Aloha Construction and Other Companies to Benefit from $1 Trillion from Trump’s Government

Many construction companies in the US are currently experiencing growth. Although the growth is slow, many companies in the industry such as Aloha Construction are grateful for the growth as the construction industry experienced a downturn caused by economic uncertainties of change in leadership.

The economic uncertainties affected many sectors of the economy. The booming construction sector courtesy of the residential segment of the industry generated 6,000 jobs in July. 12,000 less than the number of jobs it created each month before the presidential poll. Aloha Construction, a Lake Zurich based company, is delighted by the prospect of normalcy returning. Aloha Construction offers roofing, siding and guttering services. The family-owned business has become a renowned roofing contractor in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Also, the company has interests in the siding business. Dave Farbaky, the founder of Aloha Construction, states that many contractors usually ignore siding, but it forms an important aspect of construction. The company provides vinyl, wood, Hardee board, and aluminum siding.

The growth experienced in the construction industry is a relief to many sectors of the economy. When the construction sector was almost at a standstill, other areas of the economy such as banking, manufacturing, and transport among other sectors witnessed a rough period in business. Apparently, the sectors of the economy depend on each other. Loans from financial institutions are used by companies such as Aloha Construction to purchase construction materials and to finance other projects. Consumers of products produced by Aloha Construction and other companies in the construction industry borrow funds from a financial institution to finance their home buying needs. The dependence of different sectors of the economy on the construction sector is mind-boggling.

As the growth continues picking the pace, the government is set to inject $1 trillion into the construction industry. Aloha Construction and other companies are set to benefit from the funds as they create employment opportunities for the youth.