How O2Pur is Still Pioneering in the ECig Business

When someone is looking for something to invest in, it’s likely they never think something like eCigs companies are companies you need to be looking at. The fact of the matter is, firms like O2Pur are the kind of firms that need a much longer look than what they have been getting by people who have money to burn and want to turn that money into a big time investment.

The fact of the matter is that O2Pur and other firms are very much benefit from the fact that regular old cigarettes are simply not as effective as they were in the past in drawing in new customers. There are a number of reasons for this, but there’s little doubt the vilification of the tobacco industry has played a rather large part. That kind of vilification has not taken place when you are talking about eCigs. In fact, more people than ever appear to be turning to this still relatively new industry.

One of the big reasons this industry is still so popular is because the cartridges that someone like O2Pur can offer, offer up better taste than someone is ever going to get from a cigarette. If someone wants to have something that tastes like regular old tobacco, they can do that. If they want to have something that tastes like a juicy piece of fruit, they can do that as well. The sky is the limit, as you’ll see people coming up with new products all the time. O2Pur is a firm that makes sure it’s staying ahead of the curve, both with the flavors they offer and the prices they are asking. This allows the company to be one that appears quite attractive to people who are wanting something a little outside the box as far as potential investments.

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Frank Perkins, Owner of Legendary Bar Frank’s Cocktail Lounge, Dies at 88

Frank’s Cocktail Lounge may be one of the few outposts against gentrification. The reason? Its owner Frank Perkins. He passed on at the end of this past January, but left a rich legacy behind.

His Fort Greene bar has been a neighborhood hotspot since its founding, and is open seven nights a week. It has hosted performances from such legends as the late funk singer Sharon Jones and the saxophonist Lonnie Youngblood, who worked with Jimi Hendrix.

Besides live music, Frank’s Cocktail Lounge also became known for other events. The “Grown and Sexy Karaoke” night takes place each Wednesday. Birthday parties for Frank and his family were always publicly celebrated. They featured a catered buffet and, for Frank’s birthday, red velvet cake.

The bar itself has remain virtually unchanged over the years, even as apartment buildings have grown up around it. Its red awning and “dancing martini” logo are instantly recognizable. The inside has now acquired a vintage charm, with photos of pop legends and a jukebox always loaded with R&B hits. Frank had his own regular table, located by the window.

Frank was born in 1931 in South Carolina. He moved to the Bronx as a teenager in order to be with his family. Before opening the Lounge, Frank was involved in real estate. He worked at his father’s realty company on Kingston Avenue, and managed the Fulton Street joint Club 722. In 1974, Frank’s interests moved not much farther down the street to 660 Fulton. He purchased the building, opened Frank’s, and the rest is history.

His funeral was held at the Bethany Baptist Church. It was a lively affair, complete with preaching chords on the organ and praise hands from the audience. Reverend David A. Hampton delivered the eulogy. He said that “Frank’s is a place where you go to bond.”

Indeed, the neighborhood later celebrated Frank’s life with a “going home party” at the bar. Guests of all ages swayed to blues rhythms, talking and laughing – just like Frank would have wanted.

The All-Time Drummer of Heavy Rock Music in Brazil- Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a renowned musician from Brazil who performed in the Viper Band in the 1980s. He founded the band in 1985 together with four of his teenage friends. His leading role was drumming and is recognized as one of the legendary drummers who ushered in the new-age heavy rock music. Cassio was among the founders of the hard rock music that saw the introduction of drumming that brought about the sub-genre in the music. Again, the drumming was marked by brutal unprecedented beats that were loud and disruptive which attracted rock music lovers all over Brazil.

The Epic of Cassio Audi’s Music Career

Notably, Cassio Audi propelled the group into the limelight with the introduction of the emphatic beats of the drum to the rock music industry. The band’s music was inspired by the British rock music that existed from the 60s by Iron Maiden. Moreover, Cassio Audi and his band-mates first made it to the public scene when they met a presenter in Sao Paulo who operated a program which was known as “Praca Do Rock”. Cassio Audi’s drumming attracted the presenter and who gave them a platform to showcase their music for two days at the SP Metal Project. Further, the experience of the performance motivated the group to record a demo album by the name “Killera Sword”. The demo album contained tracks that Cassio Audi helped in its composer as he was a songwriter as well. The records in the album included Killera Sword and The Law of the Sword among others. What’s more, the demo album became a hit and even earned some airtime on the radio which made the band more popular. Viper band’s popularity saw them perform in numerous shows that further made Cassio Audi’s skill to be noticed which made him become their fans’ favorite.

