Events in March to Remember Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911

On March 25th, 1911, fire broke out at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City and the employees tried to leave the building. They couldn’t because their bosses had locked the door to prevent their employees from taking breaks. Some employees tried to escape by jumping out the windows. 146 employees died that day. Fortunately, they did not die in vain as their deaths led to the creation of new factory standard and the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union.

Now, in March of 1918, there will be events to remember the deaths of these unfortunate workers and to talk about the current generation of activists who are focusing on the sweatshops that exist in this world.

On March 26, 2018, there will be a presentation and discussion called “ Triangle Fire See You in the Streets” at 6:30 that will be led by the artist known as Ruth Sergel and the Cornell professor of labor relations known as Nick Salvatore. It will be at the Center for Jewish History on 16th Street in Manhattan.

Sergel, the founder of the Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition, organizes the yearly commemoration of this unfortunate fire.

Most of the workers were either Jewish or Italian. People still feel the impact of their deaths.

On March 25th, activists will write in chalk the names of the fire victims on sidewalks in front of their addresses on the Lower East Side, Little Italy and all around Manhattan. They will not just write in chalk. They will try to inform passersby about what is happening right now with fire and worker safety issues.

The fire that happened 107 years ago was considered to be the worst factory disaster in the history of New York. This disaster was what caused some people to start a labor movement and to get the legislature to pass laws, building codes and factory regulations to make sure a tragedy like this never happens again.

The March 26th discussion will be joined by Cheryl Beredo, a director of director of the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives in Catherwood Library in the ILR School and hosted by Jonathan Boyarin, the Paul and Bertha Hendrix Director of Jewish Studies and the Diann G. and Thomas A. Mann Professor of Modern Jewish Studies in the Departments of Anthropology and Near Eastern Studies.

This disaster must never happen again and people should make sure that it does not happen in NYC or anywhere else.

Financial Executive David Giertz Explains How He Keeps Great Employees

David Giertz is someone who has extensive experience in the financial industry. He started out as a financial advisor and is now a top executive in the industry. After graduating from Millikin College he joined the industry as a financial advisor. He filled this role at Citigroup and his expertise eventually landed him an executive vice president position. He then went to work at Nationwide Financial and over time became a president of sales and distribution.

He started out working in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, earlier in his career and is now located in Dublin, Ohio. He has helped many people over the years save for retirement and other financial goals. He has also worked with people when it comes to insurance products, such as life insurance and annuities. He is a FINRA registered broker-dealer who passed his Principal/Supervisory, State Securities, and General Industry & Products exams.

As an executive, David Giertz has focused on making the companies he works for better in a number of ways, including retaining really good employees. He has conducted many exit interviews and what he found out was that people don’t usually leave a company because of money reasons like many people think. Rather, they switch companies because they feel like they are undervalued by their employer.

When this issue raised its head while he was working for Nationwide Financial he tackled the problem head-on. His solution was to gather the best 20% of sales performers together twice a year and give them an opportunity to meet directly with senior executives of the company. He said that these great sales performers really appreciated that they could personally share their views with senior leaders and that they were really heard on how the company could help them do even better.

As a tip to other executives, David Giertz says that he doesn’t deal with email throughout the day. Instead he dedicates a specific period of time each day to deal with the onslaught which he says keeps being distracted by them down to a minimum. This helps him to be much more productive and able to focus on the task at hand

Organo Gold Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate Health Benefits

Working from home is what most people dream of. Home base businesses can be difficult to fully embrace and find the right niche in. A lot of people can find it difficult to market products that may seem trivial but one of the easiest items to sell from home often relate to health and wellness or food.

The coffee industry is booming. People enjoy coffee whether it is in the morning, afternoon or evening. Often consumers will wait at coffee shops for long periods of time in extensive lines to obtain their favorite brew. Favorite coffee flavors include black, latte and mocha. The next most popular drinks purchased from coffee houses are tea beverages and hot chocolate. What happens when you combine something that people love consuming with a product that is also healthy and offers many health benefits? Organo Gold realized the basic caffeine addiction in America as well as the surge in desire for a healthy life style. Combining these two products has created a solution for people to cut out the coffee shop and enjoy their coffee at home. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Organo Gold has combined desirable coffee with added health benefits. Ganoderma lucidum is one of the main healthy components of Organo Gold coffee. Ganoderma is a popular Asian mushroom that provides triterpenoids and amino acids. This mushroom has a rich and complex flavor that blends easily with the coffee. Some Organo Gold coffees and teas also contain ginseng which has health benefits known for their rejuvenating powers. Organo Gold coffees can help people lose one to two pounds a week when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Consumers can directly purchase these from direct market representatives or the Organo Gold website. Individuals can start up their own Organo Gold home based coffee business and make money while selling something that is consumed daily and is tasty. Organo Gold coffee comes in individual serve packets that are simply combined with hot water and stirred. These coffees can also be enjoyed iced. The Organo Gold teas and hot chocolate can also be enjoyed hot or cold and come in single service packages.


