Queens First Annual Beer Festival Kicks Off

The Queens Beer Festival kicks off this weekend. Many are excited to try ales of all sorts in this new yearly tradition. People are expected to come from all over the country for this celebration. There will be plenty of Halloween costumes, great food, and more beer than anyone could imagine.


The festival kicks off on October 15th, and it will end on Sunday the 17th. Since this is the first time the borough has ever celebrated such an occasion, they are still not sure about the exact turnout. The festival will take place at 46th Avenue in Long Island. The entire road will be filled with vendors of all sorts. Expects some great music, wild parties, and ale flowing freely.


General admission to the festivities is $39. If you want the VIP treatment packages, it will cost $43. The beer enthusiasts package gives unlimited tasting plus a whole bunch of goodies for only $68. Buying tickets online bring a bit of a discount, but those who are more frugally minded can wait till Sunday. The tickets will be slashed to only $29 at that time.


Only Queens-based brewers are allowed to participate. This gives them a chance to showcase their fine ales with the crowds around NYC, though it is assumed that vendors from Brooklyn, Long Island, and Staten Island will also attend. All parties must be 21 years of age or older to enter the festival. The rain or shine event is one that has been anticipated for some time. Think of it as an Oktoberfest Celebration New York style.


The event is being hosted by LIC Flea & Food. Though there is a parking lot right across the street from the main hub of the event, Lyft is offering rides to those who need safe transportation. The sample pours are going to be 4 ounces a piece, but after a few pours, it is easy to see that the blood alcohol level can really increase. Companies like The Brooklyn Brewery, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, and the Alphabet Brewing Company have signed up for the event. This is just a few of the amazing companies that will be present.


It sounds like a great event for all of those who love their lager. This new festival may end up being a yearly event that people cannot wait to attend.