Remarkable Contribution of George Soros Philanthropy to the Open Society Foundation

George Soros Philanthropy is the founder of Open Society Foundation. The donor has been supporting the formation since its existence. His donation of $18 billion to the foundation is the most significant private transfers ever made to a lone establishment. The endowment is established to support future work of the organization

Open Society Foundation has been in existence for over 30 years. Its core objective is the promotion of democracy and human rights in over 120 countries. The founder Mr. Soros has contributed more than $30 billion of his fortunes to support the foundations work around the globe. The organization has made a tremendous impact in the world for the last two decades. Also, the Open Society Foundation has invested in programs that protect the rights of lesbians gays. It also focuses on reducing their abuse by the police.

The democratic donor through his foundation supported Roma art and culture treatment centers in 2004 during the Ebola epic. He also protected United States people in 2016 during the national hate incidents. The investor contributed $10 million towards the violence prevention at the time. Mr. Soros was determined and fought to end the election crisis in the United States.

Under the leadership of the renowned donor, the foundation has supported organizations and individuals around the world. It has focused its operation on government accountability, promotion of injustice and equality and freedom of expression. Through the guidance of the philanthropist, the foundation has offered school fees support to promising students who would have otherwise missed opportunities.

Open Society Foundation has collaborated with several leaders in the civil society. Contributing widely and deeply impacted its programs to the roots of the humanity. It has worked with Roma in Eastern Europe and as far as Africa Americans in Cleveland despite their class of justice. George Soros has supported other independent organizations, and also one of the America’s medical marijuana movement pioneers.

The philanthropist has supported democratic politicians with donations. During Mr. Clinton the last election, the investor donated millions to super PACs, geared towards the Mr. Trump defeat. Also, he placed $1 billion as a bet that Trump will not win the election.

About George Soros

Mr. Soros is the leading philanthropist in the world. He is a renowned hedge fund executive who managed customers’ funds in New York since 1969 to 2011. The well-known investor expanded his treasure and formed Open Society Foundations in 1979. He later established the Budapest Social science studies center.

His life influenced the establishment and funding of the Open Society Foundation. Mr. Soro was born in 1930 in Hungary and faced the Nazi occupation in 1944-1945. Witnessing the death of more than 500,000 people, with his family surviving the saga. The experience inclined his thoughts to fight against discrimination injustice.

Mr. Soro left his country Hungary to London, where he joined the London school of economics. After his education, he worked as a railway porter and waiter. Later in 1956 he migrated to the United States and secured a job in finance and investments, which served as the path to his fortune and Follow him

Don Ressler’s Fabletics Is Experiencing Incredible Success

In recent times, the athletic wear trend has taken the world by storm. Many women were left with little choices when it came to purchasing athletic wear. They could either buy clothing that was affordable, or they could buy athletic wear that was high quality, but expensive. Luckily, e-commerce pioneers Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler realized that there was a need for athletic wear items that fit both profiles. With this in mind, they co-founded Fabletics. They wanted to create a brand that inspired women while offering functional and affordable clothing with style and comfort in mind.

When they set out to begin branding the company and creating their line of clothing, they wanted to blaze a trail rather than going with the current trends. In order to accomplish this, they decided to listen to women and find out what they really wanted from a company.The feedback they received reflected a need for a greater consciousness with regards to style as well as more attention to the fit of the garments. Other brands often sold athletic wear that was unflattering or did not fit properly in addition to being unattractive. The current market trends tended to be off-putting to the average athletic wear consumer. Fabletics set out to change the way the customer viewed athletic wear apparel and give them the quality they deserve without the high price tag.

One of the genius ideas the duo had when creating the brand was working with American actress Kate Hudson. They chose her specifically because she is approachable and friendly. Women everywhere recognized her face and could relate to her easily. She ended up being the perfect face for the Fabletics brand. Her addition as a co-founder was warmly received by the consumer, which helped to propel the brand to the enormous success they enjoy today. Kate Hudson is a very hands-on part of the company and works hard to connect with the consumer and strives to improve the company’s online presence.

Don Ressler faced several challenges when getting the brand off the ground. One of the biggest obstacles was actually creating the right type of clothing products without sacrificing quality and style. The products also had to be affordable in order for the brand to succeed in the highly competitive market. The next hurdle he experienced was creating a brand that operated on a subscriptions style basis. Each month the customer is charged a $50 subscription fee that allows them to select a single item from a boutique that is specially chosen for the customer based on questions they answer when they sign up for the service. After some trial and error, Fabletics has managed to become one of the most successful e-commerce companies in the market and the leading athletic wear company.

