Goettl Air Conditioning Comes To Las Vegas Family’s Rescue

During the 2016 holiday season, it came to the attention of Michael Gamst, the manager of Goettl Air Conditioning location in Las Vegas, that a nearby family had been without heating or air conditioning in over 10 years, as well as a broken toilet during that time to contend with as well. The family, Abana Stephenson and her two teenaged daughters, spent most of their time in the middle of the house and the room closer to the exterior were always either far too cold or blistering hot due to the extreme weather that part of the country experiences. Gamst and his team came to the rescue by installing a complete home heating and air conditioning system, along with a new toilet, free of charge. In addition, Goettl Air Conditioning teamed up with the local nonprofit Triple5teens to give the family additional gifts for Christmas.

The system that the company installed in Stephenson’s home is their “zone controlled heating” system. This system will allow the Stephenson family to control the temperature in each room individually. The system is also highly efficient which will reduce their energy bills by a large amount, something that Stephenson is very grateful for. Because the system uses less energy it is also friendlier to the environment than prior heating and cooling systems have been.

Goettl Air Conditioning has offices in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tuscon, and Southern California. The company was founded in Las Vegas in 1939 by the Goettl Brothers who wanted to bring relief from the heat in the scorching temperatures that are reached in the state. In addition to supplying heat and cooling equipment and service, Goettl Air Conditioning also employees professionals who do quality duct cleaning and repair.


Goettl Offers Tips For Keeping Cool And Saving Money

In the summer, not only are temperatures higher, but so are the prices when it comes to energy. People are left paying a lot more bills when it comes to the electric bill. One of the reasons is that the air conditioner is on all the time. While people are going to pay more money for air conditioning on hotter days, they don’t have to pay that much more for their electric bill. There are a few ways that people could reduce the amount of energy they use and as a result, reduce the amount of money they pay on their monthly bill.

Among the tips that Goettl Air Conditioning offers are manage gadgets, go programmable, close the drapes, check the air filters, circulate air, and maintain the air conditioning system. It takes a bit of work to make sure that the air conditioner is performing at its best. Also, one has to make sure that the air conditioner unit is not working any harder than it needs to. This is why it is important to look at all of the different aspects of Goettl air conditioning unit. It is important to make sure that everything is working well so that not only will it keep the home cool, but the resident is paying less for the use of air conditioners.

When an air conditioner is left alone, it is going to result in a lot of issues down the line. For one thing, the air conditioner is not going to last very long. The performance of the air conditioner will slowly but surely decline over time, especially if the air filter is not taken care of. One of the best things to do for air conditioning is to make sure that one is getting maintenance services done to the unit so that it will continue to provide people with the type of air that they need.

Goettl Air Conditioning: Keeping An Eye On The Pets

It is great that there is a company out there like Goettl Air Conditioning that does so much more than just air conditioning. That is their bread and butter, of course, but there are so many various layers to them and so much more than meets the eye. For example, Ken Goodrich has gone out of his way so many times to help out the community and give back in any way that he can. He knows how much the community can benefit from it and how gestures and charity can make such an improvement on the state of things.

One must remember that Goettl has been around since 1939 and with that amount of time put in, seven decades plus, they have built up a lot of trust within the community. Recently, Ken Goodrich gave $1,000 dollars to a veteran that was graduating college to help him get his career started. Now, he is giving out tips to people that have animals. Since Goettl Air Conditioning serves the areas of Tuscon, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, they know the heat can be unseasonably warm and it is their duty to make sure that not only do people have air conditioners that are up and running for themselves but also for their parts.

They recently went out of their way to offer tips for the animals that have to endure the heat and how to make sure they stay comfortable, safe, and healthy. One thing they recommend is increased grooming. This might be something that is hard for us to relate to, as we don’t have fur, but that fur can really make them a lot hotter than usual. It is important to keep up with grooming to make it a cooler summer for them. Another thing they recommend and talk about is water. It is important to have plenty of cold water around the house for them at all times. They need to stay hydrated and cool especially during these conditions.

Another great tip Goettl gives also comes in handy when it comes to helping them have some fun while also staying cool. It involves doggie pools. This ensures they stay cool and also get in some exercise as well. It is a win-win situation for everyone in this case. These are just a few of the tips that are out there, but don’t forget those furry friends in the heat. They will be very grateful for the accommodations.

Goettl Air Conditioning Is A Great Company Run By Great People

It is one thing to have a great company, which Goettl Air Conditioning certainly has. That all starts at the top when Ken Goodrich. When he took over the company, he had a clear vision for it. He wanted to be part of the community and do as much as possible to give back to people. He knows that when it comes to air conditioning, there are times where people simply can’t live without it. It is not hyperbole to say it is a matter of life or death, especially for older people. Heat can really take its toll on them and put them in a tough situation.

A lot of these older people are on fixed incomes and every penny helps. However, they still want to be able to live on their own and live on their own terms. They don’t want to have to move out. They have lived in a certain area for a number of years and they have no intention of moving out anytime soon. Sometimes, things break, however, and they do not how to fix it nor do they have the resources to do so, especially when the cost is $8,000 (http://www.achrnews.com/articles/133413-las-vegas-hvac-contractors-help-man-in-need) and the problems are pilling up such as the AC not working, having a water line burst, or having no plumbing.

In these situations, it takes getting in touch with the right people or the right person and that was Ken Goodrich and Goettl Air Conditioning. They teamed up with he Sunny Plumber and the Bishop Gorman football team to fix the issue. He even said that at one point, it was 127 degrees in his house. They have literally saved a life. There is nothing more gratifying or rewarding than that. That is something that one can not put a price tag on, to say the least.

If someone is interested in Goettl Air Conditioning, they will certainly not be disappointed. They will get the best service possible done by the best men possible. These are good people that take the job seriously and go above and beyond the call of duty to get it right and make sure the customer is happy. If someone needs a repair, they can do that as well as maintaining the AC, so it does not run into any issues in the future. If it does, they will have nipped it in the bud. They also can install a whole new one if necessary as well.

The Professionalism of the Goettl Air Conditioning Company

During the hot summer months, it is very important that you have good quality working air conditioning in your home. The problem with a lot of people is that their air conditioning units go or begin to develop problems and they do not get them repaired in time. Why this is a problem is because it leaves you in a hot house that is unhealthy and uncomfortable for you and your loved ones. It is very important that you get the Professionals in to do all of the repair work for you as well as the installation if you do not currently have air conditioning for the home.

One of the top professionals in your area is known as Goettl Air Conditioning and they have worked on air conditioning units for many years and provided cool, comfortable homes for thousands of people. One of the most important things you can do is to contact Goettl Air Conditioning and have them come to your home to do a quick estimate on either the repairs or installation that you need to have done. If you currently have an air conditioning unit that needs to be repaired, the company will be able to come out to your home or place of business to do this work for you.

Goettl Air Conditioning sold to Tenn. contractor

Likewise, if you need to have an air conditioning unit installed into your home or business, it is important for you to contact the same professionals and get them to do the job for you. Goettl Air Conditioning has been in the business of air conditioning units for many years and they are a trusted professional that you can feel comfortable hiring for this type of work. This is why so many people have been choosing these professionals for their own needs for many years and continue to have them on speed dial if and when something happens to their air conditioning unit.

One of the most important things for you to keep in mind is that Goettl Air Conditioning has the experience and knowledge behind them to get the job done. This is why so many people are choosing to hire Goettl Air Conditioning and this is why it is a good idea to consider them for yourself if you have been having issues with your home’s air conditioner or you have a business that needs an air conditioning unit installed entirely for their needs.