Cassio Audi’s Exit from the Music Scene

The success of the band’s demo album led the band to record an official album that was launched in 1987. The album was entitled “Soldiers of Sunrise” where Cassio also wrote one of the songs. The tracks of the album were Knights of Destruction, Wings of the Evil, Princess from Hell, Killera, Soldiers of Sunrise and many more. The viper music band grew to become a household name in Brazil, and its environs as Cassio and his mates performed even to the United States. Nevertheless, Cassio was at the peak of his music career when he exited the band for education in other areas of interest.

Sussex Healthcare Now Hiring

Sussex Healthcare is a well-recognized health services provider in Sussex and its environs. The healthcare facility focuses on providing high-quality services to its clients. The High-Quality Service Agency accredited it in 2002. The organization was also granted the Investors in People standard in 2003. The home service healthcare provider went on to receive ISO certification ISO 9000:2000, covering high-quality management systems.

It makes the healthcare service a privileged provider of home service in the UK and the only one with such dual accreditation. The Home Healthcare institution is an equal opportunity employer for people interested in working in the home healthcare service provision. The institution has some open job vacancies running at the moment. They have 20 home cares around UK.


The Jobs Available at Sussex Healthcare
Suitable candidates are invited to apply for the following jobs at Sussex. The Sussex portal also gives you the privilege to know how many others have applied for the positions that you are interested in.

Unit Manager/Deputy Care Home Manager
The job is best suited for a Registered Nurse looking for an opportunity to join management levels. The successful candidate will be responsible for supporting the Manager. The job offers £28,000 per annum. Payment is offered for additional hours of service granted. The vacancy is at Grinstead. It is a permanent position.

Unit Manager/ Deputy Care Home Manager
A Deputy Care Home Manager is required. The position requires a registered nurse. The Deputy Home Manager will coordinate the management of one of the Sussex Healthcare homes. It is the ideal position for a registered nurse looking for an entry to management. The job offers a salary of Salary: £36,000 per annum. The vacancy is at East Grinstead. It is a permanent position.

Care Home Unit /Deputy Manager – Orchard Lodge
The vacancy is available at Horsham. The candidate will work at Orchard Lodge, which cares for adults with learning and Physical disability needs. The successful candidate will facilitate and oversee the provision of service for those in need. The position also demands strict adherence to acceptable standards of care. The successful candidate will be paid a salary of Salary: £36,000/annum. It is a permanent position.

Kitchen Assistant – 24hours – Longfield Manor – Billingshurst
The post is available at Billinghurst. The successful applicant will receive a salary of £7.55 per hour. The position calls for a warm-hearted and caring person. The position occupant will be expected to handle food and provide support for catering at the home service healthcare facility.

The organization also needs a Band 2 Nursing Health Assistant. Details of the job are available at the organization’s website. Interested candidates are invited to apply for the jobs directly via the online portal: or contact OR PHONE: 01403217338 TO ENQUIRE MORE.

New CEO at Sussex Healthcare
Sussex has a new CEO. The organization recently unveiled Ms. Amanda Morgan who took her time to acquaint with the activities at Sussex healthcare before she set off executing her mandate. One of her first projects was to establish a new Director of Quality, Compliance and Service Improvement.

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Protest Erupts in New York City After Local Man Arrested

Some New York City residents are outraged at the behavior of ICE agents, the federal government’s deportation police, because they seem to be arresting people randomly and with no reasonable cause.

On Thursday, February 9th, over 100 Bronx residents lined up outside the courthouse to stand up for a man, Aboubacar Dembele Lanier, who was brought to the United States due to no choice of his own at the age of 3. Lanier was arrested upon walking out of the courthouse by ICE agents waiting just outside its doors.

The people protesting outside The Bronx Courthouse are not just random citizens. Every protester is a public defender, knowledgeable of the subject, some of which probably have a better understanding of the immigration laws than the ICE agents who made the arrest. If the protesters were random citizens, this protest may not resonate as loudly as it is. Some of the public defenders who lined up outside the courthouse have clients who have been arrested by ICE agents, for reasons not greater than the fact that they can.

Zaquera Lanier, wife of Aboubacar, told reporters that the agents were waiting outside, with the knowledge that her husband was already inside conducting business that was not associated with any immigration process. Zaquera is a US citizen, her husband only recently signed up for deportation protection under DACA.

The Legal Aid Society, who organized the protest stated to reporters: “The presence of ICE officers in our courthouse and perception that no immigrant is safe to seek their day in court, is threatening to upend our entire legal process and the principles upon which it stands.” Could immigrants be less likely to attend their mandatory court visits if they believe they will be arrested for unrelated issues upon exiting the building? This could be the case, and it could lead to higher deportation rate(due to the fact that if you miss a court date an arrest warrant is often issued) which could be precisely the goal of ICE agents.