Leading Edge Investment Bank Services at Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment bank established in Chicago, Illinois in 2015. The co-founder and executive officer, Anthony Marsala, is a renowned investor and manager. He is a master’s degree holder and has been awarded the 40 Under Forty award by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts in 2015.

According to, Madison Street Capital is involved in facilitating access to business finance, profitable investments, evaluation of companies’ performance and business mergers. Also, it assists clients to navigate complex financial relations.

Madison Street Capital has offices in North America, Africa, and Asia. The company boasts a team of dedicated professionals under the leadership of Karl D’Cunha CPA, CA, the Senior Managing Director. With more than a decade experience, Madison Street Capital is well positioned to offer invaluable advice to their clients.


Madison Street Capital has an impressive docket of diverse and satisfied clients as follows.

Vital Care Industries whom they assisted negotiate a commercial loan in 2014. The chief executive of Vital Care Industries who has been producing medical supplies since 1984 was particularly pleased by this assistance. Learn more about Madison Street Capital Reputation:

In 2017, Madison Street Capital won the Turnaround award for arranging the best restructuring deal valued less than $25 million. Other significant transactions include the valuation advice during the merger between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group.

It was also involved in the minority recapitalization and subordinated debt deal for ARES Security Corporation. Furthermore, the company helped arrange a sale-leaseback deal valued more than $13 million for WLR Automotive Group.

Madison Street Capital has been involved in negotiating credit for Maintenance Systems Management, a company that provides property maintenance services in San Francisco. Also, the company made it to the final list of the M&A Advisor Awards for their impressive financing and acquisition deals arranged in 2016.

Other Services

Madison Street Capital publishes a quarterly review of the performance of the mergers and acquisitions sector. In their 2015 report, the company reports that 42 hedge fund transactions were closed compared to 32 recorded in 2014.

This transaction is equivalent to a 27 % volume growth. However, the company reports that operating costs are rising rapidly amid downward pressure on fees. According to Karl D’Cunha, this calls for a strategic rethink of the business. He expects further business consolidations and in particular more opportunistic alliances

Social Responsibility

Madison Street Capital is an active member of the community and contributes towards worthy causes. The company believes in building strong bonds with the community and conscientiously works towards making a difference in society.

The bank gives regular donations to the United Way and the Red Cross. Recently, the company contributed funds to assist victims of inclement weather in the Eastern and the Midwest.

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Adam Milstein Invests in Real Estate

Adam Milstein is highly active in philanthropy and investing in real estate. Besides, he is a community leader also. He belongs to Israel. He had taken part in the Yom Kippur War.

It was in 1978 that he did his graduation from the Technion. In 1981, he went to the US. He has done his MBA from USC. He began his career in 1983 in Commercial Real Estate. This was in Southern California. Today he is the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. This is a private investment firm dealing in commercial real estate.

Adam Milstein is also the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council. He holds the position of National Chairman here. He is looking after its national expansion now. There are several other organizations in which Adam sits on their Board. These include the Israel on Campus Coalition, besides StandWithUs, as well as Hasbara Fellowships, and much more.

Adam Milstein  always wanted to acquire higher education. This is why he went to USC in order to receive his MBA in entrepreneurship. Just before graduating, he could not get a job during campus recruitments as his knowledge or life experiences were not appreciated. Hence he decided to go out on his own. So he became a Real Estate Commercial broker for three years. Then Adam Milstein became a real estate investor, and learn more about Adam Milstein.

He has his own business. Hence each day is different for him. It is getting more structures as he acquires more assets. Adam Milsteinlikes to get involved in philanthropy as that makes his work more satisfying.

Adam Milstein likes to push his ideas till they become real. He likes to do it himself. This includes doing a daily follow-up so that nothing gets missed, and Milstein’s lacrosse camp.

He is enjoying the ups and downs in real estate. The supply is always lagging behind demand. Also, the price is always fluctuating. This is why it takes a long time for getting results in real estate.

HAdam Milstein is a highly productive entrepreneur due to his consistency in doing follow-ups. He loves working! This is why he has never had a bad day at work or had a bad job, and

Why Securus Technologies Has Become Key to Jail Safety

My work week as a corrections officer is unlike any other job in that it appears to be getting more dangerous as time passes. Despite my team being trained to anticipate and deal with violence, we have several factors working against us each week. More and more violent gang members are being placed in our facility, more drugs are finding their way into the jail, and overcrowded conditions makes it harder to maintain any order. Our limited size has us outnumbered and desperate to find a way to keep order.