Adam Milstein Says Passion, Pride And Courage Define Jewish People

Adam Milstein often talks about how the history of the Jewish people is important for everyone to learn, and how the virtues shown by heroes of the past are still applicable today. There are many characteristics that have been defined by Jews over the years, but in his recent article at the Times of Israel blog, Milstein says the pride and courage of Jews have been shining the brightest. Pride is defined by Israeli-Americans and Jews supporting Israel to the fullest and placing their identity in the nation. Courage has become important with antisemitism manifesting itself in many places, but with young Jews proclaiming their heritage and stating they’re proud to be a part of it. Milstein also believes Jews have the ability to think outside the box and get things done that advance the cause of Judaism.

Adam Milstein has influenced many with his philosophies on Israel’s welfare as an author at the HuffPost, the Jerusalem Post, the JTA and Times of Israel. He grew up in Haifa, Israel and has both military and business experience having fought in the Yom Kippur War and graduated from the Technion. His career has been largely in real estate both on construction sites in Haifa where he and his father worked framing buildings, and later as the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties in California. But he values philanthropy most of all and he and his wife Gila have taken the stance of active philanthropy as part of the Milstein Family Foundation.

Part of the mission of Adam Milstein in philanthropy has been to change the narrative of Israeli-Americans being outcasts and having an important role to strengthen the Jewish community of America. People that he and Gila meet with include Jewish religious leaders, college professors, campus activist leaders, charity organizations and even political donors like Sheldon Adelson. One of the main organizations that have advocated on behalf of Jewish America on a large scale is the Israeli-American Council where Adam Milstein serves as Chairman and President, and underneath this organization has been StandWithUS which has hosted a video competition on being inspired by Israel. Milstein is also the founder of a family Hebrew learning course known as Sifriyat Pijama B’America.

Talk Fusion and its Plan for the Future

Often, it has been said that creativity is the key to the invention or in other words growth. Talk Fusion is among the few firms in the marketing sector that understand the basics when it comes to being creative. Therefore, over and over again, Talk Fusion has continued to release strings of new products. Every release ensures that the company remains posted to trends hence prevailing relevance to today users.


Not long ago, the company introduced a new product dashboard to its Video Suite. The new dashboard design is one of the many improvements that the company promises to announce in the coming days. The new dashboard is simple, yet it holds all the needed menus while maintaining the beauty that users find attractive. According to Bob Reina, the company’s CEO, the new dashboard is a platform supposed to support the upcoming improvements for the sake of the future.


When it comes to business, Talk Fusion holds the key to the market. In the video communications sector, Talk Fusion has managed to lead in the game. Often, Talk Fusion has beaten off its competitors from the industry due to its consistency in releasing new products. Additionally, most of their products come at a reasonable price that wins the hearts of thousands of clients.


Frequently, Bob Reina says that his company is focused to introduce new products one after the other. In a statement released a while ago, the successful CEO made it clear that he must remove all the obstructions in communications right now hence improving human communication. Together with his team, Bob is spending sleepless nights to initiate ideas meant to improve how people connect with each other thus a better tomorrow.


Today, Talk Fusion has made it possible for an entrepreneur to send thousands of emails at a click. Also, making of videos has been made efficient as one can make videos of up to five minutes then store them on the company’s website for future use.


About Talk Fusion

Today, Talk Fusion is ranked as a top provider of Video Suite. In business, professionals often say that remaining unique is the key to achieving higher heights and Talk Fusion is one of the few who knows how to create a unique state. Talk Fusion has helped thousands of companies stand out from the competition, hence increasing income while maintaining the customer base.


Today, Talk Fusion boasts of setting foot in more than 140 countries via Independent Associates who facilitate the marketing of their innovative products. Talk Fusion was launched 11 years ago by Bob Reina who also acts as the chief operating officer. Learn more:

A Better Way To Tint Your Hair: Lime Crime’s Unicorn Dye

LimeCrime has done it again. This phenomenal company has only been around for a few years, but it seems to be running things at an efficient rate. Ladies just love to color their lovely locks, but all hair coloring isn’t equal. Many of today’s top brands tend to use heavy chemicals with their hair dyes and others never really live-up to their own hype. Having the ability to choose from unique, vibrant colors use to come few-and-far-between. Fortunately, today is a new day and there is a hot new product that’s taking the industry by storm.

This hot new product is known as Unicorn hair tint. Unlike the competing brands, LimeCrime offers an ultra-conditioning formula that is light and airy. This do-it-yourself hair dye is in a class of its own because it fades at a slower rate, it washes-out easily, and it provides damage-free characteristics. The semi-permanent hair dye just so happens to be 100 percent vegan. On top of that, consumers can choose between a multitude of fabulous colors such as dusty rose, bright orange, valentine-bright red, hot pink, dusty pink, emerald green, neon blue, emerald green, royal blue, squid purple, and numerous others. The options are literally endless. After using this product, you’ll think that you have died and went to Unicorn heaven. The magical shades of rainbow colors are exceptional when being viewed by the naked-eye.

What more can you say? The all-new Unicorn hair dyes have taken over the game. This product can be used on any length of hair. LimeCrime has made it possible to completely update your entire look. The brand has a host of other beauty products that can be used to create the ultimate beautiful look.