TalkSpace: Affordable, Convenient Therapy

One of the most unnerving thing for many, many people is wanting to see a therapist, yet not wanting people to see you visiting the therapist’s office. It has long been a sore point for many, but just like the internet seems to bring us new gifts every day, we now have TalkSpace. Now therapy, once off the menu for so many because their health insurance did not cover it, and the out-of-pocket costs were just prohibitive, is suddenly affordable and ubiquitous.

TalkSpace brings therapy to the patient, via the internet, and it brings it with a very small price tag of generally less than $50 for a week for unlimited messaging therapy. They have thousands of licensed therapists, are available across a full spectrum of devices, and now therapy can be had from the comfort of your living room. TalkSpace might just heal the world, one therapized person at a time.

Once signed up, clients are matched with a therapist, and they can pretty much start messaging that therapist immediately. Generally speaking, therapists respond 1-2 times per day, yet if client finds themselves in the throes of a crisis, they can schedule a video chat. There might be few things more comforting than knowing help is only a video chat away.

The idea of being able to anonymously connect to a therapist is a very nice feeling. This platform is likely just seeing the beginning of what could become a very solid working model going forward. If it does eventually become approved by health insurance plans, this could really gain traction. In the interim, however, it is a beacon of anonymous light for those wanting to have therapy in a cost-effective way.

Live Talk Therapy is an option for $79 a week and there is also the availability for couples therapy as well. Overall, this could be a viable business model that can help thousands of people get the therapy they desire at a price they can afford.

New York City’s Latest Restaurant Trend – Spicy Ramen

So how does a new restaurant jumping into the massive New York City restaurant scene stand out? Try to come up with something new or never before tried? Maybe take a recently successful new venture and just open a second location?

Well chef Takatoshi Nagara of the already booming Lower East Side’s Mr Taka restaurant has decided to jump in using none of the above. Sort of. What he is doing is taking a page out of the big brick and mortar playbook and taking a proven concept and niching down. Specialization is the path he has chosen for his newest New York City restaurant venture.

With the recent restaurant craze and trend in NYC for ramen noodle menus, Nagara has decided to run with it and open Karakatta, a ramen noodle restaurant built around a concept focusing on specifically spicy ramen. Opening in a quaint and cozy location south of Washington Square Park on Thompson Street a passer by will already notice a full house in the typical NYC small location, people gathered around the bar sitting at low seating tables warming themselves up with one of chef Nagara’s spicy ramen creations on a cold winter night.

The current winter menu certainly aims to please the palate with body warming ingredients offering 4 different options for the ramen bowls including butter-miso, ginger stamina, shoyu and spicy veggie curry.

The ginger stamina is infused with an overdose of ginger that would fight off any winter ailment you may be feeling. All of the spicy variations can be prepared at your preference of spiciness on a low level of one to the highest level of three. Chopped chili’s and chili infused oils are added to the bowls to determine the level of heat.

In addition to the ramen bowls the menu offers a selection appetizers, soups such as miso, rice bowls and chef specials. Some sides you can expect to experience are Japanese pickles, sprouts, leeks, mushrooms and many more fresh asian vegetables.

The size of the crowds, even during late night hours is an indication that chef Nagara may have another hit with Karakatta and that “niching down” may just be the future of New York City restaurant trends. Can any of us guess what’s next?

Depressive Experiences and How Neurocore Can Help

One of the growing epidemics in this world is depression. Depression is a very common issue in the developed societies. One of the most interesting things about depression is how diverse it seems to be among people. For one thing, depression is often believed to be just sadness. However, depression is more than just sadness. In some cases, depression is not even experienced as sadness but is instead experienced as a lack of feeling or numbness. Some people have even reported physical sensations that come as a result of a depressive episode. Many cases of depression are so sudden and unexpected which makes it a bit harder to just snap out of. Read more about Neurocore at

While some people are okay with taking anti=depressants, there are some people who have an aversion to that. There are also people who try these treatments only to find that it does not work for them. This is one of the reasons that a lot of medical experts have worked on finding better treatments of depression. Also, they are aware of all of the side effects that can come with the treatments. Fortunately, they have come up with a treatment and a facility to give this treatment.

The name of this facility is Neurocore, and they offer drug-free treatment for depression and other mood disorders. The way they treat depression is by setting people up with a machine and then having them watch a video while the machine monitors their brain activity. If the brain activity goes outside of the area where it is effective, then the video stops until the brain activity adjusts back to where it should be. This is to train the brain to operate in a way that is above the disorder. People who have tried have said that regular sessions of this treatment have reduced their mood disorders. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

One of the reasons that people seek out treatment for their mood disorders such as depression is that they want to be rid of this disorder. They want to take their lives back and live with enjoyment and freedom. One thing that they know about mood disorders is that they can actually debilitating.