Securus Technologies is a company based in Texas that makes jail phone monitoring systems. The call systems make use of software that can monitor inmate calls and detect certain words that could represent a problem in the jail. In the past, we would need a team of officers manning those calls around the clock, listening carefully for conversations that needed to be addressed. The monitoring system frees up those officers and allows us to get back in the general population keeping things safe for all.


Inmates like to brag to everyone about the ease in which they can access drugs inside the prison. These drugs pose a huge issue for the safety of guests, officers, and inmates, and it is our top priority. What we now have the ability to do is to be on the grounds watching how things unfold while the software is listening for things that could open the doors for rampant drug use.


If the software detects an inmate talking about drugs, we move in and investigate immediately. If the inmates are talking about having friends smuggle drugs to the jail at the visitor center, we intercept that meeting. When inmates are talking about gang issues, we can now maintain order by eliminating the threats or actions they wanted to take.


Susan McGalla’s Role in Women Leadership

The success of any business is determined by the type of leadership it has. Research has it that gender-diverse businesses have a 15% probability of succeeding whereas those with ethnically diverse leadership have 35% chance. Diversity is a critical aspect of the business as it means that these companies are open to accommodating new ideas hence improving their growth.

While these statistics for diversity in business is high, many companies we have today have not opened their doors to women leaders. This situation is making great female leaders struggle to find their place in such organizations. One woman, however, who is committed to ensuring that women are accorded the same respect as men when it comes to leadership positions is Susan McGalla.

Undeniably, Susan McGalla is one of the greatest women leaders who have earned their spot at the big businesses executive table. Susan accredits her success and leadership positions to her childhood. Raised by a coaching father and two elder brothers, nothing came on a silver platter for Susan; she had to earn it for herself. It is these lessons that Susan carried with her in life and even while she worked at American Eagle Outfitters where she went on to become the President before leaving the company.

Despite the numerous encouragements and initiatives set by Susan McGalla and other women leaders to create more leadership opportunities for women, these statistics do not change. This, therefore, calls for a re-examination of the problem to identify the cause if the current women –leadership crisis is to be resolved anytime soon.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a famed American business executive from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Susan has been associated with a number of companies including American Eagle Outfitters Inc. where she was their President and Wet Seal Inc. where she was the CEO.

McGalla is a native of Liverpool, Ohio, where she was born and grew up with her two brothers. She has a degree in BA, business, and marketing from the Mount Union College, 1982 – 1986.



Career and Legal Advice by Jeremy Goldstein

In this current period, corporations have come up with a plan of saving money by not providing stock options to employees. Even if the businesses claim that money saving is the real reason, there are other reasons which are stated by Jeremy Goldstein. These reasons include:

  • There may be a drop in the value of the stock hence it would be tricky for the employees to use these options.
  • Many employees have known the dangers of these stock benefits. They are aware of the economic decline hence making the options worthless. These options resemble gambling at some point.
  • Stock options lead to accounting afflictions. The cost at the end may make the financial status of an employee worthless. The main aim of an employee is to get a good salary at the end of the month.


  • Stock options lead to additional wages to an employee salary. There is also the addition of insurance coverage and equities. The employees understand all about stock options hence can efficiently manage.
  • If there is a share increase in an organization, the personal income of an employee is likely to be more. These can encourage the employees to work hard to make sure the company achieves its best towards the customers.
  • According to Jeremy Goldstein, some companies find it hard to give equities because of the internal revenue service rules. Giving of shares is found better compared to providing options.


The company may want to give the benefits to the employees, but they have to do these and at the same time eliminate excessive costs.

The answer to these is the use of knock out barrier option. In this strategy, the employees still receive the stock options still retaining their original features, but they can lose them if the employee share reduces to certain limits.

It may not solve all the issues but is usually the recommended one.

Jeremy Goldstein was the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. It is in this firm that all the critical meetings and all legal activities are performed.

Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in managing the teams, advising the compensation committee and also he acts as a CEO.

Jeremy Goldstein has published many articles regarding the law, companies, and employees related issues. Shareholder Activism and Executive Compensation is one of the many articles Jeremy has published advising the organizations on issues of shares and equities.

In conclusion, Jeremy has extensive knowledge when it comes to the law field. In case an organization has issues on shares, stock options, equities and others, they should get advice from him.

It is advisable for both business managers and employees to read his articles to gain a clear understanding of the company-employee relationships.

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What Can Offline Media Do for You? Making Money outside the Internet

What kind of news often make it to the offline reading category? In truth, we all have our preferences when it comes to newsfeeds. Then again there are those juicy headlines that are hard to pass up even for the nerd who swears by all things tech.

