entrance of Trump Tower in New York City restricting people from entering or exiting the tower. Trump protests have already turned violent in parts of the nation with protesters lighting property ablaze.


Donald Trump’s controversial campaign left many citizens in the United States feeling ashamed. As of late, Donald Trump has made derogatory comments about women and immigrants that have offended many people. The victory left millions of people stunned all over the country. The nation was equally split on their vote to elect Trump or Hillary Clinton into office.


Americans are afraid that Donald Trump has been elected our next president. Some fear that we will lose our rights. Activists are already calling for Trump to be impeached when he takes office in January. Donald Trump, President Obama and others have pleaded with the nation to remain united and to accept the fact that Donald Trump has been elected the next president.


Into the weekend, thousands of people are expected to join the protests going on in New York City. Over the last few days, thousands of people have been seen blocking popular streets in New York City, rejecting access to those on the roadway. Thousands of police officers have been required to work more hours in New York City due to the recent protests. Police have been taking measures to attempt to deter the protesters by throwing tear gas into the crowds.


More protests have already been scheduled for the weekend in New York City. Protesters have already planned to hold an anti-Trump demonstration when Trump succeeds President Barack Obama on January 20, 2017. Protesters are stating that they are not going to budge and they will continue to protest until something is done about Donald Trump being elected.