Mets Get Ready for Opening Day

With the NFL season behind us, now is the time to start getting ready and prepared for Major League Baseball. With pitchers and catchers reporting and position players soon to follow, now is a great time to be a baseball fan as seemingly anyone can get excited about it. One team that people are excited about this year is the New York Mets.

During the 2017 MLB season, the New York Mets were considered to be a bit of a disappointment. While the team was not expected by many to compete for the division title, they ended up winning just 70 games and finished 27 games behind the first place Washington Nationals. Now that the offseason is nearing completion and rosters appear to be set, there are plenty of reasons why someone could thing that the Mets could be much better in the upcoming year.

One of the main reasons why the Mets are looking like an exciting team is that they have a lot of talent coming back. The Mets are considered to have a lot of talent on their team. Offensively, the Mets are led by shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera. Last season, Cabrera led the team by hitting .280 with 14 homeruns and 59 RBIs. The team also has power hitters in Jay Bruce, Yoenis Cespedes, and Michael Conforto.

While the team has the ability to put up a lot of runs, they also have a pitching staff that can help to make winning even easier. While the team has had some injuries in the last couple of year, their starting rotation is still considered one of the best in MLB. The team’s staff is led by starting pitcher Jacbo deGrom who led the team with 15 wins and 239 strikeouts last year. If starters Matt Harvey and Noah Syndegaard can be healthy, they should have a very dominating rotation that could also well into the playoffs.

While there is a lot of reason for optimism with the team, there are also many questions that need to be answered ( The team will have to understand what the current injury situations are in order to fill out the full roster. There are also a number of very promising prospects that could make the team and even start on opening day.

Ted Bauman Gives Tips on How to Pay Less Tax without Breaking Any Law

On many occasions, handling tax filing can be a hell of a task owing to the number of rules that come and go. Therefore, many taxpayers head out there to seek professional advice and services to avoid a crash with the government. Besides, many financial wizards have come in play with a tip or two on how citizens can go about their tax filing effectively. Ted Bauman is among the few professional and celebrated individuals whose tips have assisted many taxpayers to file the needed tax.

Late last year, Ted published ten tips that would assist taxpayers to pay less tax by utilizing the few laws that are still in play and not break any new law. Recently, the legislature passed a tax bill with most rules targeting the income earned in 2018 and years to come. From the look of things, the new rules will reduce taxes in the coming years. On one hand, low income earners can plan on paying less. On the other hand, many businesses will enjoy larger deductions when they pay personal taxes.

First, Ted insisted that citizens should make sure they prepay their property taxes and mortgage interest before January 2018. For those who followed his advice, Ted stated that they should remember to deduct both years’ expenses while filing returns this year. Ted went ahead to advice taxpayers that they should pay for their planned medical services before 2017 ends.

Also, Ted insisted that his audience make any donations before the 1st of January and keep together receipts of all the donations made during the year. Ted went ahead to clarify that from the new rules, legislators decided to eliminate the student loan deduction. Although the deal seems sweetened, Ted suggested that individuals should pay the interest in late December to enjoy the gain that comes in hand.

Ted Bauman did not leave car buyers aside. Ted stated that those eyeing for a car should have gotten it before the end of last year. This timing was perfect as those who did it are likely to qualify for state sales tax reductions. For the contractors, Ted hinted that they should convince their clients to make payments before the end of 2017. By doing so, the contractors will have a chance of boosting their federal deductions come April.

Ted went ahead to inform his clients that they should request their yearly bonuses in December for their own benefit. However, for those who pay low state taxes, it was wise to push the payment time to January so as to enjoy the lower federal tax rates. For individuals with business or retirement accounts, Ted suggested that they should switch to Roth IRAs. However, Ted added that before doing so, one should take time to consider if the switch is making sense regarding potential savings.

According to the new IRS rules, only 1,031 swaps involving real estate will be allowed. Hence, Ted encouraged business proprietors to complete any other trades before 2018. As a result, this businesses will enjoy capital gains tax advantage through the year. Lastly, Ted encouraged people to try and establish LLCs during 2018. With the new rules, most individuals will reduce their taxes while operating as limited liability companies.

About Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is a celebrated financier and has been involved in assisting many individuals when it comes to finance. The successful financier schooled at the State University of New York where he acquired a B.S. in Business Administration. Also, Ted joined Georgia State University where he earned his MBA. He also holds postgraduate degrees in economics and history from the University of Cape Town.

When it comes to work experience, Ted takes pride of being in the field for enough time. For over 25 years, Ted was working as a fund manager in South Africa. Ted is also working as an editor at The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert where he enlightens his readers on international immigration issues, privacy and asset protection as well as low-risk investments. The Georgia resident joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013.