Focusing on marketing yourself online just isn’t enough. Interestingly, technology has a way of borrowing from the past to improve the future. Prior to the internet, the only offline media we knew about were the daily newspapers, monthly mails, and maybe flyers. Today’s offline media is all about tailoring your web content to be available even when your audience logs out.

Catchy headlines generate more clicks and also offline saves. A headline like “How to steal a phone number and everything linked to it” no doubts raises curiosity. If you were skimming through your newsfeeds on the go and stumbled on such a topic, how likely are you to save it for later reading? 100% likely, because your curiosity was successfully raised by the blog owner.

Online readers are also likely to save offline content if there is perceived value. We all have those saved articles we go back to once a while when referencing something or gathering tips. Or those topics we follow because they contained links to a sequel of future discount sales. For instance, if you keep up with the royal family, maybe you will always want to go back to that article that says what inspires their dress code. Or if you keep up with the celebrity gossip, you may always want to refer to your offline sources to check your facts.

Offline media has to be tailored in a certain way to generate bookmarks from your readers. Not only should your content be witty but also full of value which your readers can refer to any time.

The increasing influence of the U.S. Money Reserve in the American Market

Assisting the Harvey victims

The residents of Austin woke up to saddening news of the hurricane that took tens of lives in the state and thousands of other people got displaced from their places of residence. Harvey had never experienced any catastrophe before, and people lived in peace without suspecting any possible occurrence in the area. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Because of the continued stability of the environmental conditions, there was no alarm of any form of impending danger. In the early dates of September, 82 people were reported dead. Businesses lost their investments, and billions of dollars were equally lost in the process.

The U.S. Reserve is set to give its support to the victims that were affected by the hurricanes. The worth of the properties that were lost in the hurricanes was about $180 billion according to the governor of the state.

The organization is set to give back to the Harvey community because the state of Austin has hosted its services for the last 15 years without operational problems.

Giving people advice on the right forms of investments

Before starting to deal with the precious metals, the U.S. Money Reserve dedicated its services to giving people advice on how to make smart choices in investments.

During this era, the company insisted on investing in the valuables since their values were not constant but kept changing with the market demands.

Being trusted in the market, many of the clients chose to trust their investment choices. Considering the current values of Gold, Silver, and platinum, the people who made the initial investments are happy as they receive their profits. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | Built In Austin

Changes in business plans and options

After gaining a massive following and convincing a couple of customers to make the right investment choices, the company set to start its operations in selling the precious stones.

The business of selling the three most precious metals has increased the face value of the company. In the United States, it is rare to find genuine companies working for years in the business of gold. Most of the companies have scammed people.

The U.S. Money Reserve received an endorsement from the government as the most genuine company to offer the required services to the market. With the quality of the operations, the organization has maintained the good image and clean business with which it has been entrusted. The company is expected to expand in the near future.

The Successful Brazilian Rally Driver, Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is an outstanding Brazilian achiever in the rally racing. Additionally, his brother Michel Terpins has also made excellent strides as a rally driver. The motivation for his sporting career stems from the fact that he was brought up in a family where there is the passion for sports. For instance, his father, Jack Terpins, was a successful basketball player in his youthful days. The Terpins legacy has motivated Rodrigo over the years to only settle for the best. Having started rally sporting at a tender age, he believes that his success is based on routine rather than luck. At the age of 44, he successfully won the fifth Bull Sertões Rally, which is highly recognized in Brazil.

He works very closely with his equally talented brother, and they are both engaged in the same rally team. The MEM Motorsport organization developed the T-Rex for the brothers, and this has led them to work together for the past four seasons. They recently participated in the 22nd Bull Sertões Rally championship and completed 2600 kilometers. The competition was meant to test their ability to adapt to the dynamics of the sport while maintaining proper physical and mental agility. They finished third in the race, and they were ranked 8th in the competition. Check out comunique-se to see more.

The T1 prototype category remains to be Rodrigo’s most significant motivator in the rally sport. His exceptional skills as a rally driver have won him a large fan base in Brazil. To this effect, he owns several social media profiles that help him keep in touch with his fans. For example, he has Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Rodrigo Terpins has successfully managed to connect to his fans and he maintains a good relationship with them.

Rodrigo has a website where people can check the upcoming Rally events in which he will be participating. Furthermore, the site contains his biography, and he has posted interviews in regards to his sporting career. Rodrigo is highly determined, and in his career, he continues to do his best and live a responsible life. He vows to keep working hard to help his team rise to greater heights. You can visit his Facebook page to see more.