Find out more about LimeCrime:

Nick Vertucci’s Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

Most people find real estate intriguing, but few manage to eke something out of it. Fortunately, Nick is the guy whose life’s mission is to help people figure it out in the industry.

Actualizing An Idea Takes A Series Of Steps

Before bringing any idea into actualization, Nick Vertucci envisions the product. If he believes in the vision, he goes ahead with the idea. He fights fears of failure, self-limitations, and lack of confidence, which he believes affects anyone’s vision.

Nick Vertucci then maps and executes the idea. He sets the plan and system and acts by taking calculated risks. This is how he pursues his dreams.

He has a self-belief principle that helps him push and succeed amid whims from haters, critics, and naysayers. His students have also benefited from this habit.

Some common advice that Nick Vertucci gives to his academy students

  1. Plan for changes in the future, and be prepared for financial downtimes.
  2. Save much, spend less, and invest a lot in real estate.
  3. Your mind is a strong muscle, don’t limit it.
  4. Do you have a dream? Work towards it, and don’t stop until you achieve.
  5. Real estate has created more wealth to investors than other industries; why not make it your investment.
  6. Believe in yourself and build this belief, work it out with your mind. Negative thoughts of defeat will liter your mind, and challenges will come up. Keep going.

The renowned serial investor, trainer, and mentor developed the flipping system in Fortunes. Nick Vertucci shares his experiences through workshops and seminars.

He hosts the Real Estate Investing Hour, aired on KFWB News Talk 180. He decides to mentor many outside the academy and online tutorials have mentored many.

Lime Crime’s Nostalgic Throw Back

Lime Crime, a cruelty-free makeup company, is making another splash on the makeup scene. The platform that they’ve presented, that is a cruelty-free, vegan makeup company, may come as a needed respite for millenials and others who are searching for some type of guilt-free products in a chaotic 21st century world of consumer globalization and global warming where more and more conscientious folks are worried about deplorable labor conditions, carbon footprints, and animal testing.

The company offers different types of products such as: eyeshadow, highlighter, hair color, nails, makeup brushes and more. Now the company is introducing a piece of nostalgia to their unique branding. The company has created makeup cases that pay homage to the tiny doll and accessories toy fad that emerged in the 1990s known as Polly Pocket and their pocket-sized cases. Some might regard this throwback as something kitsch, but others might argue that they are developing a clever niche by appealing to the sentiments and nostalgia of older generations. Each pastel case includes five different shades of makeup.

They have introduced three different colors for the cases, listed as follows: Sunny Pink Lemonade Palette, Hot Pink Sugar Plum Palette and Blue Bubblegum Palette. Each makeup palette may be purchased for $34. All three may be purchased for $90. The company shared photos of Pollypockets on their Instagram account before releasing the new products. The product provides not only nostalgic pining, but also practicality, that is, of course, because these clever and cute cases fit right in your pocket.

Find out more about Lime Crime:

Equities First Holdings French Tribune

Al Christy Jr started a loan providing company in Australia in the year 2002. The firm gives credit to individuals and businesses. The company helps in the expansion of the field of investment through the support of the young business ideas. The group pays off other people’s debts where the enterprises flourish.

Let alone giving out the loan; the company contains advisers who educate people on the right manner on how to handle the financial difficulties. The firm does not include some colossal securities for one to qualify for a fast loan. Equities First Holdings offer margin loan to shareholders.

The group uses the performance of the stocks and shares as a criterion to determine the amount of the loan to give out. The company is running for more than fourteen years. The services have reached out to countries like the United Kingdom, United States, and China. The workers exercise honesty, and they work hard to maintain the firm’s reputation.

Contact Equities First Holdings:

Michael Hagele, High-Tech Lawyer and Venture Capitalist

Most people tend to view the law as a professional steeped in tradition. However, Michael Hagele has combined his passion for the law with a love of technology. The Silicon Valley attorney and venture capitalist sat down with IdeaMensch to discuss his unique business model. Hagele, who has served as general counsel for several high-technology companies, set out to prove that a small firm could provide general counsel services of the same caliber as established firms.

After earning his undergraduate degree at the University of Iowa, Hagele went on to the UC Berkeley for law school, getting his start at Fenwick & West LLP in the Licensing and Online Commerce division. It was this experience that inspired him to bring the high-level of representation offered by major firms to a small-firm environment. He attributes his success to his belief in putting the customer first, which he argues is the single most important habit an entrepreneur can develop. Follow Michael Hagele on Twitter.

Starting a law firm is no small feat, especially when launching a new concept as Hagele did. According to the distinguished attorney, one of the best ways of dealing with the stress and meeting the challenge is engaging in regular physical activity and staying healthy. In addition, he cites social media as the main way he acquires new business.

Besides providing general counsel services for aerospace, high-tech, and biotechnology companies, Michael Hagele is also an active venture capitalist. The trend that most excites him right now is Artificial Intelligence, especially the prospect of genetic programming. Although Hagele is enjoys being at the helm of an innovative law firm and working with cutting-edge technologies, he recognizes that it is only possible because of his tenacity. During the interview, he talked about his job washing cars during the winter in Chicago, which taught him the value of hard work and perseverance.

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