Airport Scare Comes to JFK

The airport scare comes to New York. After deadly airport attack in Istanbul where dozens were killed and hundreds injured, the New Yorkers just had their share of fear. When a police dog flagged an unattended bag at Terminal 5, bomb squad was called in, while the surrounding area got evacuated.

Nothing but clothes were found in the bag, which was initially placed in unsecured area of the terminal. It was a good catch, though. Some police dogs are now trained to spot unattended items. Nothing happened but the whole incident took an hour.

Most likely it was a lost item, however, CBS Local News didn’t state whether the owner of the bag was found. So, it’s still not clear whether the bag was really lost or someone was testing the security system, or just seeking to scare others.

Soft targets such as passenger airport terminals, rail stations, night clubs, movie theaters, shopping malls, and other places have been targeted before by the Islamic terrorists around the world. These places are busy and often poorly secured, while civilians have no weapons, and thus no way to defend themselves against attacks with firearms, explosives, and hunting knives.

There’s no reason to panic, though. Chances of being hurt at one of these places are very slim. Most terrorist attacks claim few victims. Instead, they are intended to spread panic. You really would have to be at the wrong place at the wrong time to get caught in the middle of one.