You Cannot Avoid Success; Grab The Brand New Book Release By Nick Vertucci

You may have tried severally to start a business but you have never succeeded; every time you start, something just knocks you down to square one. That is very discouraging, nevertheless, there is someone who has gone through the same struggle and knows the pain of having such an occurrence. After helping many in his real estate Academy, he has got a notch higher to put more tips of succeeding in a book. Nick Vertucci is the man behind the newly released book that guarantees success no matter the stage of growth you are in. Introducing, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”.

Nick Vertucci in his new book tries to bring the reasons behind his success more open where he shares his personal life and the challenges he has gone through, he explains in detail the principles that govern real estate investment and shows you how he applied the same principles to gain financial fatness and wealth he has now. He also explains the main decisions you make that help you move from your current state to a millionaire. One of his emphasize in the book is that no one gets rich by playing safe.

Nick in his new book explains the lessons he learned from the mistakes he made. Some of these lessons include: pushing away anxiety and adjusting your mind to the pursuit of your dreams, aiming higher than the normal and the importance of serving others without always thinking about self-centeredness. “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed” has been endorsed by the Founder of “As Seen On” TV and one of the original individuals in the Shark Tank Show; Mr. Kevin Harrington.

The story that surrounds the success of Nick Vertucci is a motivation itself that shows how real entrepreneur ought to behave. He was brought up by his mother after his father passed on when he was 10 years. When he reached 18, he began his own company of selling computer parts and he noticed the freedom of an entrepreneur. The business was super until 2000 when it crashed resulting in losses.

Nick Vertucci struggled to sustain his wife and three kids until he met with a friend who convinced him to attend a real estate 3-day training seminar. This changed everything; he developed a strategy to match the goals he had set. Challenges were many but he had a way of navigating around them and he decided to teach how he sailed through in “Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy” as the CEO which he founded in 2014. And now he has the book.

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