How EOS Lip Balm Became a Huge Success

Fast Company includes the article, “The Untold Story Of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick,” by Elizabeth Segran. EOS began in its development by three men: Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky. They wanted to produce and distribute products, and they wanted to start in the beauty aisle of the drugstore. Without any particular item in mind they did their research and decided lip balm would be the easiest to recreate and make new again. Chapstick and Blistex were the biggest brands in the market, and they felt as though these two name brand products could be outdone, because they had become lazy in their product design.

Product research, done with women in mind, was performed, and it was determined that women lost their lip balm in their purses, didn’t find much enjoyment from using their balm, and it was being used as part of their daily beauty routine. So, they set out to design the EOS lip balm that was easily found at the bottom of a purse and that could excite all five senses in order to become more enjoyable for the user. Once they decided on the soft, round shape, and dynamic smells and tastes to their balm they were ready to get it out in the stores.

Walgreens was the first to make an order, then came Target, eBay, and eventually Walmart. In order to make more sales they decided to manufacture their own product. This allowed them to fulfill orders as quickly as they were made. Once they were in stores they realized they needed to out sale their competitors and they really pushed marketing to their target audience. They wanted to appeal to women between the ages of 25-35. Through TV, magazine, celebrity, and social media marketing they have become a household item selling over 1 million scented-lip balms every week.