Entrepreneur Alexandre Gama

Award winning entrepreneur, Alexandre Gama, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1958 and that is where he began his career. He studied advertising and communications at the Armondo Alvares Penteado Foundation. In 1982, Gama started working in advertising at Standard Ogilvy & Mather. Next he moved to DM9, where he became the most awarded copywriter in Brazil of the time.

Alexandre Gama worked at several other advertising agencies until 1999. That is when he founded Neogama. Operating his own business, Gama achieved many honors and awards such as being the first Latino lead a Master Class in France at the Cannes Festival and acting as the Foreman at the International Film Jury of the British foundation D&AD twice. Neogama and a London agency, BBH, formed an association in 2002 and were named “Agency of the Year” by Meio e Mensagem newspaper.

Not only is Alexandre Gama an influential entrepreneur in adverting, he also founded VIOLAB, a Brazilian acoustic guitar project that includes everything from a recording studio to a YouTube channel. In addition to his own businesses, Gama is also an investor in Briggs Automotive Company, a British auto company.